Posting International Parcels from Home, Easy and Quick

International postage for small and large parcels

The easiest way to post a parcel internationally doesn’t involve standing for ages in a line or buying several stamps at once. With Eurosender, you can post your parcels from home and have them collected directly from your address. All you have to do is prepare the package and wait for the courier. It’s that easy!

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Key features of our international parcel postage services

Real-time tracking, included in the price

Fully door-to-door letter and parcel deliveries

A team of logistics experts available to help


How to post international parcels from home?

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Posting parcels from home – how does it work?

Whenever you book a small or large parcel postage service through our platform, you will need to input the addresses of the sender and the receiver during your order. You will also have to select the date you want the collection to take place.

Once the service is confirmed, your only responsibility is to pack the parcel and have it ready for collection. On the scheduled date, the courier driver will come to pick it up from the sender’s address and deliver it to your selected destination. Simple as that!

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International parcel postage – fully tracked!

Every time you post a parcel internationally with Eurosender, you automatically get access to real-time tracking of your goods. Each shipment is assigned a unique tracking number, which you can use to follow your delivery from start to finish.

Our international postage service includes tracking for all packages and envelopes. Simply paste the tracking code into the tool below, and you will be able to see where your shipment is.

The easiest way to post small or large parcels

Convenience is a high priority for us at Eurosender. We understand that waiting in line at the post office can be very inconvenient for many of you. To solve this issue, we have built this entirely digital platform for posting small or large parcels without having to leave your house. We collaborate with multiple logistics providers to ensure you will always have access to the best names in the business when it comes to international parcel postage.

Once you place your order with us, our system automatically scans through +150 million spot quotes and instantly identifies the best solution for your needs. Fast and easy!


International parcel postage is available worldwide!

We ship to almost every destination in the world. Check the pages below to see dedicated
information about how to post an international parcel to specific countries and cities.


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FAQ – Posting international parcels from home

How to post international parcels to or from a business address?
If you need the package to be collected or delivered to a business address, all you have to do is insert this location in the fields for pick-up or delivery, respectively. Please include the name of the company in the field that says “Receiver”, along with the name of the person responsible for the delivery.
Let’s say you will be posting a parcel to the Eurosender office at Ljubljana; this is how you should fill out the fields marked as “Delivery Address”:
  • Country: Slovenia
  • Receiver: Eurosender – John Smith
  • Address: Cesta v Gorice, 34B
  • Telephone: (contact number of John Smith)
Do I have to sign for the delivery when posting parcels from home?
Yes, for our door-to-door deliveries to be completed successfully, someone will have to be present at the pick-up address to hand in the parcel to the courier and at the delivery address to receive it. When delivering the package, the receiver normally has to sign the proof of delivery document provided by the courier.
What is the best service for large parcel postage?
We offer a wide variety of solutions for posting large parcels – from package services such as Express Shipping to freight solutions such as Pallet Delivery. The best service for you will depend on your specific requirements and the dimensions of your package.
Check our shipment dimensions page to see the dimensions limit of all our services dedicated to shipping packages. If your parcel is too large for these options, you can choose between one of the options we offer for freight transport.
How to pack small parcels for postage?
The best way of preparing small or large parcels for postage is to pack them using a sturdy cardboard box. The ideal box will be slightly bigger than the item you are shipping, so you have space to wrap it with a cushioning material such as bubble wrap for protection.
Check our dedicated pages to learn more: