Based in Dubai, UAE, Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East. It connects more than 140 cities in 81 countries and six continents. It is worth mentioning that the airline is a subsidiary of The Emirates Group. The latter is itself a subsidiary of the Dubai government’s investment company, Investment Corporation of Dubai. The airline’s story began in 1985 and it is now considered to be one of the most fast-growing airlines in the world.

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Emirates baggage allowance | Emirates baggage rules in 2020

Are you travelling to Dubai or another destination in the Middle East and you want to know how many suitcases you can take with you? You can find all the information in the table below:

No. of bags allowed per passengerMax. dimensionsMax. weightPrice
Accessories1 for Business and First Class passengers45 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm for briefcases, no thicker than 20 cm. for garment bags7 kgFree
Carry-on baggage158 x 35 x 20 cm7 kgFree
Checked baggageAs many as wanted up to the weight allowance of the ticket class300 cm as the sum of all 3 dimensions (height + width + length) eachIn total 15-35 kg. for Economy class, 40 kg. for Business class, 50 kg. for First classFree
Excess baggageN/AN/AN/AN/A

*These numbers might not apply on specific routes. For example, different Emirates baggage rules apply for passengers boarding from America, Africa, India or Brazil. If you are unsure about the baggage limitations when traveling from these countries, we recommend you to contact the airline company directly.

Emirates hand luggage & accessories

The Emirates hand luggage policy states the following:

Economy class passengers that travel with Emirates are allowed to carry for free hand luggage up to 7kg and up to 55 x 38 x 20 cm. First Class or Business Class passengers can have two pieces of carry-on baggage such as a briefcase that shouldn’t exceed 45 x 35 x 20cm.

Emirates checked baggage allowance

In the latest update of Emirates’ baggage policy, the company allows each passenger to check-in as many bags they want, but with the following total weight limitation:

Economy15 kg25 kg30 kg35 kg
Business--40 kg40 kg
First--50 kg50 kg

According to Emirates baggage rules, each item should not be over 32 kg and the total dimensions (length + width + height) of each bag should not exceed 300 cm. It is not specified how much the passengers will have to pay in case their suitcases exceed the Emirates checked the baggage allowance.

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Emirates sports equipment policy | Emirates musical instruments policy

Emirates sports equipment policy states the following:

  • Emirates will accept sporting equipment as checked baggage as long as it does not exceed 300 cm as the sum of the 3 dimensions. Those passengers who intend to take a bicycle as checked luggage should contact the company at least 24 hours in advance.

Emirates musical instrument policy states the following:

  • Musical instruments can be carried in three different ways; as normal checked baggage (subject to the usual limitations), as normal cabin baggage (subject to the usual limitations) or as cabin baggage on an unoccupied seat ( if the instrument is within the usual size and weight limits for carry-on items)/ on a paid-for seat in the passenger cabin if the instrument exceeds those limits.

Emirates pet policy | Travel with animals

Emirates pet policy clarifies that no animals are permitted in the cabin, however, this does not apply to guide dogs for the blind and falcons between Dubai and certain destinations in Pakistan. Please note the total journey time (including any transit time) must be less than 17 hours.

Depending on the individual circumstances, pets must be carried either as cargo or as checked baggage in the hold. Emirates requires certain documents (such as permits, tests, vaccinations, etc) to allow a pet to travel and can take a long time to check all the info, so is advised to contact Emirates in advance.
The following charges apply:

Animal and container combined do not exceed 23kg and 150cm$500 USD
Animal and container combined weigh between 24 and 32kg and dimensions are between 150cm and 300cm$650 USD
Animal and container combined weigh over 32kg. and dimensions are between 150cm and 300cm$800 USD
Container dimensions exceed 300cmCargo price

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Read more information about excess baggage fees for:

Airlines reserve the right to change policies at any times. Therefore, this information is subject to change and is based on data collected on Emirate’s website on 16/01/2020.