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At Eurosender, we take out the complexity of the logistics world to make shipping services more accessible and affordable to everyone. We collaborate with 100+ of the world’s leading transportation companies to make sure all your shipping needs are covered, in one single platform. Navigate our shipping library where we saved all resources, articles, and pages that will help you plan your orders and understand more about the logistics industry.

Global network of couriers
Worldwide shipping services
Dedicated support team

Packing guidelines

General guidelines for packing


Air conditioner


Animal forage

Antiques and antique furniture

Archery equipment

Baby products

Baby stroller

Baked goods

Band equipment

Barbeque set


Basketball equipment

Bed linen





Bricks and tiles

Building materials

Camera equipment

Camping equipment



Cannabis products

Cannabis seeds and grow kits

Car parts
Baby car seat
Car bumper
Car roof rack
Wheels and tyres


CBD products








Christmas decorations

Christmas tree




Coffee machine and tea brewer


Computer parts and accessories




Cream/body lotion

Cricket equipment

Delicate items



Drum kit



Fine art

Fireplace and firewood

Fishing gear


Food supplements

Fragile items




Furniture from IKEA

Game Consoles



Glass bottles and jars

Golf clubs


Gym equipment


Heavy parcels

Helicopter and plane spare parts


Hiking gear

Hockey equipment


Hookah pipes

Horse riding gear

Hot tub and sauna

Household appliances

Industrial equipment

Inflatable boat

iPad or tablet






Kombucha drink




Leaflets and posters


Maple syrup



Medical equipment



Milling machine


Mobility Scooter

Modular home

Musical instruments

Nail polish

Olive oil

Outdoor furniture


Paint and varnish


Paraglider and hang glider

Party decorations and balloons


Personal items

Pet accessories


Pinball and arcade machines

Succulents and cacti

Power banks

Precious stones

Prescription drugs


Restaurant equipment

Roller skates/Rollerblades

Rowing equipment


Scuba diving equipment

Sculptures and statues

Sewing machine



Small items



Snow plow

Snow tube

Solar panels



Sports trading cards

Sports equipment


Surfboard and water sport gear


Tattoo equipment


Tennis equipment

Tobacco products

Tools & toolbox

Toys and games



Valuable items


Vending Machine

Vinyl records




Water pump

Wedding dress






Yoga and Pilates equipment

Logistics services comparison



Sea vs. Air freight

Shipping envelopes

Send documents internationally

Send documents to Algeria

Send documents to Angola

Send documents to Argentina

Send documents to Australia

Send documents to Austria

Send documents to Azerbaijan

Send documents to Bangladesh

Send documents to Belarus

Send documents to Belgium

Send documents to Belize

Send documents to Bosnia Herzegovina

Send documents to Brazil

Send documents to Bulgaria

Send documents to Burkina Faso

Send documents to Cambodia

Send documents to Cameroon

Send documents to Canada

Send documents to Cape Verde

Send documents to Chile

Send documents to China

Send documents to Colombia

Send documents to Costa Rica

Send documents to Croatia

Send documents to Cyprus

Send documents to the Czech Republic

Send documents to Denmark

Send documents to the Dominican Republic

Send documents to Dubai

Send documents to Ecuador

Send documents to Egypt

Send documents to Estonia

Send documents to Ethiopia

Send documents to Finland

Send documents to France

Send documents to Germany

Send documents to Ghana

Send documents to Greece

Send documents to Guatemala

Send documents to Hong Kong

Send documents to Hungary

Send documents to Iceland

Send documents to India

Send documents to Indonesia

Send documents to Iran

Send documents to Iraq

Send documents to Ireland

Send documents to Israel

Send documents to Italy

Send documents to Jamaica

Send documents to Japan

Send documents to Jordan

Send documents to Kazakhstan

Send documents to Kenya

Send documents to Kuwait

Send documents to Latvia

Send documents to Lebanon

Send documents to Lithuania

Send documents to Luxembourg

Send documents to Macedonia

Send documents to Malaysia

Send documents to Malta

Send documents to Mauritius

Send documents to Mexico

Send documents to Moldova

Send documents to Monaco

Send documents to Montenegro

Send documents to Morocco

Send documents to Myanmar

Send documents to Namibia

Send documents to Nepal

Send documents to the Netherlands

Send documents to New Zealand

Send documents to Nigeria

