Luggage shipping services: Send suitcases abroad

Book simple and fast deliveries with Eurosender. Send your luggage ahead to your destination at the lowest rates. Our system will find the best service for shipping your suitcase to any country in the world. Get instant quotes and support from our trained logistics team at every step of the way.


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How to ship your luggage internationally with Eurosender?

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How to pack your suitcase or travel bag for shipping?

Follow these easy recommendations to protect your suitcase from damages during transit.


  • Make sure the items inside cannot move during transit
  • Wrap the entire suitcase in stretch foil, including wheels and handle
  • Remove any old tags and add the shipping label if needed

Sports and Duffle Bags

  • Soft bags must be safely packed inside a cardboard box
  • Fill the empty voids with cushioning materials to keep the items safe
  • Close and seal the box. Attach the shipping label if needed
While some courier companies accept suitcases for shipping, it is highly recommended to use cardboard boxes as the final packaging. Please bear in mind that for shipping routes that include the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland, or Austria, we recommend packing your items directly on cardboard boxes since the couriers do not transport suitcases.


Luggage shipping services: Pick-up and delivery times


  • Collection can take place from Monday-Friday, between 9-18h
  • Same-day pick-up is available for certain shipping services


  • With door-to-door luggage shipping, your item will be delivered to your doorstep
  • Calculate the estimated time of delivery with our online tool

Track and trace

  • Tracking number will be sent via e-mail once the service is confirmed
  • Follow your suitcase at any time using our dedicated tool


Van delivery service
Price from only 0.48 EUR/km
Direct and fast delivery, same day pick-up possible
Safest mode of transport for packed or unpacked items

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Who can benefit from our luggage shipping services?

Frequent travellers

Ship your musical or sports equipment

Students abroad

Receive a care package from home

Business travellers

Avoid the excess baggage fees


Organise your international relocation


Send a care package to those in need


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FAQs about Shipping luggage internationally

What is the cheapest way to ship luggage internationally?
The cheapest way to ship luggage internationally is by using the Standard Service. The Standard Service is available for sending your luggage within Europe and can be quickly booked in just a few minutes. Get instant quotes by inserting your route in the booking tool.
When travelling, can I send my luggage ahead to my hotel?
Yes, you can choose to ship your suitcase directly to your hotel or accommodation. To have a more comfortable flight, you can simply send your luggage ahead to your destination and all your belongings will be waiting for you at the hotel. If you choose to do so, please inform the establishment’s reception beforehand to confirm they will accept the parcel and keep it for you.
Can I ship excess baggage overseas with a courier service?
Yes, shipping your excess baggage overseas with a courier is the most affordable solution. Avoid the airlines and train companies’ excess baggage fees by shipping your luggage domestically or internationally with a courier service. At Eurosender, we can always find the most affordable luggage shipping service for any route you may need. All you have to do is place an order in our booking tool, and our system will identify the best shipping service for you.
How can I ship several pieces of luggage internationally?
During the booking process, you should select the number of volumes you wish to send. Each item must be packed individually – follow our guidelines above on how to pack a suitcase or a bag to ensure your item will arrive safely at the destination.
Is it possible to send luggage using cargo transport?
Even though the Standard Service is the cheapest option if you have only a few pieces of luggage, the Freight Shipment might be more suitable if you need to send many suitcases overseas when relocating. Alternatively, if you are moving between European countries, you can also opt for our Van Delivery Service and have your belongings directly transported to your new home, without stop-overs. Our platform combines the logistics capabilities of our partners, so we can organise any shipping service you may need, be it small or bulky. When you need to send luggage by cargo or with the van service, get instant quotes directly in our booking tool.
Is it safe to send luggage ahead via courier?
Yes. At Eurosender, we partner only with renowned and reputable courier companies to make sure your parcels will be in safe hands. When booking the international shipping of your luggage with us, you can rest assured your item will arrive at its destination on time and in one piece.
Is there any insurance when sending a suitcase abroad with Eurosender?
Yes, all shipments organised through our platform already have a basic insurance coverage included in the price, as long as they are in accordance with the courier’s packing guidelines. To avoid any inconvenience on collection or during the transport, we highly recommend packing your items directly into cardboard boxes as they provide higher protection. If you want your goods to have extra protection when sending your luggage ahead, you can purchase additional insurance coverage at low rates during the booking process.
Is it possible to send luggage ahead by plane without flying?
Even though some airlines offer the option of shipping unaccompanied luggage, the customer is usually charged an expensive fee. If you want to save money when sending your luggage ahead, consider using a luggage forwarding service. At Eurosender, we work with the best parcel and luggage forwarders and can organise the shipment of your items at the lowest rates. If you need urgent delivery of your suitcase, you can book our Express Service that allows for international deliveries in 24-48h.