Send your construction material domestically or internationally

Eurosender offers courier services for shipping your construction material from Zadar to Logatec. The prices are displayed instantly so you can simply make a free simulation for any type of item. The transit times for shipping in Europe varies from 1 to 5 business days, depending on the selected route.

Send your construction material domestically or internationally
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Mrinalini Mehta

15 hours ago

Very easy process

Easy process

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Mr Edin Tahirovic

16 hours ago


Thanks, easy, fast and really organised site.

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Miriam Magdalen Alum

19 hours ago

This my second time of using…

This my second time of using Eurosender. I was impressed by your service the first time, hopefully this order will arrive according to plan to.

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20 hours ago

It was good

It was a good booking process that I experienced on this platform

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Renato Mora

20 hours ago

Mi sono meravigliato per la rapidità…

Mi sono meravigliato per la rapidità della consegna ritirato Italia il giovedì pomeriggio e consegnato il lunedì mattino successivo

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80cm x 100cm x 120cm, 749kg

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€517.91+ VAT

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