How to send boat parts internationally?

Whether you are an authorized vendor of boat supplies and maintenance equipment or just want to sell used boat seats, anchors, engines, or other boat spare parts, you need to find a way to send them fast and safely. As Eurosender partners only with reliable and trustworthy logistics service providers and offers a booking platform with a unique algorithm for customizing a shipping route, we ensure prompt delivery of boat engine, boat accumulator tank, boat gearbox, and many other accessories or boat parts. Depending on your item, you will only need to prepare it for transportation and choose the appropriate shipping service. Furthermore, our professional logistics experts will advise you the easiest way to pack and ship boat spare parts such as a boat gearbox, engines, anchors, and accessories.

Several simple steps to pack and ship boat spare parts

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If you want to send boat parts internationally, you need to go through the following steps:

  • First of all, check the parameters of every boat spare part and insert them into the Shipment Size Checker. It will help you to select the most appropriate service for the easiest way to send a boat gearbox, boat seats, boat anchor, boat accumulator tank, or other boat components.

  • Afterwards, select the pick-up and delivery countries, provide shipment and personal details, and wait for the order confirmation e-mail. Once you receive it, print a label if your parcel is collected in Poland, Sweden, or Spain.
  • In case you decide to ship multiple parcels either to the same or different address, you can check more details here. In general, you can send up to 50 packages in one order, but we recommend booking freight shipping services and send a pallet if you have more than 6 parcels.
  • To ensure prompt delivery of boat engine, boat seats, boat anchor, boat accumulator tank, and other boat parts and accessories, we encourage you to look through the packaging guidelines and prepare the items for transportation.
  • Any shipment booked through Eurosender is automatically insured for the amount of up to €200. However, we always recommend purchasing additional insurance for expensive items such as boat parts. For standard shipping services, additional insurance of up to €2000 can be added at a very low extra price.

Ask our experienced logistics experts how to send boat parts internationally in a fast, cheap, and easy way.

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How to pack boat spare parts for transportation?

Quality packaging greatly influences the outcome of shipping and grants the prompt delivery of a boat engine, accumulator tank, boat seats, and accessories. Here is the list of necessary packing materials:

  1. Cardboard boxes – you can put your items there.
  2. Foam wrap – grants additional protection and covers items.
  3. Bubble wrap – it is used to pack fragile items.
  4. Protective plastic foil – creates an extra level of protection.
  5. Polystyrene sheets – for internal cushioning.
  6. Packing peanuts – to fill the voids in the box.
  7. Adhesive tape – for securing items and sealing the box.

We have also prepared a comprehensive list of the main hardware stores in Europe where you can find all the necessary packaging materials in your area.

The packaging process is not long-lasting and exhaustive, but it carries forward the easiest way to send a boat gearbox, engine, navigation system, or other accessories. The following set of guidelines will help you to pack and ship boat spare parts:

  • Protect the boat spare parts. Depending on the specification of the particular boat spare part, its packaging may vary. Nevertheless, cover metal items (boat engine, boat anchor, boat accumulator tank) with foam wrap first and then with cardboard scrap so that sharp edges are secured. Plastic or electronic components (boat navigation system or accessories) should be covered with bubble wrap.
  • Put the boat part in the box. Ideally, the box should fit the size of the item. If you want to send several items in one box, you need to make sure that they will not damage one another during transportation. Put some foam wrap or cardboard scrap on the bottom of the box and place your boat part inside.
  • Check the box. Fill the box with packing peanuts, foam wrap, bubble wrap, or other cushioning materials to make sure that the item does not shift around across the box.
  • Seal the box. Take the adhesive tape and secure all sides and edges of the box.

Why do you need to send boat parts internationally with Eurosender

You can pack and ship boat spare parts easily with Eurosender booking platform as:

  • We provide the best offer in terms of the price-to-performance ratio to send boat parts internationally and domestically
  • You can always track your shipment in the shipment tracking tool
  • We have holistic customer support in 15 languages
  • We partner with renowned courier service providers to send boat parts internationally

Do you have any questions or suggestions about how to pack and ship boat spare parts? Give us a call or write us a message and our logistics experts will assist you.

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