High seas travelling: cruise ship and ferry luggage allowance

High seas travelling: cruise ship and ferry luggage allowance

Cruises are one of the most popular and exciting ways of visiting and exploring cultural landmarks without sacrificing quality and comfort. There are many cruise lines with a ship for every need, ranging from fun-packed and family-friendly Disney cruises to the personalised luxury offers of a Celebrity Cruise. Whether you are a first-time cruiser or an experienced traveller who wants to embark on another voyage, knowing exactly the maximum cruise baggage allowance of the main lines will help you avoid complications and delays. We have prepared this page with the cruise ship baggage allowance guidelines of some of the most beloved cruise lines, so you do not have to navigate the webpages trying to find the exact specifications.

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Do you need to book delivery services to bring your luggage home after a cruise? Are you travelling by ferry and do not have enough space in your vehicle? Would you like to send some souvenirs from your trip to your family and friends back at home? Look no further. You can use our powerful searching engine to find the best national and international shipping services.

If you want to travel with items that you cannot load on board due to the cruise ship or ferry luggage allowance rules and restrictions, sending them via courier is a very good idea. If you need to ship something in particular or need special transport conditions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team, who will gladly assist you. If you want to send big or heavy parcels or multiple packages you can also ask for an individual offer tailored to your needs.

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Cruise ship luggage allowance

Cruise ships are enormous and many of them do not have a strict luggage policy. The maximum cruise baggage allowance tends to be more generous than that of an airline company. However, there are plenty of restrictions and the list of forbidden items on a cruise is not short. Furthermore, if your cruise includes a flight, your luggage must follow the airline’s rules, which will probably be very restrictive, especially if you are embarking on a longer journey. Expert cruisers also recommend travelling with a bit of free space in the suitcase, so you can add all the souvenirs you may buy during your trip!


Ferry luggage allowance

Are you travelling by ferry for the first time and you are not sure of the ferry luggage allowance? If you are taking one of the many ferries that leave the shores of Ireland, the UK or Spain daily and this is your first trip, you may be worried about what to bring, what is the weight limit of luggage in a ferry or what are the rules for hand luggage on board.

We have also laid out the most important rules about ferry luggage allowance for the main ferry lines out of and to Ireland and the UK, so you do not have to worry about being rejected right before boarding, and can be sure that all your possessions will travel with you safely to your destination.


What are the advantages of shipping luggage with Eurosender?

Most of us are not familiar with hand luggage allowance in ferries and cruise ships, or with the list of forbidden luggage items on a cruise, because nowadays we usually fly in-between places when travelling. However, getting informed about cruise ship luggage allowance policy is essential, because if your luggage weights too much you may not be permitted to embark with it unless you pay a very high fee. Furthermore, if you buy antiques, blades, food or other local products, you may not be able to collect them until the cruise is over.

You can use our platform to ship your luggage directly to the docks or to an address to the departure location to avoid paying extremely high airline fees. You can also ship from any port or town you stop and visit, to make sure what you have bought reaches your home or your loved ones as soon as possible.

Do you have any questions on how to organize a luggage delivery with Eurosender or on how to use our services to send souvenirs to your friends and families back home? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team speaks over 15 languages and is always more than happy to help you.

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