Luggage allowance on Disney cruises

What to say about Disney? The beloved media company has created some of the most memorable films in animation history and for many, Disney movies, characters and songs are a staple of their childhood. In 1996 the Walt Disney incorporated Disney Cruise Line as an extension to their amusement parks and now offer international cruises in 4 separates ships and own Castaway Cay, a private island and exclusive Disney port in the Bahamas. Today, Disney Cruise Line is a favourite amongst families and young people who want to enjoy a full Disney experience.

Have you booked a cruise and wonder what is the luggage allowance on Disney cruises? Need a hand organising your Disney Cruise carry-on luggage? Have you bought many souvenirs and trinkets on board and are over the Disney Cruise luggage limit? If you find yourself with heavy or bulky luggage you can always ship your bags and suitcases with Eurosender. Furthermore, if you have booked a fly-cruise you will have to consider the airline’s baggage policy, which will likely be more strict than the Disney Cruise luggage restrictions. We have prepared this page with helpful info on the luggage allowance on Disney Cruises, as well as a handy guide on forbidden luggage items on a Disney Cruise and the Disney Cruises animal allowance regulations.

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Luggage permitted on Disney cruises

What’s the baggage allowance on a Disney cruise? Generally speaking and similarly to other cruise lines, the Disney Cruise luggage limit is more generous than say airlines or bus companies’ policies.

A normal ticket includes:

  • Two suitcases per person on board, no more than 50 lbs (approx 23 kg). This must be checked luggage.
  • Carry-on bag which cannot exceed 22″ wide, 14″ high and 9″ deep (approx 55 x 35 x 23 cm)

Although there are not strict luggage restrictions for Disney Cruises and you may be able to check a heavier suitcase, please be mindful the crew will take your suitcases from the port to the staterooms and unload them again on the final day. As for Disney cruise Carry on luggage, please note that if the bags are exceedingly heavy or big a crew member may ask you to check them instead.

Carrying extra luggage
  • If you are planning a longer trip, for example, if you plan to board two consecutive cruises or are staying at a Disney park and will likely surpass the Disney Cruise luggage limit, you can book a delivery service with Eurosender.
  • If you have booked a fly-cruise, that requires a plane trip to get to the departure spot, you will have to consider the airlines’ luggage policy. Usually, these policies are far more restricting than Disney cruise luggage restrictions. If you want to avoid the extra fees and the steep prices of adding a piece of luggage to your plane ticket, you can ship your bag directly to the departure city or town with our platform.

Ship your luggage with Eurosender

If you are travelling with restricted Forbidden luggage for a Disney cruise or too much luggage and will like to ship your luggage home before getting to the last destination port you can book with our platform and have your luggage delivered directly to your door. For example, you can send your tuxedo or cocktail dress back if you don’t need them anymore. You can ship your extra luggage with Eurosender and travel stress-free. Check with our tool below what kind of service would be best for your particular needs.

Do not hesitate to contact our support team and they will gladly assist you with your shipment. If you are shipping items that need special transport conditions or want to send multiple packages you can also ask for an individual offer tailored to your particular needs.

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Cruisers’ advice:

  • Bring a change of clothes in your carry-on or hand luggage just in case your luggage does not reach your cabin before dinner. The first day on most Disney cruisers is Cruise Casual and remember, no tank tops are allowed!
  • Bring a bathing suit on your carry on so you can enjoy the pool.
  • If you are disembarking, remember the crew will remove your luggage from the stateroom the night before you get to your destination. Make sure you have enough space in your carry-on bags for all the items left in your cabin, such as toiletries.
  • If you take daily medicine, bring a few extra just in case there are any delays or problems during the journey.
  • If you are travelling with children, you can bring magnets of non-sticky decoration to put on the outside of your stateroom door. This way it will be easier for them to walk freely and find the room.

Please note all suitcases and bags go under inspection and X rays before they are loaded into the ship. If you are travelling with forbidden or restricted or prohibited luggage on a Disney cruise they will be seized and will not go on the ship.

Forbidden luggage Disney Cruise

In addition to the Disney Cruise luggage limit you will also have to comply with their forbidden items policy. Due to the nature of sea travelling and the health and security risks involved, you may find the list of forbidden luggage in a Disney Cruise a bit daunting. Please note of you want to board with prohibited luggage on a Disney Cruise the crew will seize or even destroy your items prior to boarding.

