With Eurosender, you don’t simply start a new job, you start and develop your career. Your role will be tightly connected to the transformation and modernization of the old logistics industry and its obsolete processes. We use advanced technology to make it better for future generations. We work in a competitive environment where speed is of paramount importance. We are growing our organization at a fast pace and at the same time, we focus on building it solidly -> we want it to become a case study in the trillion dollar logistics realm.

Our mission is to dominate the global markets by offering a flawless client experience, offering access to comprehensive logistics services and utilizing technology to enable other organizations and individuals to have control and analyze their logistics processes.


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How does it look like working for Eurosender?
  • Physical books and online classes – we already put together some interesting titles of books from different fields & online courses to enhance your knowledge. You can also contribute with your suggestions;
  • Supplies for a healthy body and an astute mind – among other things, daily available fresh fruits and a warm coffee, whenever you need it;
  • Regular team buildings to spend some time off together – from thematic parties, bowling games and international dinners to sports events such as marathons and triathlons;
  • Friday morning gatherings with colleagues over a cup of coffee and croissants – to reflect on the week (in a fun way), and catch up with colleagues from different departments. Very often we invite guests from different walks of life (founders or top executives of different companies, top athletes, people with a social impact) who have a story to share and from whom we get a big cup of inspiration;
  • Top technical equipment and the best digital tools in dedicated industries, for you to unleash your potential;
  • Headspace to be comfortable, meditate, enhance your creativity and find better solutions related to your tasks;
  • Gym corner to stretch your muscles during those intense work days;
  • Flexible schedule & work from home policies;
  • Colleagues from different corners of the world and different cultural background. What better place to practice your language skills and develop your adaptability if not in an intercultural environment?
  • If you are moving from another country and need relocation service for a smooth start, we are here to do what we know best, arrange all the logistics details for you to move your belongings.

Our culture

Elite underdogs

We are challenging one of the biggest industries: the one that moves goods around and connects the world. We raised millions of euros and already generated other millions in revenues, but the challenge is continuous. Our reality is built on one side by the 50bn € logistics dinosaurs and on the other side, by digital competitors with 10 times more funding.

This is why we are oriented towards execution with a focus on solutions. We are a group of like-minded people who want to do, build, identify opportunities and think heavily about what comes next. We envision what comes next, we plan, we execute, deliver, get stuff done and repeat!

Failure doesn’t scare us, repeated mistakes and stagnation do!

Learning and sharing knowledge

We are in the race together. We learn from each other and mentor each other. We value people who understand their role and strive to give their best! We become the best version of our professional self and we build the strongest company!

Ownership and impact

The best idea always wins, no matter if it is coming from the intern, CEO, customer or anyone else. We cross-check them to make sure the best comes out of it. We take a pragmatic approach, own our KPIs & take responsibility, and step up for what is truly important for the organization.


Understand, dare and execute! A solid team is built with grit. We are not flawless, we might not always be the most innovative, cheerful or sagacious, but we have a strong grit that drives the results we need. We are people, with our ups and downs, but we have the willingness and persistence needed to take steps into the unknown and continue building.

We are currently in a hyper-growth mode and looking for people who can join our endeavour of taking the company to the next level!