Deferred Payment: Our Premium Payment Option

Deferred Payment: order now and pay later

Simplify your business’ shipping expenses and pay for your orders with a single invoice

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When to use Deferred Payment?

Useful for recurring shipments

Multiple billing cycle options

Available on request, pending approval


Have a budget tailored to your company

When it comes to Deferred Payment, we treat every request individually. Your company’s budget will be set based on your needs and requirements.


Save time when ordering

Save time with every order you place. Enjoy quick shipping by eliminating the need to enter your payment details each time.


Choose the payment plan that best fits your needs

Simplify your payment process by consolidating your orders with the frequency that works best for you:

  • Per order
  • Weekly
  • Biweekly
  • Monthly

How does it work?

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Our experts will discuss the terms of payment with you

Book shipments and deal with payments later


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