easyJet is a low-cost airline company that serves 31 different countries. It mostly connects European cities but has recently also expanded its business to North Africa and the Middle East.

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easyJet baggage allowance in 2020

Here you can find valuable information about easyJet baggage allowance and additional charges for excess baggage.

No. of bags allowed per passengerMax. dimensionsMax. weightPrice
Cabin bag1 + 1 personal item for Flexi, Upfront or Extra Legroom customers and easyJet Plus cardholders56 x 45 x 25cm for carry-on bags; 45 x 36 x 20cm for personal items No weight restriction unless you can lift the bag into the locker without assistanceFree
Hold luggageup to 3Maximum total size (length + width + height) = 275 cmUp to 23 kgFrom 12,34€ to 60€, depending on the selected route or the type of purchase
Excess baggageup to 3Maximum total size (length + width + height) = 275 cmup to 32kg per bag15€ for each 3 kg per piece if booked online in advance; 15€ per kg. per piece at the airport

easyJet hand luggage policy

Hand luggage defines a small piece of baggage, such as a backpack/purse, laptop or camera bag, which can be taken on board free of charge in addition to cabin baggage.

Passengers are allowed to take only one cabin bag on board. However, according to the easyJet baggage rules, the weight of this bag is not limited – it only has to fit into the overhead locker. EasyJet Plus cardholders and Flexi, Upfront or Extra Legroom customers may bring one more piece of additional easyJet baggage on a flight and store this item under the seat in front of them. An additional piece of baggage with the maximum dimensions of 45 cm x 36 cm x 20 cm is also allowed if the passenger is travelling with an infant under 2 years old.

easyJet checked baggage allowance

Passengers flying with easyJet (including children and infants) can purchase up to three hold bags (also called checked bags). A standard hold bag cannot weigh more than 23 kg. This rule applies for all bookings made after November 15th 2017.

WeightOnlineAt the airport
Up to 15kg9,09-45,49€N/A
Up to 23kg12,34-48,74€50€ at the check-in desk, 60€ at the boarding gate

easyJet excess baggage policy

Passengers have to pay 15€ for each 3 kg of extra luggage if purchased online, either during the initial booking or after the booking process.

However, at the airport the fee changes and EasyJet charges 15€ per kg. Please note that a small bag of 15 kg cannot be heavier than 27 kg, while a standard bag of 23 kg cannot be heavier than 32 kg.

Alternative to excess baggage fees

Have you ever considered shipping your luggage instead of carrying it around the airport and overpaying extra baggage fees? In many cases, this is not only the more affordable but also the more convenient solution. With Eurosender’s help, you can even ship sports equipment or musical instruments to your desired destination in Europe.

Check here the total cost for shipping your luggage with Eurosender.

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easyJet additional carry-on item

The additional accessories that an easyJet passenger is allowed to bring onboard free of charge are:

  • An umbrella;
  • An overcoat;
  • Crutch
  • Walking stick;
  • One standard shopping bag of duty-free goods bought at the airport.

easyJet sports equipment allowance and fees

The rules regarding the easyJet sports equipment allowance make it possible for a passenger to fly with one piece of sports equipment (one piece per customer).
EasyJet divides sports equipment in small (up to 20 kg.) and large (up to 32 kg.); as long as not of the items weighs more than 32 kg, a customer can pool the weight of the checked baggage and the sports equipment (i.e.: a customer with allowance of 52 kg can bring a hold baggage of 28 kg and a piece of sports equipment of 24 kg)

Price online booking/per flightPrice booking in the airport/per flight
Small sports equipment (up to 20 kg): Golf clubs, skis and boots, diving equipment, paraglider, pole vaults up to 450 cm.42€56€
Large sports equipment (up to 32 kg): Bicycles, canoes and kayaks, windsurfers and surfboards, hang gliders.56€62€

easyJet musical instruments policy

The easyJet musical instruments policy states that a passenger is allowed to take on board one instrument smaller than 30 cm x 120 cm x 38 cm, so it can be placed in the overhead locker. Violins, violas, flutes, piccolos clarinets, trumpets and bugles fall into this category and count as one cabin bag each. It has to be clear that the easyJet baggage policy will not permit a passenger to carry two cabin bags, which means that they will have to choose between their luggage and their instrument.

To bring a large musical instrument like a cello on board a plane, a passenger will have to buy an extra seat for it. When booking a seat for the instrument, one will also need to add “Mr Seat Cello” as a passenger´s name. For safety reasons, these instruments can only be placed in window seats while their maximum height including the case is 110 cm. Alternatively, a passenger can also buy a hold luggage allowance and have their instrument transported in the cargo area.

Any instrument larger than 30 cm x 120 cm x 38 cm, for example, a double bass or harp, can’t be taken on board the aircraft as cabin baggage. Passengers wanting to fly with these will, therefore, have to add them as hold luggage to their booking. In such cases, easyJet luggage fees apply. easyJet also recommends that the traveller buys special travel insurance for a musical instrument.

Ship your items instead

If you want to travel hands-free and avoid spending a fortune just to take a musical instrument on a trip, you can simply choose to ship it instead. At Eurosender, we can prepare a tailored offer for you and thus take into account the exact dimensions as well as the weight of your item to give you the best possible price. Visit our site, request an offer and we will send you a price offer as soon as possible.

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easyJet pet policy

Only registered guide and assistance dogs are allowed on easyJet flights.


Alternative to airline baggage fees – Eurosender


When choosing a low-cost airline company, bear in mind that the luggage policies of these affordable carriers are usually quite strict. If your luggage is heavier than allowed, you might need to spend a big chunk of your holiday budget right at the beginning of your trip.

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Airlines reserve the right to change policies at any times. Therefore, this information is subject to change and is based on data collected on easyJet website on 16/01/2020.