Individuals, small and medium-size businesses often struggle when comparing different international shipping rates to find a low-cost delivery service for their parcels. At Eurosender, we understand the different shipping needs our customers have and their wish to find the cheapest international shipping services on the market. For this reason, we created a smart platform to ease people’s access to low-cost shipping services provided by some of the best couriers on the market.


How is Eurosender able to offer low-cost shipping services?

The high volume of shipments booked through our platform is constantly increasing our bargaining power with the logistics companies. This allows us to generate savings, which we pass on to our customers in the form of cheaper shipping services. In this way, we are able to offer low-cost courier services for the delivery of parcels in every country.

We can offer the lowest prices for shipping without compromising on the quality of the service. We can proudly state that we work with the most reliable and renowned logistics companies in the world, including DHL, DPD, GLS, Kuehne + Nagel, Post Luxembourg and many others. Moreover, by combining their logistics capabilities, we are able to accommodate almost any shipping request coming from our customers.

Our proprietary algorithm compares all the international shipping rates and returns the best price for your courier delivery service.

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Low-cost international shipping services for companies

At Eurosender, we strongly believe that small- and medium-sized businesses should have access to the same low-cost shipping services, just as the big players and that the lowest shipping prices should not necessarily be tight to the volume.

Whether ordering a standard or a freight shipping service, with Eurosender you can always expect affordable shipping rates. You can take advantage of them through:

User credits
By registering and creating a business account on our website, companies have the possibility to organize and optimize their shipping process better through the use of the personalized, easy-to-use dashboard. Registered users get rewarded for their loyalty and when they use the payment method with User credits, Eurosender provides them also additional discounted prices for their shipping orders.

Tailor-made offers for bigger shipments
We strive to always find the best shipping solution for our customers. For bigger loads and freight shipments we prepare tailor-made individual offers and we unlock special prices.

Specific campaigns for companies
We regularly prepare special campaigns for businesses, as an additional way of helping them save money and be able to rather use their budgets in the development of their companies.


Low-cost courier services for individuals

Eurosender’s mission is also to offer low-cost shipping services to individuals. By placing an order through our shipping engine our individual customers receive discounted prices for shipping, regardless of the frequency of their orders. In this way also new customers can take advantage of low-cost parcel delivery services.

Individuals can obtain Eurosender’s discounted rates for shipping through:

Partnerships with student and expats organizations
We have partnered up with different student and expats organizations through which we offer discounted prices for shipping for students and expats. We introduced some of our partners in our blog posts. If your organization is not among them, there’s still a good chance they are our partners, so just check with them or contact us for more information.

Different campaigns
We constantly prepare promotional campaigns for individuals and we offer discounts, in an endeavor to cut off the costs for shipping services.

Discounted shipping prices when booking with Eurosender

Eurosender offers discounted prices on many shipping services for students and businesses. To get a student discount simply contact your local student organization. We collaborate with different organizations in various countries. Registered business users can also benefit from additional discounts when making payments with User credits. For each order paid with User credits, you will receive a discount. If you have a discount code and want to use it, you will be able to insert it during the ordering process in the payment step and your final price will be automatically reduced.


Do you have any additional questions about our low-cost shipping services? Feel free to contact our logistics experts: they will gladly help you find the best low-cost courier service for your needs.

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