Moving to the UAE. International Removals to the UAE

Moving to the UAE. How to immigrate to the UAE

When you are moving to the UAE as a student or planning to relocate to the Emirates for work, Eurosender has the best logistics solution. We are ready to organise international removal services to the United Arab Emirates at the lower than average cost of moving house. Explore the shipping options for relocating to the UAE as well as visa regulations, job opportunities and cost of living in the United Arab Emirates.

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Things to know about living in the United Arab Emirates

One of the greatest challenges you anticipate before moving to the United Arab Emirates is related to the local religion, traditions, culture, and lifestyle. Even though the UAE is situated in the Middle East, it has undergone the westernisation process so that living in the United Arab Emirates is similar to that in the USA, Canada, Australia, and even the EU. Nevertheless, there is a strong influence of Islam in the country which encourages to stick to social and moral norms. Explore the basic facts you need to know when immigrating to the UAE.
Abu Dhabi
UAE dirham (AED)
10 million
Official language
Dialling code
Emergency number
911 for police, 998 for ambulance
On the left side


The cost of moving to the UAE. International removals to the UAE with Eurosender

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Visa regulations for the UAE

If you are relocating to the United Arab Emirates from other than GCC countries, you will obligatorily need to obtain a residence visa and a work permit.

The US, Australia, Canada, the UK and citizens from some other countries can obtain a visa for the UAE on arrival, free of charge for a maximum stay of 30 days in the UAE.

The EU citizens and residents of some other countries and territories moving to the UAE can get a multiple entry 90-day visit visa that’s valid for 6 months.

Most expats secure employment before they arrive in the UAE. This is the easiest way to obtain a residence visa and work permit. Some UAE companies complete all visa requirements for expats moving to the UAE, including visa fees.

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Property in the United Arabian Emirates. Rentals in the UAE

Living in the United Arab Emirates is rather expensive. Rental costs are high and generally, the rental cost in Abu Dhabi and Dubai is more expensive than in other UAE cities. The average monthly cost for renting a one-bedroom apartment in the UAE is around €1200 in the city centre and €800 in the suburbs. While two-bedroom apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi will cost you around €1600-2000 per month. You can save costs when moving to the Arabian Emirates by renting an unfurnished apartment.

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The cost of living in the UAE

The cost of living in the UAE is very high. It could be challenging to save some money even if your salary is pretty decent because apartment rental costs and prices for food and transportation are steep. Thus, you will have to pay at least €150 for utility bills, and €350-450 for food per month. Other expenses are associated with entertainment, transport, gym subscription, healthcare insurance, school expenses for children, etc.

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The job market in the United Arab Emirates

At the moment, the economy of the United Arab Emirates is booming. Expats make up about 80% of the total population in the country. This means that there are many job opportunities for anyone planning to immigrate to the United Arab Emirates. The average salary in the UAE is €4000.

Many job opportunities are in the building and construction industries. However, IT professionals, engineers, experienced managers, and medical workers are currently in demand. It could also be fairly easy to find an English teaching job in the United Arab Emirates.

Education and schools in the UAE

Education in the UAE is equal for both men and women. Primary and secondary schooling, which is obligatory, can be obtained either in public or private schools in the UAE.

There are many international schools in the United Arab Emirates with English as the primary language of study.

When it concerns higher education, the United Arab Emirates has a wide range of universities providing high-quality education services. Even though studies in public higher education institutions are free of charge for locals, international students who relocated to the UAE have to pay a considerable amount of money to take courses in local universities.

Age: 4 – 5
Compulsory: no
Elementary School
Age: 6 – 12
Compulsory: yes
Preparatory School
Age: 12-15
Compulsory: yes
Secondary School
Age: 16-18
Compulsory: yes

The UAE healthcare system

The United Arab Emirates healthcare system is a mix of both private and public medical institutions. While public healthcare institutions provide medical services only for the native Emirati and local citizens, immigrants moving to the United Arab Emirates have no other option but to go to private clinics and hospitals.

Healthcare in the Emirates is very expensive, meaning the majority of expats have private health insurance in the UAE, which is usually purchased through their employers.

Driving in the UAE. Should I get a driving licence for the UAE?

A US, Canadian or EU driver’s licence is valid in the UAE, but only for non-resident visitors. If you have a residency visa, you must get either a local driver’s licence or an international driving permit in the UAE. Expats from other countries must obtain the local driving licence for the UAE.

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What rules you need to follow when living in the UAE

There is a set of strict rules you should know when moving to the UAE. If you violate them, local police officers may warn and even find you.

  • Stick to the dress code requirements and recommendations while living in the UAE. Both tourists and expats moving to the United Arab Emirates from secular countries have to wear the appropriate clothes.
  • Stay sober. It is strictly prohibited to walk or drive in the UAE being drunk.
  • If you want to make a professional video either with the help of conventional camera or drones, you will need a special permit and licence issued in the UAE./li>
  • Respect the local religion while living in the United Arab Emirates. Offensive comments are against the law. Moreover, during the holy month of Ramadan, everyone is prohibited from eating, smoking or drinking from sunrise to sunset in public.

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Moving to the UAE from the United Kingdom

Whether you’re moving to the UAE from the UK to take a new job opportunity, or simply looking to experience life in an Asian country, Eurosender has a solution to suit any sized move and any urgency. Move furniture and personal belongings to the United Arab Emirates in the safest and fastest way possible. Our logistics experts will help you with your order and offer the best shipping option.

Moving to the UAE from the USA

For those wishing to relocate to the Emirates from the USA, look no further. International removals to the UAE powered by Eurosender provide you with safe door-to-door delivery and low-cost shipping options. Our advanced booking platform will give you an instant cost for moving an entire house of belongings to the UAE, while the logistics experts will answer your questions regarding relocation to the Emirates.

Moving to the UAE from Canada

When you are planning to immigrate to the UAE from Canada, you might be wondering, what is the cheapest way to move furniture there. With Eurosender you get lower than average shipping cost when relocating to the UAE from Canada or elsewhere. Eurosender’s vast network of logistics partners provide fast and safe international removal services to the United Arab Emirates at the best price.

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