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Get immediate access to a full spectrum of global shipping solutions matching all your logistics needs: from envelopes and small parcels, order dispatch and warehousing to whole containers and dedicated full charter flights. Any destination. Have fast and reliable transportation services for your worldwide shipments at your fingertips! Entrust your international deliveries to our global logistics experts when shipping worldwide.

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Why choose Eurosender global shipping solutions?

We are experts in organising worldwide deliveries, be it global envelope or parcel delivery, freight shipments or relocation services. In collaboration with the most renowned worldwide logistics providers, we help businesses and individuals reduce their worldwide shipping and storage costs by offering global solutions at pre-negotiated rates.

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Reliable logistics services for worldwide shipments

At Eurosender, we offer global shipping solutions matching any type of transportation needs.
Organising worldwide deliveries has never been faster and easier.


Our import-export solutions for organising worldwide deliveries

Explore our technological solutions facilitating the global shipping procedure for importers and exporters. Paperwork will no longer be a nightmare. Get consolidated invoices for your European and global parcel or freight deliveries, manage your e-commerce order dispatch and distribution using our personalised logistics dashboard. Check the list of the necessary international shipping documents and make your goods cross borders smoothly by booking your shipping with the first-line worldwide logistics providers through the Eurosender platform. Reduce your worldwide shipping costs with us and concentrate on growing your business.


Customs clearance solutions for worldwide import-export operators

Whether you are shipping goods outside the EU or between other parts of the globe, the Eurosender team will not only make sure you get the suitable courier providing reliable customs brokerage services for your worldwide shipments but will also guide you through all the stages of global parcel or freight delivery process.


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Our warehousing solutions for businesses and individuals

At Eurosender, we understand the challenges of global logistics. Our goal is to provide every shipper with the necessary global shipping and warehousing solutions, be it for successful relocation, parcel, or freight deliveries. Besides global B2B, B2C and C2C shipping services, our European customers can benefit from tailored warehousing solutions for their short- and long-term storage needs within the EU, whatever the size of their shipment.
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FAQs on global documents, parcel, and freight deliveries through Eurosender

How long does global shipping take?
The worldwide distribution time depends on the route, the delivery company, and the transportation mode selected for your shipment. For example, with the Eurosender Express service, you can deliver your products to customers worldwide within 24-72 hours. Through this service, we organise fast worldwide delivery for eCommerce (both for e-sellers and e-shoppers), as well as for our numerous B2B and C2C clients.
What is the fastest global shipping service?
Shipping by air is the fastest transportation method for worldwide parcel and freight deliveries. At Eurosender, we recommend our Express Service as the optimal solution for sending urgent envelopes or packages to any part of the world. You can calculate the shipping cost directly on our booking tool. If you have a large, time-sensitive shipment, we recommend the Air Freight Service for global cargo deliveries. Ask our logistics experts to provide you with a customised global shipping solution for transporting cargo by air, which can even include a dedicated full charter flight for your goods.
How can I reduce my worldwide shipping costs?
Whether you are an individual or a professional shipper, through the Eurosender platform you will get the most competitive price on the market for organising all types of worldwide deliveries. We pride ourselves on our extensive network of vetted global logistics providers offering pre-negotiated rates to our platform users. If you are in doubt regarding the most suitable and reliable transportation services for your worldwide shipments, do not hesitate to ask our customer support team for useful advice via live chat.
What is the best way to deliver products to customers worldwide?
The best logistics solution is the one that corresponds to the type of goods, the time sensitivity, and the size of your shipment. Take advantage of our highly competitive global shipping rates with our Express Service to organise worldwide deliveries directly to your clients, no matter where they are located. Check the delivery price within seconds and have your parcels or freight transported to any destination worldwide in no time!