International shipping of your television

Eurosender offers courier services for shipping your television from New York City to New Delhi. The prices are displayed instantly so you can simply make a free simulation for any type of item. The transit times for shipping in Europe varies from 1 to 5 business days, depending on the selected route.

International shipping of your television
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Karol Kleckovski

19 hours ago

The booking process was one of the…

The booking process was one of the simplest ones that I've seen. Very logical and simple.

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19 hours ago

Un service competitif,à recommander,

Un service competitif,à recommander,

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Tsolis Vasilis

21 hours ago

Very Helpful service

I used the delivery service for sending a package. All the procedure through the site was very easy and helpful with great price. I am waiting for the recipient's comment when he will get the package.

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Ana Struncnik

21 hours ago

Great service!

always satisfied with their services

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Ralph C K

21 hours ago

Arranging for pickup and delivery was…

Arranging for pickup and delivery was straightforward and easy, as well as at a very competitve price. RCK Leeds

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17cm x 102cm x 160cm, 35kg

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