How to Pack and Ship Items Internationally

The best way to pack and ship packages internationally

Start shipping your items internationally with our easy-to-use Pack & Ship guides. Follow our packaging instructions to wrap and pack your items safely, go to our booking engine to get instant shipping quotes, and send your items domestically or internationally with the click of a button. From a small envelope to packages and pallets, you will find every solution you need to pack and ship your items anywhere you want.

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Ship your items overseas with the best logistics solutions

Depending on the size and type of the items you wish to ship, you can choose from a variety of transport solutions directly on our booking engine.
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How to ship items internationally by courier?

Ship parcels and packages internationally without leaving your couch. At Eurosender, we offer a user-friendly platform to book shipping of any sized items anywhere in the world. Book standard, express or freight services and have your items collected at your address and delivered anywhere you want. All you have to do is:

1. Choose the countries of collection and delivery

2. Follow our Pack & Ship guides to protect your items

3. Insert the final measurements, weight and addresses in the form

4. Proceed with the payment and wait for the collection

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What items can you send internationally?

You can send almost any type of item by courier from urgent documents to clothes, electronic devices, and furniture. And because every type of item, small or bulky, should be packed differently for safe transit and delivery, we prepared multiple Pack and Ship guides to help you package your goods safely before sending them abroad.

Ship your items with the best courier companies

Our courier network includes some of the best names in logistics, such as:

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FAQ – The best way to pack and ship items internationally

How to ship a package internationally?

You can ship packages internationally as easily as domestic parcels. Insert the countries of pick-up and delivery in our booking engine and follow our instructions: you will be done in a couple of minutes. The main difference between using our platform and regular mailing services is that the courier company will collect the package at your doorstep, so you don’t have to bring any heavy parcels to the post office.
Make sure to follow our Pack and Ship guides to ensure your items will travel safely to the destination address.

How to ship a package to an international destination outside the EU?

The booking process for scheduling a shipping service is the same whereas your destination address is in the same country, continent, or the other side of the world. The main difference when shipping parcels between two countries that do not belong to the same trade zone, such as countries outside the EU, is that you will have to pay customs and provide additional documentation. Visit our pages on shipping documentation, the customs clearance process and how to ship after Brexit.

How to pack a parcel for international shipping?

Regardless of the route you choose, packing your items safely for transport should be the top priority. When shipping parcels internationally, make sure to always choose sturdy-enough boxes and quality cushioning materials to pack your items. Have in mind that your parcel may be checked more than once during transit including at the time of collection so you may want to wait to seal it until the courier driver arrives for pick-up. This applies especially when shipping between countries that don’t belong to the same trade zone.
After the box is closed you can protect it with stretch foil and attach the label in a straight, clean, and visible surface of the parcel.

Can you ship any type of item internationally?

Not really. Each courier company and postal service has its own list of restricted and prohibited items. This being said, even if you successfully shipped restricted items before, that does not mean the courier company will allow you to do it again. Especially when sent overseas, packages are thoroughly inspected and verified so always make sure to consult the list of prohibited items of the courier company transporting your items.

Which courier companies offer Pack and Ship services?

If you are a business, you may be interested in a company that does more than shipping. Many courier companies offer nowadays Pack & Ship or fulfilment and stock management services in addition to shipping. These services may be offered by a third party or by the courier company itself. At Eurosender, we can cover both these services through our Individual Offer solution.

What is the best courier to ship a package internationally

Depending on your route, the type and size of the items you wish to ship internationally, different courier companies could be more appropriate. At Eurosender, you don't have to worry about searching for multiple offers covering different services and types of carriers. We offer multiple shipping solutions in one single platform with specialized carriers so you don't have to search for them individually. See more about our logistics partners.

How do I know where my things are after I ship them?

All shipments sent by courier and booked via Eurosender are fully traceable. Once the package containing your things gets scanned for the first time, its tracking number gets validated in our tracking tool allowing you to follow the transit of your parcel to its destination in real-time.

How to send small items by courier?

Small items can be easily sent by courier packed both in boxes or padded envelopes. Depending on the nature of the item/product, we suggest packing items in a small box with enough cushioning materials. Have in mind that small items sent in padded envelopes will still be considered packages and the shipping service should be booked accordingly.

How to send big items internationally?

Big items can be shipped either in boxes using the Express or Regular Plus services; in pallets through our Pallet delivery services; or by a dedicated van. If you are not sure which service is best for sending big items, place an individual order and our agents will prepare an offer according to your exact requests.