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Are you looking for the most affordable way to ship products abroad? Eurosender can help your business grow by assisting you in finding the cheapest and most reliable business logistics in Europe. We have helped countless small and medium enterprises expand in foreign markets and we are striving to assist many more in the future.

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How to book business courier services through Eurosender

Booking business logistics through Eurosender is fast, easy and convenient. All it requires is having internet connection and 3 minutes to spare. You can book the service as a guest or you can open your own free business account.

By doing the latter, you can save time, since you will not be required to reenter some of the data every time you book the service. At the same time, business account users can “unlock” special prices for specific routes, as well as the exclusive pre-paid option.

The 6 steps for booking business logistics:

  1. Go to our engine or log into your account;
  2. Select the pick-up and the delivery countries;
  3. Choose the correct shipment type (package or pallet);
  4. Insert the shipment details (weight/dimensions);
  5. Submit any additional information (e.g. pick-up/delivery address, recipient’s name etc…);
  6. Select a payment method and pay for the service.

*Some of the information mentioned above might be already saved when booking while using a business account.

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What should I send; a package or a pallet? | Types of courier services for businesses

If you are a first-time shipper you might be unsure on which one of the different types of courier services for businesses you should choose. Your selection should in fact depend on the size and number of the items you want to send. A standard courier service is used for sending individual packages. For example, that would be a great option for an online seller who wants to send a few packages (containing biological products, olive oil, artwork etc.) to a buyer abroad.

However, a small or medium enterprise that ships a decent amount of packages on a daily base might prefer to ship a pallet. In this case, all packages will be piled atop each other to form a structure which will be easier to handle and transport.

Check what type of shipping service is suitable for:

Otherwise, you can ask for an individual offer!

If you cannot select the standard shipping option, we can offer you a customized offer. All you have to do is fill in a form and our logistics experts will tailor the best offer, based on your requirements. You can then accept or decline this offer.

Individual Offer

*Individual offers can be offered not only for pallet shipping but for shipping bulky, large and heavy items as well.

*Euro-pallet (standard European pallet) shipping services can be booked directly from our booking engine.

Some of our most popular shipping destinations:

LTL, PTL, FTL | Types of courier services for businesses

Apart from the categorization between standard and non-standard shipping, business courier services are also split between these three categories of freight transport: LTL, PTL, FTL.

  • LTL stands for less than truckload shipping and it is the mode of transport of small freight shipments. In such cases, the space inside the truck is distributed among different shippers who only pay for their portion. In this sense, LTL is a more affordable solution.
  • PTL stands for partial truck load shipping and it is the mode of transport of shipments that occupy a big portion of the truck, without filling it entirely. It is faster than LTL, since it requires less loading and reloading.
  • FLT stands for full truckload shipping and it is the mode of transports of shipments that occupy the entire space inside a truck. In this case, the shipping process is way faster than LTL and PTL, since the shipment has only one final destination.

*Eurosender also offers van transportation services. By booking this service you will be able to transport your goods in a dedicated van and you will not be required to package the goods beforehand (except if they are very fragile). It is a safer option and most business users prefer it over truck transport.

Find the most affordable business logistics through Eurosender

Eurosender is a platform that helps users find logistics services in Europe. That applies to both individuals and businesses. Companies looking for courier services often visit our website in the search of the most affordable solution. That is because we have established a favorable reputation on the market, due to our constant work, our business ethics and our broad network of reliable logistics providers.

Logistics for European businesses | The benefits of choosing Eurosender:

  • You save time – the booking is done online and you have to insert just a few details. You can book the service in few minutes and, if you have your own account, the process can be even faster.
  • And you save money – our prices are very competitive. That is because we work with a number of logistics providers with whom we negotiate better prices for our customers. Also, if you choose “user credits” as your preferred payment method, you will receive discounts for every order you book. You can learn more about the benefits of this payment option here.
  • You save your shipment – we work with the most reliable shipping providers in Europe; that means that your products will be handled with care. We also provide free shipping insurance of up to 200€ for the rare case of any damages being occurred. At the same time, you can use the tracking tools that we provide you and learn about your shipment’s location.

*Do you have more questions concerning business courier services and business logistics? Learn more on how to ship products abroad by calling us or sending us an e-mail.

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