Send Important Documents Internationally (2024)

Secure envelope and document delivery

Eurosender offers you a service to send documents internationally via courier in a fast, safe and efficient way. Our secure document delivery service in Europe and countries all over the world is ideal for sending important documents of any kind. Discover the advantages of our document courier service and the most frequent routes for sending urgent documents and registered letters internationally.

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How to send documents abroad via courier

Send your documents internationally with Eurosender with a service dedicated to envelope shipping. You can book your secure document delivery service in three easy steps:

  1. Select the pick-up and delivery countries in the booking tool
  2. Fill out the booking form and pay for the service
  3. Prepare your package and wait for the courier to collect it

Why choose our document courier services

Door-to-door document delivery

Fast and easy online booking process

Tracking and insurance included in the price

A team of experts always at your service


Express document delivery services

Take advantage of our express document delivery services in Europe to ship important envelopes. All our courier services for sending documents abroad by express post are door-to-door for your convenience. Because envelopes are transported by air and do not go through customs, they are the ideal solution for sending urgent documents and certified mail in the shortest possible time.

How long does it take to ship an envelope internationally?

You can select your preferred collection date and get the estimated delivery date during the booking phase. We offer same-day collection for sending registered post in the same country. The estimated delivery time for shipping envelopes in Europe is 24h and 24-48 for global deliveries.

Say goodbye to shipping stress!

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What you can send abroad with the Document Service

You can use our secure document delivery service to ship envelopes of up to 2 kg. This solution is designed for sending paper documents and materials, such as:

Want to know more about how to send registered post or important documents internationally? Please contact our logistics specialists via chat or email.


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FAQ on international document delivery services

What is the best way to send important documents internationally by courier?
The best service option for sending documents internationally is the Envelope Courier Service, which is available worldwide.
With this service, your documents will be delivered by air in the fastest way possible.
Get a quote right away using our booking tool.
Is there a size limit if I choose the Eurosender Document Service?
You can send envelopes of up to 35 x 28 cm and no heavier than 2 kg with the Eurosender Document Service.
Is there a specific type of envelope I should use for shipping a passport?
If you choose postal services, you should use a registered envelope for sending a passport and other registered post. This means that your envelope will be trackable, and you can request proof of delivery for additional security, however, you also pay for Priority Mail in this case.
On the other hand, our Document Service is ideal for sending passports and other registered post because it already includes these features in the price.
Check our guide on how to track your envelope or shipment. You can use a padded bubble envelope for maximum protection when sending documents abroad.
Do I have to sign for delivery with document courier services?
Yes, for our door-to-door deliveries to be completed successfully, someone will have to be present at the pick-up address to hand over the envelope to the courier and at the delivery address to receive it.
When delivering the envelope, the receiver normally has to sign the proof of delivery document provided by the courier. If you need proof of delivery, please don't hesitate to contact our team.
Can I send any other content in my envelope?
Keep in mind that you should always have documents and other paper content inside the envelope when using our Document Service.
If you need to ship any other content we invite you to check out the following pages dedicated to posting and sending parcels anywhere in the world.