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Partial truckload shipping

What is Partial load shipping?

A partial truck load (PTL) or Load to Ride (LTR) is the type of shipment that takes up a significant space inside the truck without filling it entirely, and usually has a very little weight. Partial load shipping falls between FTL and LTL.

Similarly, to full truckload shipping, PTL shipping is transported faster because it is delivered in the same truck from which it was loaded.

This is also the reason why some shippers are willing to pay the price for FTL even though they don’t have enough volume to fill a trail.

When to choose FTL services

Full truckload shipping is the most appropriate way of transport if:

  • Have more volume than the one required by LTL shipping, but it is still too little for a full truckload;
  • Have a shipment that is not necessarily heavy;
  • Need a faster transit time – PTL is not sorted in all the distribution terminals so there are fewer stops along the way;
  • Want a secure transportation – PTL requires less loading and reloading of the freight, making the transportation safer.

PTL shipping rates

Partial truckload shipping is generally an affordable option because the cost of transportation is split between many shippers. Shippers turn to PTL solutions when their volume is not enough to fit an entire truck trail. The final cost of a partial truckload shipping is calculated based on:

  • Type of courier service The type of freight shipped – items are priced differently if there are any time-sensitive or if they are fragile or delicate shipments;
  • Shipping routeThe distance between the point of pick-up and point of delivery;
  • Delivery optionsThe delivery options– guaranteed services and expedite deliveries are more expensive than standard deliveries;
  • Additional shipping servicesAccessorial/additional services – extra charges may apply for anything that goes beyond the typical dock-to-dock or business-to-business pick-up and delivery. These cases are usually: pick-ups and deliveries done at residential places which are not easily accessible, or loading that requires the handling with a forklift.

Request a quote for PTL

Eurosender has a strong connection with carriers that offer a wide range of freight shipping services.

We have helped many businesses with a low volume of shipments to transport their freight at a low cost. Tell us what your needs are and we can find the right shipping solution for you.

Preparation and handling of a PTL transport

PTL transport is the perfect solution for shippers with a low-density freight and who are looking for fast deliveries.

Shipments sent through partial load mode of transport are less prone to damages because the freight is handled less. However, the way the freight is packaged plays a significant role in assuring a safe transport.

Shipments placed on pallets, corrugated shipping containers, and wooden crates are the most common packaging methods used. The preparation for a PTL shipping is not any different from the FTL shipping, described in the dedicated section.