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What can you send?

With Eurosender you can send suitcases and cardboard boxes. Please note, that all goods sent through Eurosender need to be securely packed. We strongly advise that you do not exceed the maximum dimensions (see below) and weight. Keep in mind that what you send will be handled by couriers and sent through distribution centers, so we do not ship fragile and other sensitive items.

All items other than cardboard boxes need to be covered by plastic stretch wrap to avoid damage. If items are not properly packed, insurance cover is not valid.

how to pack your package



How are max. dimensions calculated?

  • Maximum length of the parcel is 175 cm
  • Length (in cm) + 2x width (in cm) + 2x height (in cm) < 300 cm (length plus two times width plus two times height should be less than 300 cm or 3 m all together).


Shipment Size Checker
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You may order shipment of:


Suitcases has to be fully zipped, also please ensure that all pockets are closed. We advise that you prepare your suitcases, as you would for normal air travel check-in. Additional packaging/carton cover is advised.


Cardboard box

The cardboard box has to be completely closed, fully intact and firmly constructed, to prevent loosing any goods during shipment. Please make sure, that box is made from sturdy material (such as cardboard) and not from something that could easily be damaged during shipment (such as plastic boxes).


It is not allowed to send anything fragile or that you would not be allowed to check-in when air traveling such as aerosols, illegal and restricted items (drugs, stolen items, weapons), dangerous and explosive items, glass, animals, etc. 

Sports equipment

Through Eurosender, door to door shipping of sporting goods is convenient and easy.  The courier service provider will pick-up your sport equipment at your home and deliver it directly to your destination. By booking our service to send your sport gear, you save money, avoid the hassle at the airport, and travel carefree.


What sports equipment can I send?

In general, you can send any sports and leisure equipment, such as bikes, skateboards, golf clubs, skis, snowboards, surf boards, hiking gear, etc.

Some courier service providers might have restrictions for certain sport items which may be considered dangerous. For other types of sports equipment (that are not listed above), check with us before placing the order. 

          sport equipment          

How should I pack my sport equipment?

Your sport items have to be properly packed in a sturdy box or hard-sided case designed specifically for packing this type of equipment. The packaging has to sufficiently protect the contents inside and resist shocks due to handling and mechanical sorting.


Are there any dimensions’ restrictions that apply?

The same size limitation as for standard packages apply.


Does the price vary based on what items I send?

No. The price is the same as for any other standard shipments if they are packed in accordance with our limitations. The final price is shown on the online tool on the main page, by choosing the pick-up country and the destination country, as well as the weight of your package.

If your package is bigger or heavier than the standard dimensions and weight, you can send a request for an individual offer by filling out the e-form.

Customer support

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