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Founded in 1823, Gebrüder Weiss GmbH is a transport and logistics company offering freight shipping services by land, air and sea as well as industry and complementary logistics solutions. Find out all about Gebrüder Weiss tracking, cargo transport services and logistics solutions. Get alternative shipping solutions at the lowest cost with Eurosender just by inserting your route in our shipping calculator.

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Gebrüder Weiss Home Delivery: Last-mile delivery services

Gebrüder Weiss offers last-mile logistic services in Europe. Customers can book B2C Gebrüder Weiss Home deliveries to get items up to 30kg shipped from a manufacturer or warehouse to a private address. This service is ideal for shipping furniture or home appliances. The courier drivers can assist with the hauling and installation of the delivered items. The Gebrüder Weiss Home Delivery services include:

  • Delivery from business to a private address in Austria in 2-3 working days.
  • Assistance with the hauling and installation of the delivered item.
  • Delivery notification 30 mins before arrival.
  • The possibility to book express services (24h delivery) or delivery on the weekend.

Gebrüder Weiss parcel delivery services and shipping rates

Gebrüder Weiss offers parcel delivery services primarily in Austria and Germany through their Paketdienst service and the rest of Europe through their collaboration with DPD. You can book this service to ship packages from Austria to every destination in Europe, including the UK.

  • Parcels up to 31,5kg in Austria, delivered in 24h.
  • Parcel delivery in Europe in 24 to 72 hours.

Below you can find some of the prices for shipping a parcel from Austria with Gebrüder Weiss:

S (up to 50cm)4,00€10.60€14.60€
M (up to 70cm)5,90€15,60€19,60€
L (up to 90cm)8,30€28,60€22,60€
XL (from 90cm)11,70€23,70€27,70€

Alternatively, you can get instant quotes with our shipping calculator and immediately have your requirements matched with the most suited courier for each route and type of service: from package deliveries to booking a dedicated van for your removal.

Export and import solutions with Gebrüder Weiss

Gebrüder Weiss offers transport services to ship cargo all over the world by land, air and sea. Through their headquarters in China, USA, Australia and many other overseas locations, Gebrüder Weiss established solid import-export routes between all continents and plays now a major role in Europe’s import operations. Some of the Gebrüder Weiss cargo transport and logistics solutions include:

  • GW pro.line: LTL, PTL and FTL freight shipping services by road all over Europe. This Gebrüder Weiss logistics service can be booked to deliver cargo on a selected day and within established time frames for selected routes. Maximum weight of 1,000kg.
  • Air and sea transport: the Air and Sea branch of Gebrüder Weiss offers air and sea transport all over the world. These services include GWconsolution, a multimodal cargo transport service that combines Gebrüder Weiss air and sea transport routes to ship goods all over the world.
  • East plus: international freight shipping Gebrüder Weiss service covering Austria and Germany, as well as Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Middle East and China.
  • Rail freight: Gebrüder Weiss offers transport services by train in Austria and Europe though their subsidiary GW Rail Cargo. The Gebrüder Weiss rail freight services cover the silk road, connecting Europe with China and other Asian destinations.

Other Gebrüder Weiss freight services

  • Customs clearance: Gebrüder Weiss offers customs clearance services for sea freight shipping.
  • Storage facilities: Gebrüder Weiss is a known logistics provider and they offer storage and fulfilment as part of their service network. If you need a warehousing solution in Europe, you can also take a look at the storage facilities that we can provide.
  • Sea freight insurance: extra insurance coverage for your shipped goods.

Find out more about the best freight forwarders in Europe and worldwide on our dedicated page and book freight services instantly on our booking tool, including LTL, FTL and airfreight Services.


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FAQs – Gebrüder Weiss Courier Services

How does Gebrüder Weiss tracking work?
When you ship with Gebrüder Weiss your shipment will receive a unique ID and a Gebrüder Weiss tracking number. Every time the parcel reaches a new transport hub or distribution point it will be scanned and the Gebrüder Weiss status will be updated.
When shipping with Gebrüder Weiss courier services, you will find the Gebrüder Weiss tracking number after your shipment has been confirmed. To track your Gebrüder Weiss shipment you will have to introduce the name of the sender and the tracking number on the tool on their website.
Does Gebrüder Weiss ship to the UK?
Yes, the Gebrüder Weiss international courier services cover the UK. You can book parcel or cargo delivery services to the UK from Austria or any other European country and freight shipping between countries on all continents with Gebrüder Weiss, or use our platform to get an instant quote for your delivery service.
Will brexit affect the Gebrüder Weiss freight services?
After Brexit, good imported to the UK will have to go through customs and will have to be accompanied by the tight customs documents. Furthermore, certain goods will be subject to tariffs or specific VAT and import duties. These changes will be applied to all cargo from the 1st of January 2021 onwards. As a commercial shipper, you will have to be registered with the pertinent authorities to be able to ship cargo the UK after Brexit. If you need more information, we recommend you check our helpful Brexit shipping guide.
How to pack your shipment for Gebrüder Weiss?
Always look for shipping instructions for the specific item you want to ship. As with any other logistics company, when shipping with Gebrüder Weiss it is essential that the shipment is well packaged and that it will arrive without any damage. Bear in mind that when booking Gerbruder Weiss import-export solutions you should provide, amongst other documents, the Packing List where you detail the packaging of your loads. We have put together a list of recommended packaging material and packing instructions for several items, which you can find in our dedicated page.
Are parcels insured with Gebrüder Weiss?
Generally, when shipping large volumes which are transported via land freight service, the shipment is insured according to the CMR Convention. We strongly recommend turning directly to the company to find out what their insurance options are.
Are there any Gebrüder Weiss forbidden items or Gebrüder Weiss restricted goods?
Visit their website for a complete list of Gebrüder Weiss forbidden items or Gebrüder Weiss restricted goods. You can visit our forbidden and restricted items page for a list of items that are commonly prohibited by most courier companies.
I missed a Gebrüder Weiss delivery. How can I reschedule it?
When there is a Gebrüder Weiss missed delivery the shipping status will indicate what to do next. The company may make another delivery attempt or store the parcel in a depot for a determinate amount of time. If your Gebrüder Weiss tracking status indicates “missed delivery” we recommend you contact the company as soon as possible to solve you’re the issue.
What is the Gebrüder Weiss contact number?
You can find the Gebrüder Weiss contact number on their webpage. Make sure you choose the right branch (in Austria, Germany or the US) before contacting GW on the phone.
Does Gebrüder Weiss offer e-commerce parcel shipping solutions?
Yes, Gebrüder Weiss offers a series of e-commerce and small business solutions. They offer shipping and return management and other tools to maintain a webshop and organise payments.
For what industries does Gebrüder Weiss offer logistics and transport solutions?
Gebrüder Weiss offers logistics and transport solutions for the automotive industry, is the official logistics partner of drugstore chain Bipa and offers solutions for fashion, high-tech, consumer goods and other key industries. They also offer furniture shipping for trade fairs.


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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in November 2020. When looking for accurate information, such as Gebrüder Weiss courier services, Gebrüder Weiss transport prices, Gebrüder Weiss storage facilities and pickup times or parcel tracking, always check the official website of Gebrüder Weiss.