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Let Eurosender take the hassle out of shipping to Latin and South America! We guarantee safe and timely delivery through our trusted courier partners, from documents to parcels to large volumes. Get an instant quote and book your South America shipping service today!

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How long does shipping to Latin or South America take?

Looking to send documents or packages to South America? Our fast and reliable Document Service and Express Package options deliver within 24-72 hours. Plus, shipment tracking is included at no extra cost!

Bear in mind that when arranging postage to South America, delivery times may differ for shipments to remote areas Delays may occur due to limited infrastructure or long distances from the airport.

South America shipping services per country

We make shipping to and from South America easy. Explore our destination list below for more information, and start shipping today:

Shipping from Europe to South and Latin America

Eurosender is the best solution for sending packages and other goods from Europe to South America. As specialists in the European market, we offer seamless solutions for businesses and individuals. Our platform offers instant quotes and a simple booking process, with various shipping options available to meet your needs.

Customs clearance when posting or sending a package to South America

When sending a package to South America, you will have to complete a customs declaration form specifying the shipment’s contents and value. Customs clearance procedures and import control laws vary by country, with particular requirements for Brazil and Argentina, so it is best to verify all restrictions and prohibitions with the local customs authorities before booking any shipping service to South America.

Remember that couriers may have their own specific list of prohibited or restricted items, so ensure you have checked all applicable rules and requirements.

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