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At Eurosender, we understand the challenges of worldwide shipping and have developed a technological solution to connect shippers to the most reliable international logistics providers. With our intuitive platform, individuals and businesses have access to world-class transportation services for any type of goods – from envelopes to whole containers and everything in between – at the tip of their fingers. We organise the shipment to almost any destination in the world so you can benefit from global express deliveries, real-time tracking, and dedicated assistance from our highly trained team.

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Global shipping solutions for businesses

Join +40.000 SMEs who are already using Eurosender to optimise their logistics operations. Our comprehensive services are suitable for shipping products directly to your clients or organising the efficient distribution of goods along your supply chain. When registering with us, you will get immediate access to a personalised dashboard with a global overview of your transactions and full control of your spending and deliveries.
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Global parcel and pallet delivery

We are experts in coordinating global shipments, offering solutions based on data and technology. In collaboration with the most renowned logistics providers in the world, we organise the global transportation of documents, packages and cargo with the best rates on the market.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer support. When booking the shipment with us, we take over all communication with the logistics provider and organise all the details of the shipment on your behalf. If any trouble arises, our dedicated team of experts is available to help you resolve any situation in a timely manner.

How long does it take to send a parcel worldwide?

With our Express Shipping Services, we are able to offer the shortest delivery times for shipping worldwide. For routes within the same continent, your parcel will be delivered in up to 24h and, for intercontinental routes, in up to 48-72h.

You will always know the estimation of the time it will take for your parcel to be delivered globally beforehand – this information will be given to you during the booking process, and it can also be calculated through our online tool.

Thanks to the high volume of orders processed through our platform daily and the partnership with a network of trusted courier companies, we offer some of the best shipping quotes on the market. Simply choose the pick-up and delivery countries, insert the details of your parcel, and you will immediately receive a quote for your order.

What is the best service for your global shipment?

We understand that it must be tricky to decide which service to use when shipping worldwide. To make everything easier, we have prepared detailed information about all the different types of worldwide delivery services, for documents, packages and cargo.


Secure delivery service for urgent documents
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Fast transit times with same day collection available
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Transportation services for moving your belongings abroad
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Air freight

Air cargo service based on your requirements
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We have also prepared a size calculator to help you discover the best service for your goods.


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