Shipping spare helicopter and aircraft parts abroad

International shipping of spare helicopter and aircraft parts

When you are a fan of radio-controlled devices such as RC helicopters and aircraft you might often find yourself looking for spare parts. RC controlled devices are sensitive and often suffer small damages. With the abundance of online market places nowadays, such as Rakuten, OLX, Newegg and eBay, it possible to easily find the spare part that you need. The next step is to ship the part to your shop or home. By using a courier to transport aircraft parts or courier delivery of spare helicopter parts, you can save time and money at once. Eurosender works with a vast network of logistics companies to provide you with the cheapest and most reliable courier solution that fits your needs. Join us when we take a closer look at things such as shipping spare helicopter parts abroad and the price for shipping helicopter parts overseas. We will discuss both disciplines in separate parts in this article. Let’s start with some general advice that can be applied to each shipment with Eurosender.

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General advice for a courier delivery of spare helicopter parts and aircraft parts

  • Never leave the pick-up address on pick-up day.

There has to be someone present at the delivery address. So, when you are leaving the address, make sure that there is someone to replace you, or order the pick-up 2 working days before your scheduled departure date. Watch our detailed instruction video about all features of the pick-up and delivery procedures.

  • Cover your shipment with adequate insurance.

At Eurosender, each and every shipment is covered by our Standard Insurance up to €200. However, we recommend taking extra insurance with valuable things. Read more about which insurance matches your shipment best.

  • To label or not to label?

In most European countries, the courier company prints and attaches the label for you. However, when the pick-up address is in Sweden, Poland or Spain, you will have to print and attach the label by yourself. Before you hand over your shipment to the courier, be sure that you do not have any forbidden items inside.

  • Dimensions=price

When you know the dimensions of your package (length, width, height, and weight) then you can easily calculate the price for shipping helicopter parts overseas with our handy online Shipment Size Checker. You will immediately get a quote! When your shipment is not within the standard dimensions, contact our helpful Customer Support team for an individual offer.

  • International Dedicated Van Delivery

With this service, you can reserve an entire van exclusively for your items. Ask for an individual offer with your specifications.

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We recommend you keep the original invoice of your helicopter and aircraft spare parts, especially if you intend to ship it in the future. The invoice serves as a proof of its value and is, therefore, a document that the courier companies normally require if you start a claim procedure following your spare parts shipping.

Using a courier to transport aircraft parts

The first RC aircrafts left the ground at the end of the 19th century. But it was only in the 2000s that the devices really took off. Nowadays there is a wide range of disciplines and price classes to choose from. So, when you are renovating or repairing your RC aircraft, why not use a courier to transport aircraft parts? Many parts of an RC aircraft are tiny and fragile. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the delivery is carried out flawlessly, in order to avoid damage and time loss. By booking on the Eurosender platform you can be sure that your package travels under the best conditions at the lowest rate.

International shipping of spare helicopter parts

RC helicopters are a popular way to spend free time for many children and adults. They offer speed (the fastest RC helicopter can reach a speed of 252 km/h), easy manoeuvring and different size classes. Whatever model you use, repairs are part of the game. RC helicopter enthusiasts are always on the lookout for cheap and high-quality spare parts. With Eurosender you can save time, and maybe even more important, money. Eurosender gives you the possibility to book shipments with the biggest logistics companies, such as DB Schenker, DHL, DPD, and GLS. At the same time, you will get the best rates through our platform. So, what are you waiting for? Book your courier delivery of spare helicopter parts today and experience the ease of using Eurosender.

Packaging solutions for aircraft and for Courier delivery of spare helicopter parts

When you are planning a courier delivery of spare helicopter parts or aircraft parts, you have come to the right place. With Eurosender your shipment will travel safe and sound. When you want to make a success out of international shipping of spare helicopter parts, you want to be sure that you have the right packing materials. With the list below, you know exactly which materials to buy or not to buy. You can use second-hand materials, (which will decrease the price for shipping helicopter parts overseas) but be careful that they are not damaged, as that may increase the risk of damage to your shipment.

Cardboard boxHas to be big enough for the items and the cushioning material
Cushioning materialPacking peanuts, or alternatively shredded paper, towels, newspapers or extra cardboard. Plastic bags filled with air are great for cushioning as well.
Bubble wrapYou could replace this with foam foil.
Ziplock bagsMost important is that the bags can easily open and close.
Marker &Paper stickersAnything else to mark the bags with parts.
TapeDuct tape, Scotch or any other tape will do.
Packing instructions for international shipping of spare helicopter and aircraft parts

When you have all the materials lined up, you are ready for the packing of your courier delivery of spare helicopter parts. With these packaging solutions for aircraft, you will be able to pack your package for shipment to every corner of the planet in just moments. With Eurosender, shipping spare helicopter parts abroad are as easy as ABC. The instructions below are for both shipping helicopter parts and aircraft parts.

  1. Put the items that you want to prepare for shipping spare helicopter parts abroad in the Ziplock bags. Then mark them with the stickers and the marker, so that you can easily identify the parts when you receive them.
  2. Wrap the bags in bubble wrap for extra protection.
  3. Overlay the bottom of the box with cushioning material and place the bags inside. Then add more Cushioning material till the box is full.
  4. Close the box and seal with tape.
  5. When the pick-up location is in Spain, Poland or Sweden, don’t forget to print out the label and attach it to the box.

When you have any further questions about international shipping of spare helicopter parts, packaging solutions for aircraft or anything else, get in touch with our Customer Service team that will give you all the info that you desire.

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When sending spare helicopter and aircraft parts overseas, it is important to note that lithium batteries are forbidden for any items transported by air. For international shipments to and from Greece sent through Eurosender, courier services providers will not transport batteries or any type of electronic device including these batteries. When placing an order, check that the transport of your parts will be done by road, in which case lithium batteries are allowed for shipping. For more info about batteries, read our blog article to find out more.