What is a one-off parcel delivery – risks and benefits?

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You have most likely used this service without even realizing it! You may wonder how so let us give you an explanation for what does a one-off shipping mean.

What is a one-off delivery and how can I book it?

The complexity of the logistics realm is not given only by all the processes carried out in order for a shipment to arrive at its destination, but also by the high demand of the shippers. Both end-consumers and businesses have a constant need for shipping services, be it on a regular basis or less frequently. When it comes to businesses, they tend to make agreements with courier companies or shipping logistics companies such as Eurosender so they would make the best deal for the cheapest quote.

One-off delivery is the most used shipping service for individuals or businesses that are looking to ship a parcel abroad, ship luggage to their travel destination, or if you are moving from one country to another. In this article, we will give you an overview of the different one-off shipping services we offer and what the advantages are.

Let us first tell you what all of this means before we continue by telling you how to get the most affordable one-off parcel delivery to your doorstep.

Let’s suppose you are moving from one country to another, and you need to transport your belongings to your final destination. You decided to book a truck or a dedicated van for your items, for this one time only. You prepared your shipment, sent it to away and…ta-da! You just made one-off shipping to another location.

How does one-off shipping work with Eurosender

Eurosender provides countless of gains of a one-off parcel delivery service when choosing standard or freight transportation. For packages, suitcases or pallets you get an instant price on our platform.

However, when sending a non-standard item, for instance, you get prices specifically created for you. By having more and more customers and orders, we can offer the most affordable solution to your shipping problem by negotiating with the couriers. Contact us to get the estimated cost for your shipment!

What are the gains and risks of one-off parcel delivery?

The main gain of one-off parcel delivery is the freedom that you have. You are not bound to any plans, or agreements as you use the shipping service once and ad-hoc. This is most commonly used by private users when they do not need repetitive orders.

When using this traditional (or standard) approach there are not many consecutive orders, thus, the courier companies cannot always deliver the best support and solution for the customer. It is not questionable that the delivery would still be carried out efficiently, however, on the long-term businesses benefit more if they have contracts with shipping companies.

How to get the best price for one-off shipping services?

Even though prices usually depend on distance and routes some couriers might still give some special quotes for heavy shipments. Shipping bulky items is usually a big advantage for businesses due to the ability to better negotiate prices, therefore, getting the best and most affordable one-off parcel delivery.

Furthermore, individuals might have different gains of a one-off parcel delivery as opposed to businesses. You as a private user might not be sending in big volumes and quantities but you have the opportunity to use some promotional codes to get cheaper shipping. With Eurosender, students have the benefit of enjoying these discounts when shipping their suitcases abroad.

No matter if you book a shipment once or multiple times, we can always guarantee you the best prices for your specific shipment. We offer the same low price, regardless of the frequency or volume of your orders. For all these cases, Eurosender provides you with affordable quotes for shipping destination all over the world. Book your shipment now with Eurosender!

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