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There are various options you can choose from for international large parcel collection and delivery, and at Eurosender, we make sure you get the right solution. Apart from our digitalised solutions, our team of logistics experts will tackle each request individually and match you with the best large parcel courier company to ship large items or boxes to another location. Check out the options we have selected as the best fit for you!

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The advantages of our large parcel collection and delivery services

Insured transport
CMR coverage and additional insurance scalable to your needs.

Trusted logistics expertise
Expert advice to help you choose the right solution.

Vetted international carriers
Access to a vast network of trusted logistics providers.


Large parcel courier collection and delivery options

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At Eurosender, we will find the best and cheapest way to ship your oversized packages internationally!
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Packaging advice when shipping large items internationally

Make sure you prepare the large parcel for international delivery according to our packaging guidelines to ensure it is safe to travel:

  1. Place the item in a box, previously covered in bubble wrap, if applicable, and fill the voids with packing peanuts.
  2. Choose a sturdy pallet that is in good condition.
  3. If necessary, merge two or more pallets together to fit your shipment.
  4. Make sure the shipment does not exceed the pallet dimensions.
  5. Secure the shipment with straps.
  6. Add stretch foil or bubble wrap for additional security.
Please beware that when shipping large items internationally, volumetric weight charges may apply.


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Large parcel delivery by van

  • Price from only 0.48 EUR/km
  • Direct and fast delivery, same-day pickup possible
  • The safest mode of transport for packed or unpacked items

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FAQ on international large parcel deliveries by courier

What is the cheapest way to ship oversized packages internationally and overseas?

The Van delivery service is the perfect fit for most bulky items. This is the least expensive way to send large boxes directly from one location to the destination point, anywhere in Europe.

If you are sending large parcels overseas within the courier dimensions requirements, we recommend you our Express delivery service or our Regular plus service.

How much does it cost to ship large items to another location?

The large parcel delivery quote will depend on the service you choose and the selected route. For instance, a pallet delivery within the European Union will cost you differently than in the United Kingdom.

How do I pack a large item for delivery by courier?

Make sure you use a pallet or a box that is not showing any signs of damage. You can check all the details in the section above, dedicated to packing. You can also organise the large parcel collection and delivery for items without packaging them with our Van delivery service. You choose how you want the items to be prepared for transit; however, we still recommend adding protective material for your shipment.

Can I ship an oversized item internationally?

Yes, you can send your large items without a box them on a pallet by following our guidelines here. We still recommend you protect your shipment by adding a corrugated box or a wooden platform on top of the oversized item to ensure no damage during transit.

Can I ship large parcels internationally, anywhere in the world?

We can organise international large parcel collection and delivery to Ireland, Germany, France, the UK and many other destinations in Europe or worldwide.

Is insurance added to the quote for my large parcel delivery?

At Eurosender, we got you covered! The insurance depends on the type of courier service selected for shipping your large parcel internationally or domestically. You may also choose an additional insurance option with higher coverage. Make sure you keep the original invoice for the items you send as proof of your parcels’ value.

How can I find out what is considered a large parcel?

More broadly – a single dimension more than 300 cm of the parcel will be considered as a large parcel. For more detailed information, we will write you the dimensions per service.

With our standard shipping service, the biggest side of the package should not be more than 175 cm and the dimensions of the whole package together – length + 2x height + 2x width to be less than 300 cm. For the regular plus service, the biggest side of the package can be up to 240 cm.

Your parcel can be up to 300 cm a single dimension and a for a certain surcharge you can have an additional 120 cm with our Express shipping service.

What is the biggest size allowed when booking a large parcel delivery with a courier service?

The shipment dimensions can vary depending on the service you choose. We invite you to reach our customer support agents via chat or by filling out this form to ask us specifically for the service you found fit for your shipment.

What is the best way to send large packages internationally?

We recommend you book the Van delivery service for shipping large items internationally or across the country. The biggest benefit of collecting and delivering large parcels with a van is that the load will travel with your goods only, and to the desired destination with no stop-overs. You can also request help with the loading and unloading for a small fee.

What is a large parcel for collection and delivery?

Large parcels are considered those that exceed the dimensions and weight applicable to a standard package. You need to book an alternative delivery option for oversized boxes for shipments that weigh more or exceed the measurements stated of the dedicated courier company.

What are the best couriers to organize a large parcel delivery?

At Eurosender, we work with a vast network of carefully preselected couriers for international large parcel delivery to any destination. Every courier we work with ensures high quality for delivering your parcels. Once you send us your requirements, we will choose a company that will be most suited to your needs and inform you of the selection.

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