Best Way to Send Packages Internationally

International parcel delivery service for sending packages overseas

Wherever you need to send a parcel abroad, Eurosender always has you covered. We work with over 100 logistics providers around the globe to make sure you will always find the best way to send your packages internationally through our platform. All you have to do is use the tool below to get a shipping quote and proceed to the booking form to send your parcels overseas.

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How to send a package abroad


Select the pick-up and delivery countries in the tool above


Fill out the booking form and pay for the service


Prepare your package and wait for the courier to collect it


Services for sending parcels overseas

Choose below the service that best fits your needs when sending a package abroad.
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Features of our international parcel delivery service

Fully door-to-door delivery service

Fast and easy online booking process

Tracking and insurance for all packages

A team of experts always at your service

Sending international parcels with the best couriers

At Eurosender, we understand how overwhelming the process of shipping something can be, especially if this will be your first time sending parcels abroad. We want to be your helping hand. To keep things as simple as possible, we have built this one-stop logistics platform where you will find all the best international parcel delivery services in one place.

Using Eurosender will save you time and money since our system will automatically find the optimal solution to send your parcels internationally.


The best way to pack and send packages internationally

When sending parcels abroad, the one responsibility you will have is to prepare the package appropriately. Here is how you should do it:

  • Get a cardboard box that is slightly larger than the item you will be shipping.
  • Protect the product with bubble wrap. If sending multiple items, wrap each one individually.
  • Place the wrapped items in the box and fill the spaces with cushioning material.
  • Close and seal the box, attaching the label if instructed to do so.

How to pack different items

Customs procedures when sending international parcels

Within the EU & EEA

When sending international parcels within the countries of the EU & EEA, your shipment will not have to go through customs procedures. This means you are not required to include any specific customs declaration. However, we still recommend keeping and including the invoice of your item, which serves as proof of its value if needed when sending parcels internationally.

Across international borders

Every parcel delivery that crosses international borders will have to undergo customs procedures. Every country has its own system and regulations, so please verify what rules apply at the origin and destination of your shipment. In most cases, you will be required to include a commercial or proforma invoice alongside a customs declaration.
More about shipping outside the EU


Follow every step of your international parcel delivery

Have control of your international parcel delivery with real-time tracking. Thanks to our digital tracking tool, when sending a parcel overseas with Eurosender, you will always know where your shipment is. Tracking is included in the price with all of our international parcel delivery services.

You will receive the tracking code for your international parcel delivery via email, which will be activated once the package is collected.
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International destinations of our parcel delivery services

Here are the countries where we offer international parcel delivery services:

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FAQ on international parcel delivery services with Eurosender

What is the best way to send a package internationally?
The best service option for sending a package internationally is the Express Delivery, as this service allows you to ship worldwide across 220 countries and territories.
With Express, your shipment will be delivered by air in the fastest way possible. Get a quote right away using the booking tool to send a parcel internationally.
Can I send international parcels with DHL?
Yes, DHL is one of the leading global courier providers, and they offer international parcel delivery services to almost all countries.
If you want to ship with DHL, you can book a delivery through their website or use Eurosender since we work with DHL and several other couriers such as UPS, TNT, DPD, etc.
When you make an order for sending a package overseas through Eurosender, our system automatically compares the offers of several logistics providers and identifies the one that best fulfils your needs.
How do I send a large parcel overseas?
If you have a package that doesn’t fit into the dimensions limit of standard package services, you may have to choose a solution that allows oversized parcels, such as our Express or Priority services.
With these solutions, you are allowed to send international parcels of up to 300 or 240 cm, respectively.
For even larger packages, the best alternative is to send your package to another country with a freight transport option. Check all the freight solutions we offer.
How to send multiple parcels abroad at once?
If you are sending multiple international parcels to the same final address, you can add several pieces in the same order. Follow these steps to do it:
  • Select the countries of pick-up and destination in our booking engine
  • Press on “Book shipping”
  • Fill out the shipping form with the weight and dimensions of your package
  • If you will be shipping several parcels with the same dimensions, all you have to do is change the number under “quantity” to the number of packages you wish to send
  • If your packages will have different dimensions, press “Add another item” and fill out the information for each
If you are sending multiple international parcels to different addresses, you will have to place separate orders.
Alternatively, you can register on our platform and use the bulk import tool to import the shipping information of several orders at once.