Send documents to Northern Ireland

Send documents to Norway

Send documents to Pakistan

Send documents to the Philippines

Send documents to Poland

Send documents to Portugal

Send documents to Qatar

Send documents to Romania

Send documents to Russia

Send documents to Saudi Arabia

Send documents to Serbia

Send documents to Singapore

Send documents to Slovakia

Send documents to Slovenia

Send documents to South Africa

Send documents to South Korea

Send documents to Spain

Send documents to Sri Lanka

Send documents to Sweden

Send documents to Switzerland

Send documents to Taiwan

Send documents to Tanzania

Send documents to Thailand

Send documents to Tunisia

Send documents to Turkey

Send documents to Ukraine

Send documents to the UAE

Send documents to the UK

Send documents to the USA

Send documents to Uruguay

Send documents to Uzbekistan

Send documents to Venezuela

Send documents to Vietnam

Luggage delivery services

Door-to-door luggage delivery

Luggage forwarding service

Send excess baggage

Shipping luggage to Albania

Shipping luggage to Algeria

Shipping luggage to Argentina

Shipping luggage to Australia

Shipping luggage to Austria

Shipping luggage to Bahamas

Shipping luggage to Bahrain

Shipping luggage to Barbados

Shipping luggage to Belarus

Shipping luggage to Belgium

Shipping luggage to Bosnia

Shipping luggage to Brazil

Shipping luggage to Bulgaria

Shipping luggage to Cambodia

Shipping luggage to Cameroon

Shipping luggage to Canada

Shipping luggage to Chile

Shipping luggage to China

Shipping luggage to Colombia

Shipping luggage to Costa Rica

Shipping luggage to Croatia

Shipping luggage to Cyprus

Shipping luggage to the Czech Republic

Shipping luggage to Denmark

Send luggage to the Dominican Republic

Shipping luggage to Dubai

Shipping luggage to Egypt

Shipping luggage to El Salvador

Shipping luggage to Estonia

Shipping luggage to Finland

Shipping luggage to France

Shipping luggage to the Gambia

Shipping luggage to Georgia

Shipping luggage to Germany

Shipping luggage to Ghana

Shipping luggage to Greece

Shipping luggage to Honduras

Shipping luggage to Hong Kong

Shipping luggage to Hungary

Shipping luggage to Iceland

Shipping luggage to India

Shipping luggage to Indonesia

Shipping luggage to Ireland

Shipping luggage to Israel

Shipping luggage to Italy

Shipping luggage to Jamaica

Shipping luggage to Japan

Shipping luggage to Kazakhstan

Shipping luggage to Kenya

Shipping luggage to Kuwait

Shipping luggage to Latvia

Shipping luggage to Lebanon

Shipping luggage to Lithuania

Shipping luggage to Luxembourg

Shipping luggage to Macedonia

Shipping luggage to Malaysia

Shipping luggage to Malta

Shipping luggage to Mauritius

Shipping luggage to Mexico

Shipping luggage to Moldova

Shipping luggage to Monaco

Shipping luggage to Morocco

Shipping luggage to Namibia

Shipping luggage to the Netherlands

Shipping luggage to New Zealand

Shipping luggage to Nigeria

Shipping luggage to Norway

Shipping luggage to Pakistan

Shipping luggage to Panama

Shipping luggage to Peru

Shipping luggage to the Philippines

Shipping luggage to Poland

Shipping luggage to Portugal

Shipping luggage to Qatar

Shipping luggage to Romania

Shipping luggage to Saudi Arabia

Shipping luggage to Serbia

Shipping luggage to Singapore

Shipping luggage to Slovakia

Shipping luggage to Slovenia

Shipping luggage to South Africa

Shipping luggage to South Korea

Shipping luggage to Spain

Shipping luggage to Sri Lanka

Shipping luggage to Sweden

Shipping luggage to Switzerland

Shipping luggage to Taiwan

Shipping luggage to Thailand

Shipping luggage to the UK

Shipping luggage to Tunisia

Shipping luggage to Turkey

Shipping luggage to the UAE

Shipping luggage to the USA

Shipping luggage to Vietnam

International parcel delivery

Global parcel delivery services

Parcel delivery to Afghanistan

Parcel delivery to Albania

Parcel delivery to Algeria

Parcel delivery to Andorra

Parcel delivery to Angola

Parcel delivery to Antigua and Barbuda

Parcel delivery to Argentina

Parcel delivery to Armenia

Parcel delivery to Australia

Parcel delivery to Austria

Parcel delivery to Azerbaijan

Parcel delivery to Bahrain

Parcel delivery to Balearic Islands

Parcel delivery to Bangladesh

Parcel delivery to Barbados

Parcel delivery to Belarus

Parcel delivery to Belgium

Parcel delivery to Belize

Parcel delivery to Benin

Parcel delivery to Bhutan

Parcel delivery to Bolivia

Parcel delivery to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Parcel delivery to Botswana

