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What is a standard shipment and what are its dimensions and weight limitations?

As a standard shipment you can ship a parcel or a suitcase; you can also ship a sports bag if it is placed inside a cardboard box, as well as sports equipment or musical instruments if they do not exceed the maximum dimensions and weight allowed.

The following measurements must be taken into consideration:

  • Weight up to 40 kg per parcel,
  • Maximum length of 175 cm per parcel,
  • Length (in cm) + 2x width (in cm) + 2x height (in cm) < 300 cm per parcel (length plus two times width plus two times height should be less than 300 cm or 3 m altogether).

Make sure that the size and the weight of the package or suitcase comply with the ones listed above. Otherwise, additional costs and delays may occur or the courier provider might reject the collection of the shipment.


Is there any easy way to check if my parcel/suitcase fits the standard dimensions and weight?

If you are unsure if you can ship your parcel/suitcase with the standard shipping services, insert your dimensions below and check which service is suitable for you.


Can I attach several boxes together?

The best way to send a shipment is by having all the items placed in one single box. If you decide to tie up several packages together, please ensure that you use enough material that will thoroughly attach the packages to each other and secure them for transportation.

However, as an alternative, we strongly advise you to choose a bigger box that fits all the items inside, or book shipping services for several packages. In this way, the transportation will be more secure.


How can I weigh my parcel/suitcase if I don t have a scale?

Try using a body scale instead. Weigh yourself together with the parcel/suitcase and without it. Then calculate the difference between the total weight and your body weight. This can give you quite an accurate weight of the parcel.

However, we always recommend estimating a higher weight and selecting the weight accordingly during the booking process. In this way, you will ensure that your parcel/suitcase won’t exceed the maximum allowed weight.


Is the courier driver equipped with tools to check the weight of my parcel on the pick-up location?

The weight of the parcel is usually checked after the parcel has arrived at the local depot. At the moment of the pickup, we cannot guarantee that the driver will have the equipment to check the weight of your parcel. In case your shipment ends up being heavier than the weight you selected during the booking process, you will either be charged for the extra weight or your parcel will be returned to you.

If, after packing, you realize that your package/suitcase is heavier than the weight you initially selected during the booking process, please contact us.


If I have many parcels, will they be collected by the same courier company?

Depending on the details you will provide in the booking process, Eurosender will choose the courier service that offers the best price-to-performance ratio to carry out the transport.

Each logistics provider we partner with is specialized in different transportation methods and different routes. For this reason, different package sizes and routes may be performed by different courier service providers if the service is requested in different orders.


Where and how do I place my order for a standard shipment?

If you have a personal account, you place the order while logged into your account. On the left side menu, you select Ship new package or pallet option and then place the order in the shipping engine. Otherwise, you place the order directly on the website in the shipping engine, on the top of the main page. The engine will instantly show you the final price. For a standard shipment, the price doesn’t vary within the same country.

In case of need, we offer step-by-step instructions, which will guide you through the entire booking procedure.


How do I fill in the form if the pick-up place is a hotel?

You need to write the hotel’s name on the “Name” field. Then, write your own name. In case you have trouble fitting your name in the fields, try dividing the hotel name and your name between the “First name” and “Surname” fields.

If possible, you could also include the “reception” after the hotel name. In this way, the courier driver will know that the parcel was left at the reception desk. We advise you to add the reception’s phone number as well.


How do I fill in the form if the pick-up place is a company?

You need to write the company’s name in the name field. Then, write the name of the contact person. In case you have trouble fitting your name in the fields, try dividing the company name and the name of the contact person between the “First name” and “Surname” fields.

If possible and applicable, you could also include the “reception” after the company name. In this way, the courier driver will know that the parcel was left at the reception desk. We advise you to add the reception’s phone number as well.


How do I fill the form if the pick-up or delivery destination is a student dorm or a university?

In such a case, please specify the name of the university or dorm in the field designed to “Name” together with the name of the consignee. For complete information, please read our dedicated page.


Where to and where from can I ship my parcels?

You can ship freight shipments all over the world.

Bear in mind that all customs clearance must be arranged for import or export. It is you as the customer who arranges them.


Does the price depend on the address I choose, even if it is inside the same country?

For every standard shipping service, the pride doesn’t vary within the same country.


Is the price on the website final?

Yes, our booking engine displays the final price. Please note that it is important to make sure that the shipment stays within the general dimensions and weight limits accepted by the courier service providers or given in the ordering process, as the case may be.

Any failure to comply with the conditions of the logistics provider may lead to additional charges. The selected logistics provider may charge you additionally for any new pick-up attempt, as a result of unsuccessful collection due to reasons that have to do with the customer or deriving from storage space.


Can my parcel be picked up from an airport?

Yes. This is possible if the place of the collection is easily identified, and the driver can park his truck within 15 meters of the indicated delivery point. The collection point should be an accessible area, preferably away from crowded parts of the building and of course, it cannot be beyond the threshold of airport security.

The courier drivers have pre-planned routes that work to a fixed time schedule, for this reason, a collection point with clear signs that are easy to find will mean an efficient and successful pick-up.


Is possible to organize the shipping to remote areas?

Collections from and deliveries to remote areas are possible. In general, they are done on certain days of the week. This happens because these places are not close to couriers’ local depots, so the courier service providers cannot offer the service daily.


How can I ship from or to a gated community, hostel, dormitory and/or from buildings with multiple apartments?

When arranging shipments from or to a gated community, hostel, dormitory or buildings with multiple apartments, it is advised to define the pick-up or delivery point at the main area of the address and/or provide additional information to the courier necessary for completing the pick-up or delivery.

In the case of a gated community, you should communicate an appropriate doorbell or buzzer number to the courier. If not, he may leave with the parcel being picked up or leave it at the door or with the guard.

In case of buildings with multiple apartments, including dormitories or hostels, it is advised that the person making the order suggests a central or easily accessible point as the place for collection and that the driver can park his truck within 15 meters of the indicated pick-up point. This could be the reception, front desk or main door.


What kind of addresses can the courier driver collect from?

The courier can collect only from full postal addresses with accurate postcode as they are given in the order process. Make sure you have previously received mail or other deliveries have already been made at that address. The courier can park his truck within 15 meters of the indicated delivery point.

Couriers can collect from gated apartments, student dormitories, company headquarters, company warehouses, private addresses, hotels and hostels.

For flats and addresses with multiple units, the courier will sometimes make the delivery or pick-up to the main door of the building.


Can I book the shipping even though I don’t have the correct address?

When placing the order, we strongly recommend adding the right address details. The pick-up or/and delivery will be successful only if the correct and complete information is provided.

However, if you only wish to simulate the price, you can do that in our calculator by choosing only 3 parametres: the pick-up and delivery country, the number of shipments and their weight. In such a case, it is not necessary to provide complete address details.


How do I know which courier provider will collect and deliver my shipment?

One day before the pick-up date, we will send you an email containing information about the courier company that is assigned to carry out the pick-up. Please note that the delivery may be done by a different courier company, depending on the cooperation our logistics partners have with other logistics providers in given countries.


I am not sure what type of shipping service I need. What should I do?

If you are not sure what type of shipping service to choose, please send us an email directly at, call us on +44 20 3129 2884 or fill in the contact form. We will receive your inquiry and address it in the shortest time possible. You can also use our live chat available from 9 am to 8 pm (CET).


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