Packaging advice

Do I have to buy the package for shipping or does the company provide it for me?

Currently, Eurosender and its courier partners don’t provide packaging. At the time of the pickup, the parcels need to be correctly packed, sealed and ready for shipping.

However, don’t hesitate to contact us to receive advice on where to find proper packaging materials. Our friendly customer support will help you find and choose the right packaging for your shipment.

Does Eurosender offer the option to purchase pallets for freight shipping?

For now, we offer pallets for sale only for the freight shipping with a pick-up in Slovenia and Croatia. If you wish to purchase a pallet, send us an email at and our logistics experts will inform you about the price and conditions.

Please note that you can purchase a pallet only if you book a freight shipping service.

What if I don’t know the exact weight of my shipment?

If you are not sure of the exact weight of your parcel or if you have no way to weigh your parcel, try to estimate it as precisely as possible. When booking the shipping service, we recommend you to choose a higher range of weight to avoid any problems that might occur.

Will my parcel be rejected if I don’t wrap it in plastic foil?

Eurosender recommends the customers to wrap suitcases in a protective plastic film that needs to cover the handles and wheels as well. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that the courier driver would pick up and accept a suitcase which is not covered in the plastic stretch.

Please note that in the case of improper packaging, the insurance coverage will not apply.

What should I do if the parcel contains fragile objects?

In case you are planning to send fragile items, you will need to pack them correctly to avoid damages. The parcel needs good internal cushioning, like foam, bubble wrap or packing paper. For more tips on how to pack your fragile items, check out our blog.

Can I write on the package “Fragile” or “This side up”?

Yes. The customer should be aware however that this signage alone cannot guarantee a package will be treated as such and in no way, should the inclusion of these words on the package substitute for a poorly packed package. It is best to ensure the packaging is sufficient enough to protect the contents of a package without signage on its handling.

Can I send a bike without dismantling it?

We always recommend our customers to dismantle the bike whenever it is possible, to make the package smaller. If this is not possible, you can either send it in a box that is big enough to fit a bike in, or you can use cardboard material and duct tape to protect it thoroughly. For more tips on how to properly pack a bike, check out our blog.

Can I attach several boxes together?

The best way to send a shipment is by having all the items placed in one single box. If you decide to tie up several packages together, please ensure that you use enough material that will thoroughly attach the packages to each and secure them for transportation.

However, as an alternative, we strongly advise you to choose a bigger box that fits all the items inside, or book shipping services for several packages. In this way, the transportation will be more secure.

Can I ship envelopes?

Eurosender specializes in the international shipping of larger items, of packages and pallets. However, you can still book the shipping of envelopes. Shipping envelopes that contain very important documents is the customer’s sole responsibility.