Parcel delivery to Brazil

Parcel delivery to Brunei

Parcel delivery to Bulgaria

Parcel delivery to Burkina Faso

Parcel delivery to Burundi

Parcel delivery to Cambodia

Parcel delivery to Cameroon

Parcel delivery to Canada

Parcel delivery to Cape Verde

Parcel delivery to Chad

Parcel delivery to Chile

Parcel delivery to China

Parcel delivery to Colombia

Parcel delivery to Comoros

Parcel delivery to Costa Rica

Parcel delivery to Croatia

Parcel delivery to Cyprus

Parcel delivery to Denmark

Parcel delivery to Djibouti

Parcel delivery to Dominica

Parcel delivery to Dubai

Parcel delivery to East Timor

Parcel delivery to Ecuador

Parcel delivery to Egypt

Parcel delivery to El Salvador

Parcel delivery to Equatorial Guinea

Parcel delivery to Eritrea

Parcel delivery to Estonia

Parcel delivery to Eswatini

Parcel delivery to Ethiopia

Parcel delivery to Fiji

Parcel delivery to Finland

Parcel delivery to France

Parcel delivery to Gabon

Parcel delivery to Georgia

Parcel delivery to Germany

Parcel delivery to Ghana

Parcel delivery to Greece

Parcel delivery to Grenada

Parcel delivery to Guatemala

Parcel delivery to Guinea

Parcel delivery to Guinea-Bissau

Parcel delivery to Guyana

Parcel delivery to Haiti

Parcel delivery to Honduras

Parcel delivery to Hong Kong

Parcel delivery to Hungary

Parcel delivery to Iceland

Parcel delivery to India

Parcel delivery to Indonesia

Parcel delivery to Iran

Parcel delivery to Iraq

Parcel delivery to Ireland

Parcel delivery to Israel

Parcel delivery to Italy

Parcel delivery to Ivory Coast

Parcel delivery to Jamaica

Parcel delivery to Japan

Parcel delivery to Jordan

Parcel delivery to Kazakhstan

Parcel delivery to Kenya

Parcel delivery to Kiribati

Parcel delivery to Kuwait

Parcel delivery to Kyrgyzstan

Parcel delivery to Laos

Parcel delivery to Latvia

Parcel delivery to Lebanon

Parcel delivery to Lesotho

Parcel delivery to Liberia

Parcel delivery to Libya

Parcel delivery to Liechtenstein

Parcel delivery to Lithuania

Parcel delivery to Luxembourg

Parcel delivery to Macedonia

Parcel delivery to Madagascar

Parcel delivery to Malawi

Parcel delivery to Malaysia

Parcel delivery to Mali

Parcel delivery to Malta

Parcel delivery to Mauritania

Parcel delivery to Mauritius

Parcel delivery to Mexico

Parcel delivery to Micronesia

Parcel delivery to Moldova

Parcel delivery to Monaco

Parcel delivery to Mongolia

Parcel delivery to Montenegro

Parcel delivery to Morocco

Parcel delivery to Mozambique

Parcel delivery to Myanmar

Parcel delivery to Namibia

Parcel delivery to Nauru

Parcel delivery to Nepal

Parcel delivery to New Zealand

Parcel delivery to Nicaragua

Parcel delivery to Niger

Parcel delivery to Nigeria

Parcel delivery to Northern Ireland

Parcel delivery to Norway

Parcel delivery to Oman

Parcel delivery to Pakistan

