Types of International Courier Services

Different types of courier services | International Deliveries

Eurosender connects shippers to transporters by offering simplified logistics solutions for any shipment, regardless of the volume, handling or urgency. We combine several different types of courier services in one single platform to find the right match for your shipping need, whatever it may be.

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Types of courier services available

Standard courier services

The most affordable type of courier service available for sending regular-sized parcels and luggage. The standard courier service is ideal for shipping between individuals and businesses delivering products directly to their customers. For faster delivery times and a more flexible dimension limit, get an upgrade with the Regular Plus during the order process.

  • International courier service available in Europe
  • Parcels or suitcases up to 30kg (70kg limit with Regular Plus)
  • Basic shipping insurance included

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Express package delivery service

The Express Delivery Service is the fastest shipping alternative among all types of courier services available since the delivery is performed via air transport. It is ideal for shipping time-sensitive packages to your clients located around the globe.

  • Same-day collection possible upon availability
  • Delivery time: 24h-72h worldwide
  • Parcels up to 70kg
  • For heavier loads, you can request an Individual Offer

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Express Document shipping service

Courier service dedicated to sending letters, documents, and identification papers worldwide. Since paper-based documents do not have to undergo customs procedures, the Express Document offers an expedited solution for shipping urgent documents. Available for businesses and individuals.

  • Same-day collection possible upon availability
  • Delivery time: 24h-72h globally
  • Envelopes of up to 2kg – only papers allowed inside

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Pallet delivery service

The best solution for transporting bulky or heavy items. Available for businesses or individuals, with instant quotes for shipping within Europe.

  • Ideal for transporting a limited number of pallets
  • Collections at private addresses are possible
  • Handling included

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Relocation – Courier services for an international move

Choose the preferred day of collection and relocate to another place on your terms! The van will be dedicated to your load only, so you get to choose the packing methods you favour. And if you cannot do it on your own, you can request help from the driver!

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Truck transport – Courier services for freight

Ideal for transporting loads along your supply chain. Available to businesses in Europe. Get immediate quotes directly on our booking engine.

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Van Delivery Service

Have an entire vehicle reserved for you. The Van Delivery Service is available in Europe and is the optimal type of courier service for relocations or for transporting larger shipments. Available for individuals and businesses. The vehicle will go directly from the collection to the delivery address without stop-overs.

  • Short transit times within Europe
  • No packaging or labelling required
  • Unbeatable instant quotes

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Car transport service

Tailored shipping solution for transporting cars in Europe. Safe transport service for vehicles of any size or model. Reach out to our experts and get a quote fully adapted to your needs – in the shortest time possible.

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Aircraft on Ground (AOG) logistics delivery services

Address emergency Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations and book ad-hoc delivery. Deliver the spare parts to the necessary destination in the shortest possible time through our logistics services. We have a dedicated team who will ensure the grounded plane gets the essential components in no time!

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Shipping containers

At Eurosender, we organise cargo shipping in containers based on individual requests. Please send us your shipping requirements, and one of our logistics experts will organise the right transport for your needs, be it by road, sea, rail, or air freight.

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How to ensure safe delivery when using courier services?

  • Have someone present at the pick-up and delivery addresses on the scheduled dates;
  • Inform us beforehand if you require extra assistance during collection;
  • Check if you need to print the shipping label. This information will be provided by e-mail;
  • When shipping outside the EU, arrange all necessary documents for customs clearance in advance;
  • Pack your items in a safe manner; check our complete guide for packing instructions.


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FAQs – Different types of courier services

Does Eurosender offer same-day courier services?
You can have a same-day delivery within the EU when using our Express Service. At Eurosender, we offer urgent parcel delivery with the earliest possible pick-up date, which may be the same or next-day depending on the location and the time the service was booked. Please have in mind that the same-day courier collection is only possible when the booking is made early in the day. Read more about this service.
What is the cheapest courier service for small packages?
The cheapest delivery service for shipping small packages of up to 30kg is the Regular Courier Service. It can be used to send a wide variety of items, from clothes and books to soccer equipment or smaller musical instruments. If your package has up to 70kg instead, choose the Regular Plus upgrade or Express Delivery.
Get an instant quote for different courier services directly on our booking tool.
Which courier service is the fastest?
For packages
The Express Service is the fastest type of international courier service available. Deliveries are carried out by plane and performed in up to 24-72h worldwide. The Express is the ideal type of courier service for urgent deliveries both within the EU and worldwide. Please have in mind the total delivery time also depends on the customs clearance procedure when shipping internationally.
For larger loads
The Van Delivery Service is the fastest type of courier service available for transporting larger shipments by road. Since it offers direct transport, your goods will be taken from collection to delivery in the shortest time possible. Book a Van Delivery right away through our booking engine.
Does Eurosender provide packaging materials when I book any type of courier service?
It is the customer’s responsibility to prepare the cargo for shipping and pack the item accordingly. However, we do offer recommendations on how to pack your items in parcels and pallets correctly. Please follow our packing guide when using our international courier services.
What type of courier service should I use for shipping furniture?
Depending on the size of the piece of furniture you need to ship, you can use different types of courier services. Small or dismounted pieces of furniture are ideal to be sent using the Standard Shipping Service.
For bigger and heavier pieces such as a wooden table or a bed frame, we recommend using the Van Service or the Pallet Delivery if your item can be easily packed on a pallet. The Van Delivery is the best type of courier services for relocations as you will be able to move all of your belongings at once, without strict packaging requirements.
How does Eurosender pick the courier service provider that will perform my delivery?
When booking an international courier service through our platform, our system automatically compares the quotes with various logistics providers and identifies the offer that best suits your needs based on the price/performance ratio. With our trusted courier service providers' combined capabilities, we can offer several types of shipping services and match any shipping need you might have.
Are all types of courier services available globally?
Each different courier service we offer has its own conditions and rules. Within Europe, shippers can benefit from all the different types of courier services available on our platform. For international deliveries on routes that include countries outside of the EU, we offer the Express Package and Document Services, and we can also organise freight transport upon request.
If you are still in doubt about the right type of delivery service for your needs, talk to our logistics experts via chat to get recommendations.