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Shipping to North and Central America is easy with Eurosender! Our wide range of shipping solutions caters to your requirements, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of your items to North and Central America. Whether you are sending documents, small parcels, or large volumes, trust us to get your items where they need to be!

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How long does shipping to North America take?

Need to send documents or packages to the USA, Mexico, or elsewhere in North America? Our Document Service and Express Package options offer fast and reliable delivery within 24-72 hours, with timing based on the distance from the point of origin.

You will also get shipment tracking at no additional cost so that you can monitor your North America shipping service from start to finish. Trust us to keep you informed!

North and Central America shipping services per country

If you need more details on shipping services to North & Central America, choose a country from the list below:

Shipping to North America from Europe

Eurosender is the go-to choice for shipping goods from Europe to North and Central America. Our extensive knowledge of the European market enables us to deliver smooth solutions for individuals and businesses who want to send packages and other items to North America. Our platform provides quick quotes and an easy booking process, with a variety of shipping options to choose from, depending on what you need.

Customs and duty when shipping to North or Central America

If you plan on shipping to North or Central America, you will need to fill out a customs declaration form that outlines the parcel’s contents and value. Since customs clearance procedures and import control laws differ from country to country, it is wise to check with local customs authorities to ensure compliance before booking any shipping service to North America.

It is also worth noting that couriers may have their own list of prohibited or restricted items, so make sure to review all applicable rules and requirements.

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