Win a Flight Voucher - Eurosender Tresure Hunt
Thank you for participating!

Eurosender Treasure Hunt

Spring is the time for travel and new beginnings, and of course fun treasure hunts!
That’s why we decided to have a little fun and host a treasure hunt for you here at Eurosender.

Be on the lookout for the main prize of a 100 EUR flight voucher and a lot of Eurosender discount codes!


Now the real Treasure Hunt begins!

To take part in the treasure hunt, you need to:

  1. Go to your browser and type in “International shipping Eurosender”
  2. Skip the advertisements at the top of the results page
  3. Click the first Eurosender page in the results
  4. Copy the last word of the first section of the page (introduction)
  5. Insert in the required slot on the form bellow
  6. Hit submit and wish yourself some super good luck!


What do you get?

Besides the chance of winning a 100 EUR flight voucher, you will get an extra discount of 20% off shipping for one order, on the Regular, Regular Plus, Flexi and Express services! You will receive the coupon as soon as the hunt is closed, and it will be valid for only 24h so make sure to plan your shipping ahead!

*One time coupon applicable on one order above 20 EUR booked on the 29th and 30th of April for any working day of 2023!