Parcel delivery to Palau

Parcel delivery to Panama

Parcel delivery to Papua New Guinea

Parcel delivery to Paraguay

Parcel delivery to Peru

Parcel delivery to Philippines

Parcel delivery to Poland

Parcel delivery to Portugal

Parcel delivery to Qatar

Parcel delivery to Romania

Parcel delivery to Rwanda

Parcel delivery to Samoa

Parcel delivery to San Marino

Parcel delivery to Sao Tome and Principe

Parcel delivery to Saudi Arabia

Parcel delivery to Senegal

Parcel delivery to Serbia

Parcel delivery to Seychelles

Parcel delivery to Sierra Leone

Parcel delivery to Singapore

Parcel delivery to Slovakia

Parcel delivery to Slovenia

Parcel delivery to Somalia

Parcel delivery to South Africa

Parcel delivery to South Korea

Parcel delivery to South Sudan

Parcel delivery to Spain

Parcel delivery to Sri Lanka

Parcel delivery to St Kitts and Nevis

Parcel delivery to St Lucia

Parcel delivery to St Vincent and the Grenadines

Parcel delivery to Sudan

Parcel delivery to Suriname

Parcel delivery to Sweden

Parcel delivery to Switzerland

Parcel delivery to Syria

Parcel delivery to Taiwan

Parcel delivery to Tajikistan

Parcel delivery to Tanzania

Parcel delivery to Tenerife

Parcel delivery to Thailand

Parcel delivery to the Bahamas

Parcel delivery to the Canary Islands

Parcel delivery to the Central African Republic

Parcel delivery to the Czech Republic

Parcel delivery to the D. Republic of the Congo

Parcel delivery to the Dominican Republic

Parcel delivery to the Gambia

Parcel delivery to the Maldives

Parcel delivery to the Marshall Islands

Parcel delivery to the Netherlands

Parcel delivery to the Philippines

Parcel delivery to the Solomon Islands

Parcel delivery to the UAE

Parcel delivery to the UK

Parcel delivery to the USA

Parcel delivery to Togo

Parcel delivery to Tonga

Parcel delivery to Trinidad and Tobago

Parcel delivery to Tunisia

Parcel delivery to Turkey

Parcel delivery to Turkmenistan

Parcel delivery to Tuvalu

Parcel delivery to Uganda

Parcel delivery to Ukraine

Parcel delivery to Uruguay

Parcel delivery to Uzbekistan

Parcel delivery to Vanuatu

Parcel delivery to Venezuela

Parcel delivery to Vietnam

Parcel delivery to Yemen

Parcel delivery to Zambia

Parcel delivery to Zimbabwe

Postage services

International postage services

Postage to Abu Dhabi

Postage to Afghanistan

Postage to Albania

Postage to Algeria

Postage to Andorra

Postage to Angola

Postage to Antigua and Barbuda

Postage to Argentina

Postage to Armenia

Postage to Australia

Postage to Austria

Postage to Azerbaijan

Postage to Bahrain

Postage to Bangladesh

Postage to Barbados

Postage to Belarus

Postage to Belgium

Postage to Belize

Postage to Benin

Postage to Bhutan

Postage to Bolivia

Postage to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Postage to Botswana

