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We are looking for logistics partners! How to work with Eurosender?

At Eurosender, we connect individuals and companies looking for logistics services with the best transporter for their needs. We receive thousands of shipping requests per day, with a variety of different requirements and details. That is when our logistics partners come into action. To satisfy all these leads, we rely on our extensive logistics network consisting of partners who can accommodate each order and provide top-quality shipping services. We are always looking for opportunities to expand and grow our business. Sign up to become our logistics partner and never drive with an empty truck again.
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For what services do we need logistics partners?

With Eurosender, there is always something that you can transport. Our customers may book anything from simple
package delivery to a van service or even a full truck. Here are the main services you will be working on:

How will you get informed about new opportunities?

Our system automatically matches our customers’ selection with the available logistics solutions. This means that you will only receive loads that you are able to accommodate and are relevant for your work. Once our system makes the pairing, we will give you immediate access to that job.
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Type of transporters we work with

We are constantly looking for logistics partners who can collaborate with us on two main goals: keep up with the fast-growing demand and diversify our services portfolio. Regardless of your transport company’s size, if you have empty trucks looking for loads to transport, we encourage you to become our logistics partner.

Examples of providers we collaborate with:
  • Freight and courier operators
  • Postal companies
  • 3PL and 4PL providers
  • SMEs with a few vans
  • Independent truck owners
  • Fleet owners


How does the process run?

  1. Individuals and companies come to Eurosender looking for logistics services.
  2. Customers place an order on our platform.
  3. Our system matches their shipping requirements with your transportation solution.
  4. You receive a new shipping order with details of the required service.
  5. Fast and secure payment after every completed job.

Contact us for integration and possibilities of accessing the orders.


Why should you become our logistics partner?

We will drive the demand, and you perform the transportation.
More than 45.000 businesses use Eurosender as their main logistics hub and regularly book our shipping services to distribute their products. Over the past few years, we have been growing in a highly fast-paced rhythm, consolidating our company in Europe and worldwide.

Benefit from our consolidated audience to fill up your trucks
Get instant access to new jobs and grow your business further
Regular payments, always on time

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