Sergeja Perklič: From Erasmus Student to Becoming a Longtime Customer

From Local Post Offices to Finding Eurosender: Shipping Parcels and Luggage Internationally

“The biggest benefit I’ve gained from Eurosender is its cost efficiency. As someone who started using the company’s service due to its affordability, this aspect remains crucial.” – Sergeja Perklič

Meet Sergeja Perklič

In the world of shipping and logistics, finding a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective partner can make all the difference. Meet Sergeja Perklič, a former Slovenian Erasmus student, an enthusiastic traveller and now an expat living in Barcelona, who found herself in a predicament familiar to many: the need to send and receive parcels and luggage across borders without breaking the bank or losing peace of mind. Her story resonates with many who have faced the challenges of international shipping, offering insights and inspiration.

The challenge

Before stumbling across Eurosender, Sergeja’s shipping experience with logistics companies was pretty much non-existent. Initially, she relied on local postal services, like most people, which in her experience, were unreliable and slow, making each shipping experience a leap into the unknown.

Confronted by the overwhelming challenges of safely shipping packages from Slovenia to Portugal and Spain, where she was completing her Erasmus programme and sending pieces of luggage during her road trips across Europe, quickly became unbearable for Sergeja.

“I picked Eurosender over other logistics companies primarily for its competitive pricing. Besides that, the ease of use of the Eurosender platform and the wide range of options available made the company stand out.”

Realising the need for change

The turning point finally came when Sergeja’s longing for Slovenian goodies and the practical need to ship her belongings home safely collided with the limitation of traditional shipping methods. With their time-consuming processes and uncertain reliability, the local postal services simply could not meet the demands of her student and traveller’s lifestyles.

It was during this period of frustration and need that Sergeja discovered Eurosender. What drew her in was not just the promise of a better solution but the realisation of a service designed to streamline her shipping process. It was a huge relief that she found a logistics company that allowed her to ship multiple parcels at once and ship luggage home or abroad.

Why did she choose Eurosender?

Sergeja explains that she picked Eurosender for several compelling reasons. Eurosender offered her a user-friendly platform for comparing prices, booking shipments, and tracking parcels, all with a level of simplicity and transparency that was a breath of fresh air.

“Eurosender platform eliminates the need to compare prices and services across multiple carriers, providing a one-stop solution for all my shipping needs. This convenience has been a game-changer, especially for someone who regularly ships internationally.”

The platform’s competitive pricing was also a major draw, allowing her to manage her budget effectively without compromising on service quality. The ease of use and the ability to access a wide range of shipping options through a single platform set Eurosender apart from other logistics companies. The convenience of having solutions for all her shipping needs, coupled with the platform’s user-friendly interface, made Eurosender the obvious choice.

Easy-to-navigate platform

Since turning to Eurosender, Sergeja has enjoyed a significantly improved shipping experience. Her satisfaction with using our services made her a loyal and regular customer.

Eurosender has supported her since the days of shipping personal belongings to and from Portugal during her Erasmus programme and continues to be her go-to service now that she lives in Barcelona and often orders Slovenian treats from back home.

Sergeja appreciates the control and flexibility Eurosender offers, from packing tips to insurance coverage options. Deeply impressed with the intuitive design, she mentions that the interface is straightforward, making it easy to book shipments and track them. The information provided is clear and comprehensive, which helps when making informed decisions about shipping options based on her needs.

A successful collaboration

Sergeja’s journey with Eurosender illustrates how the right partner can transform the shipping experience from a source of stress into a seamless, cost-effective process.

Her positive experience with Eurosender over the years turned her into a loyal customer. As an avid user of different digital technologies, both professionally and personally, she states that our platform remains one of the highlights of her shipping process.

We are constantly putting all our efforts into improving and updating our digital platform, as well as services. We want to help as many people as Sergeja to turn international shipments into a seamless and reassuring experience.

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