Postage to Brazil

Postage to Brunei

Postage to Bulgaria

Postage to Burkina Faso

Postage to Burundi

Postage to Cambodia

Postage to Cameroon

Postage to Canada

Postage to Cape Verde

Postage to Chad

Postage to Chile

Postage to China

Postage to Colombia

Postage to Comoros

Postage to Costa Rica

Postage to Croatia

Postage to Cyprus

Postage to Dem. Rep. of the Congo

Postage to Denmark

Postage to Djibouti

Postage to Dominica

Postage to Dubai

Postage to East Timor

Postage to Ecuador

Postage to Egypt

Postage to El Salvador

Postage to Equatorial Guinea

Postage to Eritrea

Postage to Estonia

Postage to Eswatini

Postage to Ethiopia

Postage to Fiji

Postage to Finland

Postage to France

Postage to Gabon

Postage to Georgia

Postage to Germany

Postage to Ghana

Postage to Greece

Postage to Grenada

Postage to Guatemala

Postage to Guinea

Postage to Guinea-Bissau

Postage to Guyana

Postage to Haiti

Postage to Honduras

Postage to Hong Kong

Postage to Hungary

Postage to Iceland

Postage to India

Postage to Indonesia

Postage to Iran

Postage to Iraq

Postage to Ireland

Postage to Israel

Postage to Italy

Postage to Ivory Coast

Postage to Jamaica

Postage to Japan

Postage to Jordan

Postage to Kazakhstan

Postage to Kenya

Postage to Kiribati

Postage to Kuwait

Postage to Kyrgyzstan

Postage to Laos

Postage to Latvia

Postage to Lebanon

Postage to Lesotho

Postage to Liberia

Postage to Libya

Postage to Liechtenstein

Postage to Lithuania

Postage to Luxembourg

Postage to Macedonia

Postage to Madagascar

Postage to Malawi

Postage to Malaysia

Postage to Mali

Postage to Malta

Postage to Mauritania

Postage to Mauritius

Postage to Mexico

Postage to Micronesia

Postage to Moldova

Postage to Monaco

Postage to Mongolia

Postage to Montenegro

Postage to Morocco

Postage to Mozambique

Postage to Myanmar

Postage to Namibia

Postage to Nauru

Postage to Nepal

Postage to New Zealand

Postage to Nicaragua

Postage to Niger

Postage to Nigeria

Postage to Northern Ireland

Postage to Norway

Postage to Oman

Postage to Pakistan

Postage to Palau

Postage to Panama

Postage to Papua New Guinea

Postage to Paraguay

Postage to Peru

Postage to Philippines

Postage to Poland

Postage to Portugal

Postage to Qatar

Postage to Romania

Postage to Rwanda

Postage to Samoa

Postage to San Marino

Postage to Sao Tome and Principe

Postage to Saudi Arabia

Postage to Senegal

Postage to Serbia

Postage to Seychelles

Postage to Sierra Leone

Postage to Singapore

Postage to Slovakia

Postage to Slovenia

Postage to Somalia

Postage to South Africa

Postage to South Korea

Postage to South Sudan

Postage to Spain

Postage to Sri Lanka

Postage to St Kitts and Nevis

Postage to St Lucia

Postage to St Vincent and the Grenadines

Postage to Sudan

Postage to Suriname

Postage to Sweden

Postage to Switzerland

Postage to Syria

Postage to Taiwan

Postage to Tajikistan

Postage to Tanzania

Postage to Thailand

Postage to the Bahamas

Postage to the Canary Islands

Postage to the Central African Republic

Postage to the Czech Republic

Postage to the Dominican Republic

Postage to the Gambia

Postage to the Maldives

Postage to the Marshall Islands

Postage to the Netherlands

Postage to the Philippines

Postage to the Solomon Islands

Postage to the UAE

Postage to the UK

Postage to the USA

Postage to Togo

Postage to Tonga

Postage to Trinidad and Tobago

Postage to Tunisia

Postage to Turkey

Postage to Turkmenistan

Postage to Tuvalu

Postage to Uganda

Postage to Ukraine

Postage to Uruguay

Postage to Uzbekistan

Postage to Vanuatu

Postage to Vatican City

Postage to Venezuela

Postage to Vietnam

Postage to Yemen

Postage to Zambia

Postage to Zimbabwe

Logistics glossary

All glossary terms

Abnormal loads transport

Air Waybill (AWB)


Airline Terminal Fee

Anti-dumping Duties (AD)



Bill of Lading (B/L)

Binding Tariff Information (BTI)

