Is it possible to ship hemp oil abroad?

There is much of the confusion about hemp because its essence is often misinterpreted. Indeed, hemp is the plant in the genus called Cannabis but with extremely low concentration of the psychoactive component (0.3% or less). Due to this, hemp is legal in many world countries and is cultivated for industrial rather than medicinal or recreational purposes.

Many products ranging from building materials to clothes and foods are made from hemp or hemp seeds. However, hemp oil is among the most popular hemp products as people recognize the hemp oil benefits because it is rich in fatty acids. They usually buy it online from abroad and often ship it as a gift. Therefore, we will provide some recommendations and guidelines on how to pack and send hemp oil internationally, considering other hemp products as well.

How to send hemp products abroad or inland with Eurosender

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  • First of all, please check the dimensions of your packed items in size checker. It will help you to determine which type of service would be the most appropriate for you.

  • Make sure that you place an order at least 2 days before the actual pick-up date and that you will be able to convey your shipment to the courier. You can also ask another person to give a parcel to the courier on the pick-up date.
  • Fill in the order form by providing shipment and personal details. Afterwards, the engine will generate the best available offer for you based on your requirements.

Liquids, including hemp oil, are on the list of prohibited and restricted items of most courier companies. However, people ship hemp oil abroad and inland almost every day. Please, consider that shipping such items is under the responsibility of the customer so that insurance does not cover any damages of restricted items.

If you need more information about how to place an order on our platform and the legality of shipping hemp products, do not hesitate to contact our logistics specialists for more details.

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How to pack and send hemp oil internationally or domestically

Packing hemp oil. There are several types of materials that could help you to pack and send hemp oil internationally:

  • Bubble wrap – you can use it for protecting fragile items, including glass bottles.
  • Foam wrap – this material is used for additional protection of items.
  • Cardboard boxes – almost every shipment should be organized in a cardboard box to ensure safe transportation
  • Packing tape – it is used to secure other packaging materials and seal the box appropriately.

Once you have all the necessary packaging materials, you can start preparing a bottle of hemp oil for shipping. Take the bottle, cover it with foam wrap first and then with bubble wrap around. Afterwards, secure those packaging materials with adhesive tape.

We recommend putting the bottle into its original box provided initially, but you can also use the one that fits in size. Afterwards, place this box into a bigger one and make sure that it does not shift around by adding extra bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or other cushioning materials. Seal the bigger box and secure each side with packing tape.

Sending hemp oil. As a rule, hemp seed oil shipping is similar to the olive oil shipping because each of those has the same primary package, a glass bottle. Thus, a temperature-controlled environment and protection from direct sunlight are obligatory if you want to ship hemp oil abroad. The right packaging increases protection and decreases a chance of damage during transportation even if you choose the best courier service provider.

Packing and sending other hemp products. If you want to send hemp products abroad, you need to consider appropriate packaging for them as well. When you decide to ship hemp milk, alcohol, butter, clothes, or cosmetics, the guidelines for their packaging will be similar to that of common products. Use a variety of packing materials mentioned above both to protect the items and eliminate odour if any.

Important information

You also need to make sure that any of the hemp-based items is safe and legal for shipping internationally. Therefore, we encourage you to check the national laws of the pick-up and delivery countries. Check with providers of hemp items the recommended transportation conditions. This will prevent any unwanted situations in customs control areas.


How to ship hemp oil and other hemp products abroad?

Unlike shipping other cannabis-based items, there are considerably fewer restrictions you encounter when you want to send hemp products internationally or domestically. Low concentration of THC in hemp diminishes its psychoactive effects, but legal frameworks of different countries may vary. Nevertheless, customers send various hemp items and often ship hemp oil abroad for a number of reasons:

Buying or selling operations. As hemp is not grown everywhere, products manufactured from hemp are prevalent in some countries while absent in others. A rapidly developing e-commerce sector allows purchasing a variety of items online even when a buyer and seller are located in different countries. In this case, the transportation of items with courier service providers is the only option.

Manufacturing and production. Besides personal use, hemp oil serves as a basis for other foods and cosmetics due to its nutrition and moisturizing values. People who produce such items often need to order hemp oil from other countries. If you are among such people, Eurosender can help them to ship hemp oil abroad.

Gifts and presents. Very often, customers decide to send hemp oils or other hemp items to their friends or relatives as a gift so that logistics providers are helpful in this case.

If you are unsure whether you can easily send hemp oil or other hemp products, get in touch with us to get more information on the case.

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Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping hemp oil and other hemp items. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship hemp oil or other hemp products, Eurosender will not be responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.