Send Your Luggage Ahead to your Destination

Domestic and international luggage forwarding services

Send your luggage ahead when travelling for work or holidays with the best and most reliable couriers. Thanks to our luggage forwarding service, you can send your baggage ahead internationally or domestically. Insert the details of your shipment on the form below and get an instant quote to ship your luggage ahead to any destination.

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How to send luggage ahead with Eurosender?


Select the countries of pick-up and delivery


Schedule the collection before your travel


Send your suitcase ahead and travel stress-free


National and International luggage forwarding service

Send your baggage ahead with our luggage forwarding services. Depending on the dimensions and urgency of your shipment, you can choose between different services.
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Send your luggage ahead: delivery times

The delivery times of our luggage forwarding services depend on the specific route and service selected to send your luggage ahead. To find out how many days your shipping will take, visit our page about estimated delivery times or simply use our booking tool to get an estimation. To have an idea of how long it takes for shipping luggage ahead, check the table below with the average transit time for our main services.

ServiceDelivery time
Standard service (domestic)1-2 business days
Standard service (international)3-7 business days
Priority (in Europe)2-3 business days
Priority Express service1-3 business days


Advantages of our luggage forwarding service

Immediate quotes for sending your luggage ahead

Access to a vast network of reliable couriers

Fully tracked and automatically insured service


How to pack your suitcase to ship ahead when travelling?

Follow our recommendations to prepare and pack your suitcases for the luggage forwarding service.

Pack a suitcase to send ahead

  1. Make sure the items inside cannot move during transit
  2. Place the suitcase in a sturdy cardboard box
  3. Remove any old tags and add the shipping label if needed

Pack Sports and Duffle Bags

  1. Soft bags must be safely packed inside a cardboard box
  2. Fill the empty voids with cushioning materials to keep the items safe
  3. Close and seal the package. Attach the shipping label if needed
For more details about packaging, visit our dedicated pages about packaging materials and our detailed packing guides.
Shipping a suitcase on its own may not be allowed in some countries, and may result in extra fees. To ensure safe delivery, wrap the suitcase in plastic film and pack it in a sturdy cardboard box. An insufficiently-packed suitcase is not covered by insurance and releases the courier and Eurosender from any liability. For route-specific details, contact our support team via chat.


All our shipments are automatically insured!

Every shipment organised with us is automatically covered by basic insurance, at no extra cost. To ensure optimal protection when shipping your luggage ahead, we also offer additional insurance at a small price, which can be added during the order process. Please be aware that the insurance does not cover damages to the packaging material, so make sure to use a cardboard box as final packaging when shipping luggage internationally.


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FAQs – Shipping luggage ahead when travelling

What is the cheapest way to send my luggage ahead?
The cheapest way to send your luggage ahead when travelling is our Standard Service. This service is available within Europe and can be booked in just a few clicks through our booking engine. For destinations out of Europe, you can book our Priority Express Service. Insert the shipment details to know the price for a luggage forwarding service on every European and global route.
How much does a luggage forwarding service cost?
The cost of shipping a suitcase ahead domestically or internationally depends on the suitcase size, the route and the urgency of the delivery. Our booking engine always finds the best and most affordable solution for shipping your luggage ahead, according to your specific needs. Insert the shipping details on our booking engine to get an instant quote.
How do I send luggage ahead to my hotel?
To send your luggage ahead to your hotel, you only need to fill out the consignee’s information with the hotel details when booking the delivery. Check our dedicated page about hotel deliveries for more details on how to input the information correctly on the order form. Before scheduling the luggage forwarding service, please inform the reception to confirm they will accept your suitcases on your behalf.
Can I send many suitcases ahead when relocating to another city or country?
Yes, you can send one or more suitcases ahead when relocating to your new home. Depending on the countries and the number of bags you have to send, you can book our Standard or Priority Express Services. If you need to send many suitcases and other personal items or pieces of furniture ahead for your relocations, you can book a van with driver, fully dedicated to your transport.
Is it possible to send luggage ahead by plane without flying?
Even though most airlines offer the option of shipping unaccompanied luggage, the customer is usually charged an expensive fee for this service. Also, the airlines generally transport unaccompanied baggage with the lowest priority, meaning it will travel whenever there is space on a plane, which is not necessarily the next flight out.
Alternatively, you can send your luggage by courier through Eurosender. We work with the best parcel and luggage shipping companies to offer a wide variety of delivery solutions, including Express Worldwide Delivery, with which you will get your item in 24-72h.