Blind shipment

Bonded warehouse

Box trailer


Bulk cargo

Bunker Adjustment Factor (BFA)



Car transport


Collected by Courier

Commercial address

Commercial invoice





Contract of Carriage

Country of origin

Courier service

Customs clearance

Customs duties


Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)

Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU)

Delivery Note


Depot Scan


Domestic transport

Double-Blind Shipment


Dry Van Shipping


Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI)

Emergency Bunker Surcharge (EBS)

Euro pallet

European transport


Export Declaration

Export License

Express Bill of Lading

External Transit (T1)

Ex Works (EXW)

Flatbed trailer


Free Carrier (FCA)

Free on Board (FOB)

Free Trade Agreement (FTA)


Freight broker

Freight forwarder

Freight transport

Fuel Surcharge (FSC)

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Full Container Load (FCL)

Full Truckload (FTL)


General rate increase (GRI)


Handball delivery


Haulage service


Heavy goods transport

Heavy Weight Surcharge (HWS)

Harmonised Commodity Description and Coding System (HS/HTS Codes)


Hub scan


Import duties

Importer of Record (IOR)

Inbound Scan at Destination


Inside Delivery Fee

Intermodal transport

International transport

In transit


Just in time

Kerbside delivery

Known shipper

Less than Container Load (LCL)

Less than Truckload (LTL)

Letter of Indemnity

Loading metre



Marine cargo insurance

Marine transport


Milk run

Multi-stop delivery

National Export System (NES)

Negotiated Rate Agreement (NRA)

Notify party


Original Bill of Lading (OBL)

Origin charge

Outbound logistics

Out of Gauge


Packing List (PL)


Payment conditions

Peak Season Surcharge (PSS)

Power of Attorney (POA)

Premium freight

Proof of Delivery (POD)

Quality control (QC)

Railway transport

Ready for collection


Refrigerated transport

Residential address

Residential delivery fee

Reverse logistics

Road transport

Roll on/Roll off (RO/RO) cargo

Sea freight

Secure delivery


Shipping company

Special goods

Special transport


Storage charges

Temperature controlled

Timed delivery

Tracking system

Transit time



Urgent freight

Urgent transport

Vehicle transport



Wood transport

Zone picking

Freight shipping services

Special logistics services

Emergency courier

Time critical

Just in time

Specialist courier

Scheduled courier

Secure courier

Tail lift delivery


Next day pallet

Dedicated deliveries

Dedicated deliveries to Germany

Dedicated deliveries to Belgium

Dedicated deliveries to Czech Republic

Dedicated deliveries to France

Dedicated deliveries to Netherlands

Dedicated deliveries to Romania

Dedicated deliveries to Slovenia

Dedicated deliveries to UK

Direct deliveries

Man with a van

Man with a van – Germany

Man with a van – Austria

Man with a van – Belgium

Man with a van – Bulgaria

Man with a van – Croatia

Man with a van – Czech Republic

Man with a van – Denmark

Man with a van – Estonia

Man with a van – Finland

Man with a van – France

Man with a van – Greece

Man with a van – Hungary

Man with a van – Ireland

Man with a van – Italy

Man with a van – Latvia

Man with a van – Lithuania

Man with a van – Luxembourg

Man with a van – Netherlands

Man with a van – Norway

Man with a van – Poland

Man with a van – Portugal

Man with a van – Romania

Man with a van – Slovakia

Man with a van – Slovenia

Man with a van – Spain

Man with a van – Sweden

Man with a van – Switzerland

Man with a van – UK

Moving heavy items

Moving furniture

Moving a fridge

Moving a sofa

Moving a washing machine

Moving a bed

Moving a lawn mower

Moving a motorcycle

Moving a hot tub

Moving a piano

Moving a pool table

Moving a stove

Moving kitchen equipment

Moving a dining room set

Moving a wardrobe

Moving a ping pong table

Moving artwork

Freight customs

Pallet dimensions

Freight transport insurance

Transit time calculation

Freight tracking

Online freight quotes

Quotes for pallets

Cargo warehousing

Warehousing for businesses

Shipping and distribution

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