Virgin Trains baggage allowance | Shall I bring all my suitcases?

Virgin Trains, owned by Virgin Rail Group, is a popular train company in the United Kingdom (UK). The company operates on the West Coast Main Line – between London, West Midlands, North West England, North Wales and Scotland. In this way, it connects six of the country’s biggest cities, including London and Edinburg.

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The Virgin Trains baggage allowance policy clarifies that each passenger can bring up to two suitcases that do not exceed 30 x 70 x 90 cm in size. They are also allowed to bring a small bag that can be carried on his/her lap or underneath the seat. Travellers should always be able to carry and lift their own luggage. As for what are the items restricted on Virgin Trains, there is no specific list on the website. That is why we recommend contacting the company for more details about the restricted items. If you are informed that you will not be allowed to bring a specific item onboard, you can consider the idea of shipping it to your destination.

Virgin Trains onboard luggage:

  • 2 suitcases up to 30 x 70 x 90 cm;
  • 1 small hand luggage (e.g. a purse, a laptop bag etc.)

I have more suitcases. Do I have to pay excess baggage fees with Virgin Trains?

Maybe you are moving from Manchester to Birmingham and you want to take all your personal belongings – from your clothes to your favourite books and old photo albums. Or maybe you are a blogger who was invited to London’s Fashion week and you need to carry all your front-row outfits, along with some backup clothes. We understand that two pieces of luggage might not be enough in such cases.

Virgin Trains baggage allowance policy clearly states that excess baggage, either in size or number, will result in extra charges. Neither the prices nor the limit for excess luggage is not stated on the company’s website. For that reason, we recommend contacting the company and getting to know more about Virgin Trains excess baggage fees.

Alternative solution: ship your items instead!

We understand the frustration that comes with train baggage allowance policies. However, we do not like seeing people compromising on how many items they will bring on their vacation, business trips or to their new lives in a different city. You might have not thought about it before, but shipping services can be a solution when your items exceed the baggage allowance limits. Eurosender can offer you a cheap and convenient alternative solution to bringing all your items onboard.

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Can I bring my bike when traveling with Virgin Trains?

Whether you are moving to a new city or you simply want to explore one as a traveller, bringing your bike along will help you get around easier. Many people agree, after all, that biking is a fun, convenient, affordable and eco-friendly way to move around. The Virgin Trains baggage allowance policy states that passengers can bring their bikes onboard for free. However, if you are planning to do so, you need to reserve a spot, since storage space is limited on trains.

Are pets allowed on Virgin Trains? | Animals onboard

Cats and dogs are our best companions. If you have adopted a pet, you might probably need to travel with it at some point. Virgin Trains pet policy clarifies that each passenger can bring one dog/ cat/ bird or any other domestic animal onboard for free. However, for any additional pet, an extra fee of £5 will apply. All animals should also be kept in a pet carrier or on a lead.

Can I bring my double bass or my cricket equipment when traveling with Virgin Trains?

You might be a professional musician traveling to Glasgow for a concert. Or maybe you are an amateur athlete and you are invited to participate in a friendly cricket match in Liverpool. Whatever the case might be, we understand that you might want to bring your musical instruments and sports equipment to your trip.

The Virgin Trains baggage allowance policy does not specify whether passengers can bring their musical instruments or sports equipment onboard. We, therefore, recommend contacting the company or search for another way to bring your items to your destination.

Should I ship my items instead? | Eurosender

Many travellers do not consider all the available options for bringing their belongings to a new city or country. Therefore, they compromise according to the transportation companies’ limitations or end up paying gigantic fees for a few additional bags. If you are planning on traveling by train soon, you should consider the option of shipping your items to your destination. It is proven to be more cost-efficient and convenient than carrying loads of bags from train station to train station and across different cities. At Eurosender, we help travelers ship their suitcases, musical instruments or sports equipment on a daily basis.

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Why should I ship my belongings?

Eurosender is a state-of-the-art platform for booking logistics services across Europe. Shipping packages, parcels, pallets, suitcases and other items have become more affordable, thanks to our constant negotiations.

Eurosender is not a logistics company, but we have created a broad network of shipping service providers, with whom we collaborate. We then monitor their performance and negotiate lower prices for people who use our platform to book their services. What we do is to give access to affordable but reliable logistics services to everyone – from the small business owner in Greece and the exchange student in France to the businesswoman and the financial analyst in Luxembourg. Courier services are no longer a luxury product. Shipping across Europe can be safe, affordable and more convenient than ever.

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  • We help you save time and money. In the past, there were two types of shippers: those who would religiously choose one courier company that they trusted and not look for other options and those who would spend hours comparing and/or negotiating prices. This is not necessary anymore. Eurosender has developed an algorithm that finds the cheapest way to ship your belongings in a matter of seconds. In this way, you save both money and time.
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Additional considerations | Eurosender
As we mentioned earlier, we always have your back! You might have already checked our booking engine and realized that your items are a bit too heavy or too large in size for a standard shipment. Before you leave thinking that we cannot offer you a solution, please note that we can provide you with an individual offer. You will simply fill in a form with your requirements and our logistics specialists will do their best to find the way to transport your items. You can accept or decline our offer, so do not hesitate to ask for one – it is for free!

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*The information concerning Virgin Trains baggage allowance is based on data collected from the company’s website on 07/09/2018 and it is subject to change.