Prohibited luggage on a Disney cruise:

  • Any kind of appliance or device that produces an open flame o is a heat source, such as candles, kettles or bottle and food warmers. You can carry a hair straightener, and all cabins include a hair drier. Certain types of baby bottle warmers are available onboard.
  • Due to health and safety reasons, it is not allowed to board with unpacked food and drinks, which includes fresh produce or alcoholic beverages bough during the excursions. They can be taken and placed into custody until the end of the cruise.
    • No homemade, precooked or perishable foods or open food containers.
    • Guests are allowed to bring one small refrigerator (30.5cm x 30.5cm x 30.5cm) as Disney Cruise carry-on luggage only for storing medications, baby food and breast milk and other items related to dietary restrictions.
  • Disney cruises’ alcohol policy: although alcohol is not prohibited as luggage in a Disney cruise, there are many regulations passengers have to take into consideration:
    • Passenger 21 and above are allowed to board with up to 2 (max 750ml) unopened bottles of wine or champagne or up to 6 cans of beer.
    • Other types of alcoholic beverages will be held and given back to passengers at the end of the cruise. Opened beverages will be destroyed.
    • If passengers want to drink wine or champagne on board there is a corkage fee of 25$ per bottle.
    • Alcohol can only be consumed in restaurants and inside the staterooms, never in public areas or on deck.
  • Wheelchairs and baby carriages and strollers are allowed on board. They must stay inside the cabin when not used and never block escape routes. If you need special assistance you mush contact Disney Cruise Line beforehand.
  • Firearms and ammunition: including realistic replicas or antiques, including toy guns for Costume nights. However, the forbidden luggage Disney Cruise policy accepts these toy exceptions:
    • Store-bought Lightsabers
    • Plastic toy ‘pirate’ swords
    • Plastic store-bought toy “Mjolnir” hammers (Thor’s hammer)
  • Sharp objects: razor blades and small grooming scissors are allowed.
  • CBD Oil: CBD and other CBD products are forbidden and will not be returned.
  • Hoverboards
  • Electrical extension cords
  • Ballons or kites
  • Floating devices
  • According to the Disney cruises animal allowance regulations no animals are allowed on board. The only exception is assistance dogs, that must travel with the proper documents, such as an Assistance Dogs ID book (for the UK). If you are interested in bringing an assistance or guide dog with you, we recommend you contact the cruise line before boarding to make sure all is in order.
    • Service dogs cannot be unattended or left unsupervised in a stateroom. The animal has to be always on a leash. Following the Disney cruises animal allowance regulations service animals are not allowed near pools or wet areas. Check the specific regulations of your ship and route for more detailed information.
    • For more information about travelling with guide or assistance dog from the UK please contact the Pet Travel Scheme Helpline: Telephone: +44 (0) 370 241 1710 or via e-mail: – Please include your postal address and a day time telephone number.

Shipping luggage with Eurosender

As with most cruise lines, the luggage allowance on Disney cruises is relatively generous when it comes to size and weight. However, guests have to be always aware of the list of forbidden luggage items on a Disney Cruise, as well as the Disney Cruise carry-on luggage policy. If you are travelling with children or service animals or are planning a longer trip the amount of luggage permitted on Disney cruises may not be enough. Furthermore, if you want to buy food, antiques or liqueur during an excursion, you will not be able to enjoy them until the end of the journey. You can send wine, bourbon, olive oil, honey, cheese and many more traditional or local foods though Eurosender, and have those presents reach your loved ones while you keep on sailing.

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What can Eurosender do?

Do you want to save the high airline fees included on a fly-cruise? Is your luggage permitted on Disney cruises but not on your airline? Are you planning on travelling with forbidden luggage items on a Disney Cruise? You can send it to and from the Port Adventure locations and dodge the Disney Cruise luggage restrictions. If you do not want to travel to the embarkment port with heavy or bulky luggage you can ship your luggage through Eurosender and pick up your luggage directly at the port, hotel or resort and have it embarked on the ship without having to worry about it. All we need is a complete postal address and a contact person.

You can also ship from an excursion site and have your articles reach your home or a loved one’s while you continue your journey without having to worry about the Disney cruise luggage limit.

Our potent search engine will compare hundreds of routes and find the most suitable option for your shipment. Our logistics experts will make sure your luggage reaches its destination safely and on time. You can send your suitcases or boxes as a standard shipment or request an individual offer if you are sending multiple packages or a heavy parcel.


Do you still have questions about what’s the baggage allowance on a Disney cruise? Are you still not sure about your options for shipping luggage overseas with Eurosender? If you want shipping tips for your suitcases and bags if you still have a question about how to safely pack and ship luggage through Eurosender or want to know more about the different transport and logistic services that we offer you can contact us. Our logistics experts will gladly help you.


All the information provided on this page comes from online sources. To check the up-to-date DISNEY cruise luggage restrictions and regulations, prices of extra luggage, an exhaustive list of restricted and prohibited luggage on a Disney cruise and the updated Disney Cruise Line terms and conditions please check the official website.