FedEx vs UPS: Shipping Rates, Speed and Reliability 2023

Differences between FedEx and UPS shipping services


Compare the shipping rates of FedEx and UPS and choose the best courier for your business based on their performance, customer satisfaction and reliability. Check our guide to see the differences between FedEx and UPS shipping services and get a quote with Eurosender to compare also other logistics providers.

FedEx vs UPS shipping rates comparison – Is FedEx cheaper than UPS?

To compare UPS and FedEx shipping rates for domestic and international shipping, we have gathered their price estimation for different routes and sizes of packages. Both UPS and FedEx are pioneers in overnight shipping and offer various express solutions including transport by air, time-definite deliveries, or guaranteed delivery time. However, bear in mind that usually expedited services come at a cost.

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FedEx vs UPS for domestic shipping in the USA

Compare UPS and FedEx shipping rates for sending a 10 kg (22 lb) package from NY to LA:

Shipping servicePriceDelivery
UPS Next Day Air EarlyUS $337.791 working day by 8:00
UPS Next Day AirUS $302.321 working day by 10:30
UPS 2nd Day AirUS $203.932 working days
UPS 3 Day SelectUS $140.923 working days
UPS GroundUS $66.875 working days
FedEx OvernightUS $370.441 working day by 8:00
FedEx 2Day A.M.US $271.702 working days by 10:30
FedEx Express SaverUS $188.493 working days
FedEx GroundUS $64.254 working days

FedEx vs UPS international envelope shipping from the USA to the UK

Check if FedEx or UPS is cheaper for shipping documents internationally:

Shipping servicePriceDelivery
UPS Express PlusUS $100.301 working day by 9:00
UPS ExpressUS $78.801 working day by 12:00
UPS Express SaverUS $63.301 working day
UPS StandardUS $42.002 working days
FedEx International FirstUS $143.382 working days by 9:00
FedEx International Priority ExpressUS $94.882 working days by 12:00
FedEx International PriorityUS $90.632 working days
FedEx International EconomyUS $143.635 working days
Eurosender Express DocumentUS $69.581-2 working days

FedEx vs UPS international package shipping from the USA to the UK

Check if FedEx or UPS is cheaper for shipping a 10 kg (22 lb) package internationally:

Shipping servicePriceDelivery
UPS Worldwide Express PlusUS $223.792 working days by 9:00
UPS Worldwide ExpressUS $194.942 working days by 12:00
UPS Worldwide SaverUS $176.112 working days
UPS Worldwide ExpeditedUS $157.303 working days
FedEx International FirstUS $554.172 working days by 9:00
FedEx International Priority ExpressUS $505.672 working days by 12:00
FedEx International PriorityUS $483.142 working days
FedEx International EconomyUS $464.715 working days
Eurosender Express PackageUS $108.481-2 working days
Note: The UPS and FedEx international shipping services presented above may not be available for all locations. The prices above are the results of online research conducted in September 2023.

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Can you drop off FedEx packages at a UPS facility?

No, even though many people mistakenly think FedEx and UPS are the same company. In reality, UPS and FedEx are two completely separate courier providers, each with its own drop-off stores, drivers, and logistics network. If you drop off a package that contains a FedEx shipping label in a UPS facility, the workers will not be able to process it since they use different codes and systems. In such case, either the courier will return the parcel to the shipper or drop it off at FedEx. Either way, you should expect a couple of days of delay if you accidentally drop off FedEx packages at UPS or vice-versa.


Is FedEx faster than UPS?

If we compare FedEx and UPS Ground services, FedEx is typically faster than UPS. However, this may depend on the availability in any given location.

When comparing their express solutions, both UPS and FedEx offer services with similar delivery speed for domestic routes. For international shipping, UPS is usually faster than FedEx since they have a more extensive network outside of the USA.

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FedEx vs UPS: which one is cheaper for large or heavy packages?

UPS is a specialist in small package delivery. Even though they provide some shipping solutions for large and heavy packages, the prices are usually higher than those offered by the competitor. For this reason, e-commerce and small businesses that need to ship small packages may opt for UPS while stores that regularly send large or heavy packages usually prefer FedEx for their cheaper rates.
It is important to mention that UPS uses two different volumetric weight formulas for domestic and international shipping, which have a direct influence on the final price.

FedEx vs UPS: which one is cheaper for overnight shipping?

Overnight shipping is where FedEx and UPS excel when compared to other logistics companies. The prices may depend on the route but, on average, UPS overnight shipping solutions are cheaper than the ones offered by FedEx. Both services are performed by air, and the shipper can opt for delivery by 8:00, 10:30 or by the end of the day.

Is FedEx or UPS better for shipping fragile items?

Unlike FedEx, UPS specifically offers packing services for customers shipping fragile items. UPS employees are trained in packing techniques such as block-and-brace, double box and suspension. They specialise in properly packing fragile and high-value items like artwork or electronics. For this reason, UPS may have an advantage over FedEx when it comes to shipping fragile items. Whether you decide to ship fragile items with UPS or FedEx, make sure your package is properly packed.


Which one is better, FedEx or UPS?

Both courier companies may seem very similar to the eyes of non-experienced shippers. However, upon a closer look, there are many differences between UPS and FedEx shipping solutions. Check below our summary of the advantages of UPS and FedEx:

Express solutions
Real-time tracking
Free door-to-door deliveryFor some servicesX
Service dedicated to envelopesXX
Discounts for registered usersX
Free signature upon deliveryFor some servicesFor some services
Instant online quotesDepends on the routeDepends on the route
Insured shipments

FedEx vs UPS – which one is better for small businesses?

Before deciding which one is better for small businesses, FedEx or UPS, we recommend checking not only their prices but also the customer satisfaction and solutions for online shops:

  • In 2020, UPS had the highest ACSI customer satisfaction rate amongst its competitors, with 80 points. They offer various integration solutions for small businesses and online shops to simplify the quoting and booking process.
  • According to ASCI, FedEx scored 76 points in customer satisfaction in 2020, staying only above of the postal service. To attract small businesses, FedEx offers a management & fulfilment platform, which can be integrated into most online stores.


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UPS vs FedEx reliability – Which one is safer?

When comparing UPS and FedEx reliability, it needs to be said that both companies are among the most trusted logistics providers in the world. Both UPS and FedEx offer insured shipments and are well-known for their tracking systems, allowing shippers to know the location of their packages at any given time. When it comes to the compromise with the delivery timeframe, both couriers meet the promised deadlines on 97% of the cases.

To check FedEx and UPS customer satisfaction ranking for 2020, see the section above. .


FedEx vs UPS Comparison Summary – Which one is better?

Between these two American courier companies, it may be hard to draw the line where FedEx is better than UPS or the other way around. When deciding which is the best fit for your small business, you should evaluate their overall performance in your main operational area. In general, FedEx is mostly used for overnight shipping and for companies who need to send large packages frequently. UPS is the preferred courier for companies that send mostly small packages or need fragile packing and international shipping services, to benefit from their wider reach on a global scale.

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Disclaimer: The information is the result of online research conducted in September 2023. For more information about UPS and FedEx domestic and international shipping services or updated data for UPS and FedEx shipping prices, we strongly recommend checking the official websites of the logistics companies.