Simplified Global Shipping for Petroscope

Streamlining International Shipping for Iraq-Based Oil Equipment Business

“Eurosender was the best platform I found for shipping in the European market” – Hasan Rawaduzy

Bussiness background

Meet Hasan Rawaduzy, the owner of Petroscope, a thriving business based in Iraq specialising in supplying spare parts to oil companies. With a significant focus on sourcing equipment from Europe, the UK, the USA, and Asia, his company plays a crucial role in the oil industry’s supply chain. Shipping between businesses (B2B) is the norm and Eurosender has proven to be a valuable partner in facilitating the seamless transportation of goods.

The challenge

Petroscope aims to establish itself as a leading provider of industrial supplies and services in the Iraqi Energy and industrial market, renowned for delivering high-quality and prompt services. Having faced the challenge of navigating the diverse international shipping market, Hasan discovered Eurosender and has been utilising the platform for the past two years.

Before Eurosender, finding a reliable and efficient shipping solution in the European market was no easy task. Hasan has experience in shipping services and has a clear vision of what he needs to guarantee the quality for his business. He has used several other platforms and services around the world but cracking the European logistics market had it’s own set of challenges.

“I really like the option of saving addresses, it significantly streamlines the process when arranging deliveries, saving me valuable time.”

Hasan Rawanduzy
Managing director

Why did he choose Eurosender?

What distinguishes Eurosender is its user-friendly platform. Hasan navigates the dashboard effortlessly, appreciating its simplicity and efficiency.

The ability to save and store shipment history, as well as addresses, has proven to be a time-saving feature, particularly as he frequently ships between the same locations.

Hasan also highlighted the fact that, with our platform, he does not need to compare different couriers and prices, as the platform does the work for him.

Types of shipments

Most of Petroscope’s shipments involve packages. Since they are based in Iraq, they rely on air transport for moving their parts. The speed of the delivery was a crucial factor that Hasan carefully considered when selecting a shipping partner for his company.

A successful collaboration

In the complex world of international shipping, we at Eurosender are proud to be the trusted provider of companies like Petroscope. The platform’s simplicity, efficient dashboard, and focus on user needs have made it an integral part of their business operations.

As Eurosender undergoes further development, expanding its network of courier and logistics connections, addressing market challenges, and diversifying courier options emerge as crucial areas that could strengthen the partnership with Petroscope and other businesses like them.

We are constantly putting efforts to guarantee an ongoing seamless shipping experience for Hasan and his business.

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