Is Eurosender a courier company?

No, Eurosender is a booking engine for ordering shipping services of various items such as suitcases, packages, parcels, sports equipment, pallets and more. We collaborate with all major and reputable logistics companies who provide the shipping service by road, air or rail (among which DPD, DHL, GLS, Kuehne&Nagel etc.). Through our proprietary technology, we are able to analyze the quality of the service provided and choose the best option and solution from every traditional logistics giant.

How do I get the selected courier provider’s contact?

When you receive the confirmation e-mail, there will be details about the selected courier provider that will be performing the shipping service. After you receive this e-mail, you can contact us directly so we could provide the contact of the selected courier provider.

Can I change the order details after it was confirmed?

Changes should only be made two (2) days before the pickup date. For any changes, you should contact our customer support via e-mail to or by phone.

Do you offer storage facilities?

Yes. We’ve recently been improving and optimizing our relations with courier companies and freight forwarders and now we can offer storage facilities upon request for big shipments and freight transport of more than 7 packages. This service is also offered for relocation and removals.

How can I weigh my package if I don’t have a special scale?

You don’t have to own a special scale to find the weight of your package. A personal scale can be a suitable alternative. By standing with your package on the scales and subtracting your body weight, you can find out the weight of your package. If you don’t own a personal scale yourself, then you can find them usually at airports, train stations, and fitness centers.

It’s important to know the range of weights your package could cover. In the order process, the upper limit of the weight should always be chosen, especially if there is any hesitation in determining its exact weight. This way, any additional expense or a refused to pick up – and the delays that could arise from this - can be avoided.

What languages do the couriers speak?

Usually, the couriers speak the language of the country in which they are based, but in most cases, though not guaranteed, they are able to speak English.

How can the invoice be issued under the name of a company?

If you wish to have the invoice issued with the details of your company, you will first have to create a business account. The account is free of charge and it gives you an overview of your current and past orders. Then, log in your account and place the order.

Since the account will contain only the company’s details, the invoices will be issued with the company’s information.

When placing the order as a company, do I have to pay the VAT?

If your company has a valid VAT number whose validity can be verified through the VIES system administrated by the European Commission, for each order that you will place with us, the VAT will be deducted.

If the VIES system doesn’t recognize your VAT number as being correct, the final price of the orders you will place with us will contain VAT.

If you encounter any issues with the validation of your B2B account, don’t hesitate to contact us.