How to ship inflatable rafts abroad for rafting trips or contests?

Rafting is an outdoor recreational activity and competitive sport usually done on whitewater. If you plan a rafting trip or have a contest soon, then you probably need to ship inflatable rafts abroad. With Eurosender, you will get an instant cost to ship inflatable rafts with no hidden expenses. We will also provide essential tips on how to properly pack inflatable rafts, helmets, oars, and other items of rafting equipment for transportation.

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Whitewater raft shipping is easy and safe with Eurosender as:

  • We cooperate with logistics partners such as DPD, GLS, DB Schenker, Post Luxembourg, and other renowned companies in the sphere that operate across Europe and worldwide.
  • You will get an instant cost to ship inflatable rafts.
  • You will get the best offer based on the price-to-performance ratio.

Before placing an order, you need to consider the following:

  • Properly pack inflatable rafts and other items of rafting equipment. We provide precise guidelines on how to do that in the section below. If you plan to send other items for water sport and activities, we also provide some recommendations to prepare towable tubes for transportation.
  • When your items are packed, check their dimensions and weight. Shipment Size Checker will indicate which type of services (standard shipping, pallet delivery, or non-standard item delivery) would be the right choice for you. For pallet and non-standard item delivery, we advise requesting an individual offer.

  • With the help of our partner ERGO Group, we at Eurosender offer our customers not only the standard insurance (€ 200, included in the price of the shipment), but also extra insurance options of up to € 1000 or € 2000 for standard packages, and of up to € 5000 for freight shipping at reasonable rates.
  • If you have several packages, check how to ship multiple parcels in one order or different orders.
  • Make sure that you place an order at least 2 working days before the pick-up date. This is crucially important especially when you are planning to leave a chosen pick-up address in a short time.
  • Do not forget to print and stick a shipping label to your package if you ship inflatable rafts abroad and domestically from Poland, Spain, or Sweden.
  • Then, you should wait for a courier from a chosen logistics company to pick-up your shipment on business days. It means that you do not have to visit a local drop-off point owing to door-to-door shipping services.

Do you have any uncertainties about rafting equipment and whitewater raft shipping? Contact our team of logistics experts and they will answer your questions gladly.

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What materials do you need to properly pack inflatable rafts and rafting equipment?

When you ship inflatable rafts abroad or need to prepare towable tubes for transportation, you need to pack them properly. To achieve this, you need the following packing materials:

Original carry bags – they are very helpful to properly pack inflatable rafts and other rafting equipment.

Cardboard boxes – you need to put your folded inflatable rafts and accessories there. Cardboard boxes should be sturdy whether they are new or used ones. You can find them in stationary and hardware store or ask for any in local supermarkets.

Bubble wrap – to protect the items from scratches and dents.

Cushioning materials – you can use Styrofoam chips, crumpled paper, polystyrene sheets, or more bubble wrap.

Ropes and bands – to secure small elements and parts.

Adhesive tape – to secure wrapping materials and seal the box.

Useful tips to properly pack inflatable rafts and other rafting equipment

To protect the items of your rafting equipment, just follow these guidelines:

Detach the items. Remove wooden seats, floor, and oars from your inflatable raft. For water tubes, get all the detachable elements away.

Deflate the inflatable items. Whether you are planning to ship inflatable rafts, water tubes, or inflatable life jackets, you should obligatorily deflate them. That way, the items will occupy less space and would be safer to transit.

Fold an inflatable raft. Fold both sides of the raft. Fold the pontoons and the cones so that the entire package is not wider than a transom. Roll the raft neatly and compactly. Take ropes and bands to secure it properly. The same procedure is required for inflatable water tube: you need to roll it and secure with ropes afterwards.

Prepare accessories. Wrap your pumps, oars, and any wooden elements in bubble wrap to protect them from scratches. If you want to ship a helmet for rafting, you need to cover it with bubble wrap.

Put the items into a carry bag. Put a folded inflatable raft inside a bigger bag. Place other accessories inside another bag provided initially. In case you do not have those original bags, you need to take plastic bags and put your items inside.

Prepare a box. You cannot ship inflatable rafts, rafting equipment, or water tubes simply in fabric bags. You need to put them obligatory inside the cardboard box or boxes. Thus, put some cushioning materials on the bottom of the box to grant additional protection during transportation.

Put the items in the box. Depending on the number of the items you are planning to send, you can nest them either in one box or several boxes. Make sure that you separate items with plenty of cushioning materials to avoid any damages.

Seal the box. Fill all the voids with cushioning materials and nest the items inside. Seal the box and check whether the items are not moving around. Use plenty of adhesive tape to secure all the seams and sides of the box.

The reasons for whitewater raft shipping with Eurosender

People encounter different situations when they need to ship inflatable rafts abroad and send rafting equipment and accessories. We have helped many customers to pack and ship rafting equipment. Those are the major reasons why individual customers and businesses do it with Eurosender:

  • Going on a contest. As rafting is a kind of competitive sport, professionals and amateurs often go on a contest and need to transport their rafts and accessories to a place of destination. You can also check how to ship sports equipment internationally.
  • Rafting tours. If you like outdoor and water activities, rafting tour is a great idea. As you like active or recreational sport, you might be also interested in shipping a surfboard or camping gear.
  • Selling or renting your rafting equipment. When you need to send a new or used inflatable raft and rafting equipment, shipping them with Eurosender would be the right choice.

Do you have any uncertainties about rafting equipment and whitewater raft shipping? Contact our team of logistics experts and they will answer your questions gladly.

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