PO Cruises: Luggage Allowance and Restricted Items

P&O Cruises luggage allowance policy and restrictions

P&O Cruises is one of the favourite lines in the UK, offering routes since the 19th century. As with many other cruise lines, the P&O Cruises luggage allowance policy is not very limiting when it comes to size and weight. However, due to the particularities of ocean travel and the strict security standards on board, there are many forbidden luggage items on P&O cruises. Read more about the P&O luggage restrictions, allowance and weight limits and find the best solution for shipping your extra luggage and get your bags home safely with Eurosender.

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P&O cruise luggage allowance & policy

The P&O cruise luggage allowance and weight limit depend on the chosen package and route. Usually, travellers with luxury packages can bring a bit more luggage. However, for every traveller, P&O cruise luggage rules allow:

Luggage allowance on a Disney Cruise:

  • Standard luggage: P&O luggage policy allows guests to bring as many luggage items as they reasonably can fit in the room. However, each item must weigh under 23kg + hand luggage.
  • Southampton roundtrip: as many luggage items as you can fit in your cabin, as long as they weigh less than 23 kg each + hand luggage
  • Cruise Connect: if your cruise includes a coach connection, you will be allowed 2 pieces of luggage, 23kgs per piece, plus only one hand luggage item.
  • P&O Australia: 2 items of luggage per guest, 140cm x 60cm x 40cm and under 32kg per item + hand luggage
  • Hand luggage: a small bag or suitcase you can carry yourself to the cabin.


Forbidden luggage items P&O cruises

In addition to the P&O cruise luggage weight limit, guests must also consider the reasonably extensive list of forbidden luggage items onboard a P&O cruise. If you are carrying any of these items or you buy them on a port or city during an excursion, they will be seized.

P&O luggage restrictions and forbidden items:

  • Food: most cruise lines allow passengers to board with pre-packaged, ready to eat food such as packed snacks. However, perishable foods of any kind, including local specialties, will be seized upon embarkment.
  • Electric appliances and electronics: devices that produce heat, such as irons, kettles, and coffee machines are strictly forbidden.
  • Medicines: according to the P&O cruise luggage rules if you take medicines or need any special medical care, the policy indicates you should notify the cruise before the boarding date.
  • Firearms and ammunition: including realistic replicas or antiques.
  • Sharp objects: only razor blades and grooming scissors shorter than 4 inches / 10.16cm are allowed.
  • CBD Oil: CBD and other CBD products are forbidden and will not be returned.
  • Hoverboards
  • Electrical extension cords
  • Alcohol: Alcohol is forbidden on board. Read more about the P&O Cruises alcohol policy on the FAQ.

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P&O cruise luggage allowance: FAQ

What is the P&O Cruises alcohol policy?
According to the P&O alcohol policy, alcohol is not permitted on board. The alcohol bought on ports, excursions or on the duty-free shop onboard will be placed under custody until the end of the journey. On the embarkment day, each passenger, aged 18 or older, is allowed to bring one bottle of wine, champagne, beer, spirits or liqueur up to one litre subjected to a £20 corkage charge when consumed in open spaces.
What drinks can you take on P&O cruises? Can you take soft drinks on P&O Cruises in the UK?
The P&O Cruise luggage rules allow each passenger to board with a maximum of 12 non-alcoholic canned drinks, loosely stored in a bag or suitcase. Plastic and glass-bottled liquids, tetra pack drinks and other beverages are prohibited.
Can I bring more than 23kg on a P&O cruise?
The 23kg limit is established to make sure the crew can safely handle your luggage. If your suitcases or bags are over the P&O cruise luggage allowance weight limit, you may be asked to repack or remove some items. If the luggage is still too heavy, there is the possibility that it will not be loaded to the ship. If this is the case, you can have your luggage delivered back home or send it to your next destination with Eurosender.
As for the carry-on bags on a P&O cruise line, as in most cruises, you should bring all the important documents with you, your ID, tickets, medications, jewellery, watches and personal items.
Will P&O scan my luggage items?
All suitcases and carry-on bags go under inspection and X rays before they are loaded into the ship. If you are travelling with forbidden luggage items on P&O cruises, they will be seized and will not be loaded on the ship.
Can I take my hair straighteners on board a P&O cruise?
Certain personal electric devices such as hair straighteners, curling irons, shavers, laptops, laptop chargers, camera chargers, etc. are allowed on board. Please note both luggage and carry-on on P&O cruises will be scanned, and the crew may seize any items they find dangerous.
What is the P&O cruises pet policy?
Following the P&O cruises pet policy, no animals are allowed on board. The only exception is assistance dogs, that must travel with the proper documents, such as an Assistance Dogs ID book (for the UK). If you are interested in bringing an assistance or guide dog with you, we recommend you contact the cruise line before boarding to make sure all is in order.
What is the P&O luggage allowance for a fly cruise?
The P&O luggage allowance for fly cruises depends on the airlines’ luggage policy, which is likely to be way more restricting than the P&O cruise line luggage rules. You can ship your luggage through Eurosender and have your suitcases moved directly to the embarking point. If you are taking a flight back from your final port destination, you can book a courier service to have your luggage shipped back to your home. Why not choose Eurosender? Our potent search engine will compare hundreds of routes and find the most suitable option for your shipment. Our logistics experts will work hard to ensure your luggage reaches its destination safely and on time.
Can I send my luggage directly to the embarking port?
If you have booked a fly cruise but would like to enjoy the P&O Cruises luggage allowance to the maximum, you can send your suitcases directly to the port. Make sure there will be somebody there to collect your luggage. Most airline’s policies are more severe than the P&O luggage restrictions, so shipping a piece of extra luggage can save you time and money.
Can I bring my Samsung Galaxy s7 on board a P&O cruise?
Although the smartphone is no longer on the forbidden luggage items list for P&O Cruises in the UK, the Australian routes still advise against carrying it. If you want to bring this model with you, it must be turned off and without charge the device has to be kept close to the owner and must be in the carry-on luggage.
The information above comes from online sources. To check up-to-date luggage restrictions, prices of extra luggage or forbidden luggage items and luggage allowance on P&O Cruises, please check the official website.