International On Board Couriers | Hand Carry Delivery Service
Unfortunately this service has been discontinued, but we still offer many other options for urgent international deliveries. Check our services here.

On board courier service for emergency deliveries worldwide

Don’t let your business wait. For urgent shipping requirements, we provide premium hand carry courier services anywhere in the world. Take advantage of our international network of dedicated on board couriers, ready to act immediately and personally transport your shipment. We work with professional couriers of various nationalities who can swiftly enter the delivery country without any visa process. Get in contact with us 24/7 and receive a tailored quote for on board courier services.

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Benefits of our hand carry courier services

Short response times
Get a solution in the shortest time possible

Safe transportation
Professional couriers to handle your item

Fully traceable deliveries
On board courier tracking included


How to book an on board courier service

  1. Send us your request using the phone number above
  2. We will send you a free quote with the details of the delivery
  3. Your parcel will be safely transported in person by our on board courier as their personal luggage
  4. Once cleared in customs, the shipment will be delivered to you


Situations that require international hand carry courier

Our international hand carry courier services are especially designed for emergency situations, where every second counts. Businesses often encounter scenarios when waiting for the next-day delivery schedule from regular transporters is simply not an option. This is where our on board courier services come in handy. Contact our logistics expert and we will find the right solution for transporting your item, quickly and safely.

Examples from our previous customers:
  • Sending sensitive documents to another country
  • Shipping vital machinery parts to keep the production line moving
  • Transporting specialised tools to an offshore platform
  • Sending urgent goods to countries that have long customs procedures
  • Hand carry delivery of urgent medication

Customs procedures on hand carry delivery services

As a supervised service, your item will be transported as the on board courier’s personal luggage on the plane. Once the flight lands, they will bring it to customs where it will have to be cleared, as any other baggage. The process is usually quick and seamless, given that the shipper needs to provide all the necessary documents beforehand for the shipment to be released.

Being able to go through customs in such an expedited way is one of the biggest advantages of using our on board courier services!


Tracking solution for on board courier services

When using our international on board courier service, your delivery will be fully traceable. Our logistics experts are available 24/7 via the phone number provided on the top of the page, so all you need to do is call us and we will give you the latest update on the progress of your delivery.

Other expedited delivery solutions we offer

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Check some of the other services we offer for urgent worldwide deliveries.


FAQs – On board/hand carry courier services

What information do I need to provide to get a quote for an on board courier service?
This is the basic information you will need to provide us when requesting a quote:
  • Type of goods being transported, with exact dimensions
  • Value of the goods
  • Route
For which types of products is the hand carry delivery service available?
The on board courier service is available for urgent items that can fit within the dimensions of a carryon baggage. Our international hand carry service is mostly used to transport valuable documents or spare parts. Please have in mind that your shipment will go through regular customs procedures and, therefore, should have all the necessary documentation or certificates.
Which courier service is the best for urgent deliveries – next flight out, hand carry courier or charter flight?
The most recommended service for transporting urgent goods worldwide is the Next Flight Out – Business Class. With this solution, we can arrange for your parcel to be taken on the very first flight available, reaching the destination in the shortest time possible. To get a quote, please call +352 2030 1269.
Is there any insurance when using the international on board courier service?
Yes, all goods shipped must be insured. When booking the delivery service, you will be able to choose from various transport insurance options provided by our partner Ergo. For more detailed information about the different insurance packages, please contact us via phone or e-mail.