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International large parcel collection and delivery services

You can choose from various options for international large parcel collection and delivery, and at Eurosender, we make sure you get the right solution. We offer a combination of instant shipping quotes and customised offers to match you with the best large parcel courier company for your needs. Our large parcel delivery services are available internationally, all you have to do is use the booking tool below.



The advantages of our large item courier services

Door-to-door service: Large parcels delivered to your doorstep

Same-day collection option: Ideal for urgent or last-minute shipments

Logistics assistance: We will help you choose the right solution


Courier services available for large parcel delivery

Depending on the size and weight of your shipment, you will be able to choose between different options for sending large items via courier:
Unsure which service to choose? Get assistance!

How to determine the right courier service for your large parcels?

Each shipment is unique and may be served better by a different type of service. If you are shipping large items that fit into a single package within the dimension limit of the package services, this may be the best option for you. However, if you are sending multiple large items by courier or an object that surpasses the package limits, Freight Transport Services will serve you better.


Large parcel collection and delivery with Eurosender

When you schedule a large parcel collection and delivery service through the Eurosender platform, you will have to provide the pick-up and delivery addresses while placing your order. The courier driver will come to collect the shipment at this address and transport it directly to the final location.

You don’t need to worry about going to the post office or a drop-off point – all our large parcel collection and delivery services are door-to-door for your convenience!


How to pack large items for shipping?

The packaging step is essential to ensure your items will arrive at the destination in pristine conditions. Prepare the large parcel for international delivery according to our packaging guidelines to ensure it is safe to travel:

  1. Wrap the item with bubble wrap.
  2. Place the item in a sturdy cardboard box and fill the voids with packing peanuts.
  3. Close and seal the box with strong duct tape.
  4. If shipping your large items on a pallet, make sure to choose a sturdy pallet according to your shipment’s weight.
  5. If necessary, merge two or more pallets to fit your shipment.
  6. Make sure the shipment does not exceed the pallet dimensions.
  7. Secure the shipment with straps.
  8. Add stretch foil or bubble wrap for additional security.

Pro tip: Pack your large items for shipping before scheduling the courier service. Once the package is ready, get a measuring tape and scales. Providing accurate measurement information will be essential for calculating the correct cost of shipping your large items.


How to get the cheapest rates for shipping large packages?

Here are a few tips to have in mind if you want to save as much as possible when shipping large items internationally:

  • Pack your items as compact as possible since the size is directly related to the shipping price.
  • Do not attach multiple boxes together – it is better to ship them separately.
  • If you are shipping multiple items within one large box, consider separating these into smaller boxes as it will be often cheaper.
  • Compare the quotes for package and pallet delivery beforehand – shipping large items on a pallet is frequently cheaper than booking an oversized package delivery.


The best European courier service for large items
  • No packaging requirements
  • Collection available in 2-3h
  • Vehicle dedicated to your load


International large parcel delivery in Europe and abroad!

At Eurosender, we work with over 100 logistics providers around the world to make sure we are able to cater to every shipping need. We want to be the one place you can always rely on to find solutions for your shipments. For this reason, our international parcel delivery services are available worldwide, so you can easily send large packages anywhere you want.

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FAQ on how to send large items by courier

How to ship a large item internationally without a box?
If you need to ship a large item without a box, the best approach is to pack it on a pallet. You will need to use straps to attach it to the pallet firmly. Consider also building a wooden crate around the item so it will be protected during transit.
Check our guide for shipping oddly shaped items for more details on how to pack them.
What is considered a large parcel for shipping?
A very broad definition is that if your shipment has a single dimension of more than 300 cm, it will be considered a large parcel.
If you are in doubt whether your package requires a large item courier service or not, contact our specialist through the chatbox in the corner.
Our agents will be able to give you advice on the best service for delivering your large parcel.
How long does a large parcel take to be delivered?
It depends on the courier service used to deliver your large package. If using a dedicated service such as the Van Delivery, the large parcel will arrive in 24-48h.
If shipping large items internationally using regular groupage transport, the delivery will take 3-5 working days.
While placing your order, you will be able to see the delivery estimation for each courier service available for sending your large items so that you can plan for the delivery beforehand.
Is insurance included in any big parcel delivery service?
Yes, absolutely. At Eurosender, all packages are automatically protected with our basic insurance, and all freight shipments are covered by the CMR convention.
If you need additional protection when sending large items by courier, you can purchase one of our additional insurance options during the booking process.
What influences the cost of shipping large items by courier?
The cost to ship large items is calculated based on the following factors:
  • Dimensions and weight of the shipment
  • Shipping route, calculated from the pick-up and delivery address
  • Shipping service selected
  • Additional services – during the booking process, you can purchase extra insurance, handling assistance, tail-lift, etc
For the calculation of the final large-item shipping cost, the couriers usually take into consideration the volumetric weight of the shipment. If your package or pallet exceeds the dimensions assigned in the order form, it will be considered an oversized parcel for delivery, which is subject to a surcharge fee.