How to ship presents for a bridal shower

To organize a bridal shower is a growing challenge every year. Regardless of whether we are planning a party at home or in a club, it usually involves the purchase of gadgets and gifts. If you do not want to run around the stores or live too far away to hand the present personally, then courier services might be the solution.

Eurosender has a wealth of experience in organizing courier services. From the smallest packages to the really big ones. Thanks to us, you can send items from every corner of the world and enjoy the service of our dedicated specialist department and cooperation with the best courier companies on the market. Sending gadgets and presents for a bridal shower has never been so easy.


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How to send gadgets and presents for a bridal shower

Choose the pick-up and delivery countries, the number of packages and their weight.

You will be provided with the best available offer.

Fill in the form with your details and pay for the service.

Get informed on how to pack a present for a bridal shower for shipping.

After you pack your parcel and order the shipping service, you just have to wait for the courier, and we’ll do the rest. We organize transportation together with our partners and represent you in all matters related to your shipment.

What to consider before placing an order for shipping gifts for a bridal shower

  • As with most parcels or packages, the most important thing when sending gifts or gadgets via courier for a bridal shower is to remember to place an order in advance. So have in mind that you should book your pickup a few days before the desired date.
  • Most of the items related to a bridal shower (gadgets, decorations, gifts) can be sent using the standard courier service. However, if you have a larger or heavier shipment, we recommend that you carefully measure the box and use our shipment size calculator to determine which type of service is most appropriate for you.

  • Are you shipping a lot of packages to the same address or your parcel is too big for the standard service? Don’t worry. All you have to do is ask for an individual offer and our experts will send you a proposal tailored exactly to the kind your shipment you intend to send.

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  • Depending on the country you might have to print the shipping label yourself (in Poland or Spain for example). In such a case you will receive the shipping label via email after you have reserved the service with us.

  • Be present! Make sure someone you trust will be present both at the pickup address and at the delivery address.


Do you have any questions regarding the ordering process or the best service for your parcel? Please contact our customer service representatives who will be happy to help you at every stage of the shipping process.

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Standard insurance of up to € 200 is already included in the price of each individual package. However, if you want to send gadgets, decorations, gifts or other items of higher value, especially dedicated or made for a special occasion, we also recommend additional insurance with coverage up to 1000 € or 2000 € per shipment. Available at very low prices, these two insurance packages will give you absolute peace of mind.

Have in mind that if you wish to ship fragile items or items considered restricted by the shipping companies, the insurance won’t be valid. However, if you follow our instructions and pack your goods in a proper way, you will be able to receive everything as it should be.

How can Eurosender help you

At Eurosender, we know how important it is to deliver gifts and parcels on important occasions in a timely manner. We work with reliable and trustworthy courier companies that help us (and thus you) to deliver gifts, gadgets and decorations for a bridal shower. In this way, Eurosender makes you feel more comfortable and confident. This is thanks to our full-service package, including, but not limited to:

As you can see, we cooperate with both individuals and companies. If you belong to the second category and consider bridal shower as a good opportunity to improve business in your company, we encourage you to create an account with us.

We also always encourage you to contact our customer service office, where our specialists will be happy to consult with you and answer your questions regarding shipping.

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