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The best way to send a snowmobile or a jet ski abroad

Are you looking for the best way to send a snowmobile or a jet ski abroad? Find the most suitable international jet ski and snowmobile delivery options through our platform and ship directly to your clients or to your vacation spot at the lowest rates! With Eurosender, the shipping process will be fast, safe, and cost-effective. The booking will take you no more than a few minutes, while our smart algorithm will instantly select the optimal transportation service for your needs.

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Services for companies shipping snowmobiles and jet skis internationally

Join thousands of companies that have chosen Eurosender as their permanent shipping platform. Have access to a wide network of reputable international logistics providers. We will arrange jet ski and snowmobile transportation overseas for you. Ship at pre-negotiated prices. Have all relevant delivery information in one place. Enjoy security, reliability, and flawless delivery.


International jet ski and snowmobile delivery options offered by Eurosender

At Eurosender, we offer a wide range of logistics services. We can recommend several international jet ski and snowmobile delivery options:

Individual offer

Our experts will prepare a shipping offer tailored to your needs within 2h
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Freight service

Send your jet ski or snowmobile safely at ultra-competitive shipping rates
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Van delivery

A van can fit more than a snowmobile or jet ski inside. Available in Europe
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How to prepare a snowmobile or a jet ski for transportation?

In most cases, you will need wooden crates for shipping snowmobiles and jet skis internationally. Containers are also frequently used for jet ski and snowmobile transportation overseas. Here are the steps to follow to ensure that your Skidoo or watercraft will be safely transported:

  1. If you are sending a used snowmobile or jet ski abroad, make a record of any mechanical issues, scratches, or damages either by documenting them on the paper or by taking pictures.
  2. Remove detachable components such as belts, handlebars, windshield, or tie downs and pack them separately in a cardboard box.
  3. Drain the tank but do not make it completely empty.
  1. Mount your jet ski or snowmobile on a pallet or place it inside a wooden crate.
  2. Place the box with accessories next to the jet ski.
  3. Fix your shipment with straps or plastic foil.
  4. Make sure the shipment cannot move during transport.

We suggest following the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding the transportation of your specific snowmobile or jet ski model.


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FAQs on sending a snowmobile or a jet ski abroad

What is the best method for international jet ski and snowmobile transportation?

Jet skis and snowmobiles are usually transported in trailers and in containers. Another safe and fast international jet ski and snowmobile delivery option is a dedicated van. With this service, your machines will be transported directly from point A to point B with no stopovers. With Eurosender, you will get a highly competitive price for van deliveries across Europe. Consult our experts if you are in doubt as to the best transportation solution.

How to transport a jet ski without a trailer?

National or international jet ski delivery can be carried out through courier services. Multiple freight transport options are available for this type of machines. With the Eurosender platform, you can find an experienced carrier for sending a jet ski across the country and abroad in just a few clicks.

What is the cost of jet ski or snowmobile transportation overseas with Eurosender?

To get exact quotes for shipping snowmobiles and jet skis nationally and internationally, you need to choose the appropriate transportation method, depending on the dimensions and weight of your shipment as well as the pick-up and the destination addresses in our booking tool. Our user-friendly platform will instantly suggest the optimal service and will show the cost of the jet ski or snowmobile transportation overseas.

What is the best way to ship a jet ski motor?

Robust packaging is of the utmost importance when shipping items such as jet ski motors. An experienced jet ski motor shipper recommends using the plywood sandwich technique:

  • Find a suitable cardboard box. It should be larger than the motor;
  • Cut several pieces of plywood matching the dimensions of the box to protect the motor from any possible damage and ensure that it is immobilised during transit;
  • Drill several holes in the plywood to be able to attach the motor with the help of mounting bolts;
  • Once the motor is securely placed in the box, fill empty spaces with cushioning materials;
  • Close and seal the box. Label it as “fragile”.

Do Eurosender’s international jet ski and snowmobile delivery options include any insurance?

With Eurosender, all your risks will be covered. The amount of insurance depends on the type of transportation service selected for shipping snowmobiles and jet skis domestically or internationally. You may also choose an additional insurance formula with higher coverage. Make sure to keep the original invoice to be able to prove your item’s value.