Eurosender and HousingAnywhere

Eurosender and Housing Anywhere partnership

Are you a young Erasmus or simply a student living away from home?
We know how hard it is to pack all your belongings and send everything to your new place or bring them back home.
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What is Eurosender?

Eurosender is the leading European booking engine for ordering shipping services of various items such as suitcases, packages, parcels, sports equipment and more.

By aggregating demands of our customers, we gain bargaining power with couriers, allowing us to negotiate affordable shipping.

Traveling light has never been so easy

3-12 months abroad with Erasmus student exchange programme

1 new country with different cities to discover

About 100 new people to meet throughout your stay: both schoolmates and “partymates”


Find the best accomodation with Housing Anywhere and forget about everything else.


Visit and find the best offer for your next exchange period in just a few minutes.

Housing Anywhere

Search for rooms in one of our 300 cities, get in touch with locals directly and book your place on our secure platform.

All advertisers on Housing Anywhere are verified, which guarantees a safe booking.

Booking a place is all about trust and should be personal. What’s more personal than directly reaching out to the advertiser?