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Ship suitcases in Europe and internationally

Book simple and fast luggage sending services with Eurosender. Send your luggage home or abroad to another destination at the lowest rates. Our system will find the best and cheapest service for shipping your luggage or suitcase internationally. Get an instant quote with our booking tool.

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How to ship your luggage internationally with Eurosender

Select the countries of pick-up and delivery

Schedule the pick-up before your travel

Suitcase is delivered to your destination


How to pack your suitcase or travel bag for sending abroad

Follow these easy recommendations to appropriately pack your bags and protect your suitcase from damage during transit.

  • Make sure the items inside cannot move during transit
  • Pack the suitcase in a sturdy cardboard box for shipping
  • Remove any old tags and add the shipping label if needed
Sports and duffle bags
  • Soft bags must be safely packed inside a cardboard box
  • Fill empty spaces in the box with cushioning materials for extra safety
  • Close and seal the package. Attach the shipping label if needed
Shipping a suitcase on its own may not be allowed in some countries, and may result in extra fees. To ensure safe delivery, wrap the suitcase in plastic film and pack it in a sturdy cardboard box. An insufficiently-packed suitcase is not covered by insurance and releases the courier and Eurosender from any liability. For route-specific details, contact our support team via chat.


Luggage sending services: Pick-up and delivery times


Collection can take place from Monday-Friday, between 9 am and 6 pm. Same-day pick-up is available for specific services and locations.


With door-to-door luggage shipping, your item will be delivered to your address. Make sure someone is present at the designated address.

Track and trace

You will get the tracking number via e-mail once the luggage transport service is confirmed. Follow your suitcase delivery at any time using our tracking tool.

Sending luggage abroad – where can you send it to?

When using our luggage shipping services in Europe and internationally, you can choose the delivery location that is most convenient for you. Since our services are fully door-to-door, your item will be collected at your preferred address and delivered directly to the final destination, which can be a residential address, a hotel, campsite or any other type of accommodation.

Find out more about shipping suitcases to different destinations.


Ship your luggage internationally with even greater comfort!

We will plan a delivery fully adapted to your needs. Besides reliable luggage shipping services in Europe and internationally, we offer additional logistics solutions to tailor this experience to your requirements when shipping or moving abroad. Our goal is to help you send your luggage abroad in the most convenient way possible. Check our dedicated pages for more detailed information about each service:


Who can benefit from our luggage shipping services?

Shipping luggage in Europe and overseas via courier

Below are some of our shipping partners who offer luggage delivery services in Europe and abroad:


Send your luggage abroad with insurance!

At Eurosender, quality service is our top priority. As long as your item is packed according to the courier’s guidelines, your shipment already has basic insurance included, the price of which may vary depending on the service. For extra protection when sending your luggage abroad by courier, we offer additional insurance options at very affordable prices.


Please be aware that the insurance does not cover damages to the packaging material, so make sure to use a cardboard box as final packaging when shipping luggage internationally.
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Ship your luggage with the best courier companies

Our courier network includes some of the best names in logistics, such as:

How much does it cost to ship your luggage internationally

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FAQ on sending luggage in Europe and abroad

What is the cheapest way to ship luggage internationally?
The cheapest way to ship luggage internationally is by using the Standard Service. This service is available for sending your luggage domestically or internationally within Europe and can be quickly booked in just a few minutes through the booking engine above.
How much does it cost to ship a suitcase overseas?
The cost of shipping a suitcase domestically or overseas depends on your item's size, the origin and destination of your shipment, and the urgency you require. You can rest assured that we will always find you the most affordable solution available for sending suitcases and luggage abroad. Our algorithm has access to over 150 million pre-negotiated quotes offered by multiple logistics providers. Once you request a price, the system identifies the best luggage sending service in a matter of seconds.
How do I send luggage ahead to my hotel abroad?
Sending your luggage ahead to your hotel abroad is very simple; all you need to do is fill out the consignee’s information with the hotel details when booking the luggage courier service. Check our page about hotel deliveries for more details on how to input the information correctly. Before scheduling the luggage sending service, please inform the hotel reception to confirm they will accept the parcel and keep it for you. After the luggage courier service is booked and confirmed, you only need to pack your item according to our recommendations above and wait for the collection.
Can I ship excess baggage or luggage overseas with a courier service?
Yes, shipping your excess baggage or luggage overseas with a courier is often more affordable than paying the airline fees for extra luggage. Send your luggage ahead to your hotel abroad, and your belongings will be safely waiting for you when you arrive. At Eurosender, we can always find the most affordable international luggage shipping service for any route you may need. We cover more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, so you can send your luggage ahead to wherever your destination is.
How can I ship multiple pieces of luggage internationally?
During the booking process, you will be able to select the number of suitcases you wish to send abroad. Each item must be packed individually in cardboard boxes. A unique tracking number and shipping label will be assigned to each item. Follow our guidelines on how to pack a suitcase or a bag to ensure your item will arrive safely at the destination.
Is it possible to send luggage abroad using cargo transport?
Even though the Standard Service is the cheapest way to ship luggage internationally if you have only a few items, Freight Transport might be more suitable if you need to send many suitcases abroad when relocating.
Alternatively, if you are moving between European countries, you can also opt for our Van Delivery Service and have your belongings directly transported to your new home, without stop-overs. Our platform combines the logistics capabilities of our partners, so we can organise any luggage sending service you may need, be it small or bulky. When you need to send luggage abroad via cargo or van services, get instant quotes directly in our booking tool.
Is it possible to send luggage ahead by plane without flying?
Even though most airlines offer the option of shipping unaccompanied luggage, the customer is usually charged an expensive fee for this service. Also, the airlines generally transport unaccompanied luggage with the lowest priority, meaning that it will travel whenever there is space on a plane, which is not necessarily the next flight out.
Alternatively, you can send your luggage ahead by courier through Eurosender. We work with the best shipping companies to offer a wide variety of luggage delivery services in Europe and abroad, including Express Delivery, with which you will get your item in 24-72h.
Is it cheaper to ship or check luggage?
Checking additional luggage with the airline company can cost you anything between €20-100, depending on the size and weight of your item. If your suitcase is overweight, you may be looking at hefty fees charged per kg, which makes the price of your trip add up very quickly. On the other hand, the price for using a luggage sending service is more stable, and you can choose to send your item using a road transport solution which is much more affordable than via plane. Get a quote above and send your luggage ahead by courier without hassle.

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