Packaging Guidelines and Tips for Shipping

How to pack a parcel for courier delivery

Properly packing your parcel before handing it over to the courier is crucial to prevent damage and ensure a seamless delivery. Depending on the service you choose, your shipment may pass through various hands, vehicles, and warehouses. Follow our guidelines to guarantee that your parcel contents reach their destination safely.

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Packaging materials for shipping

Choose good-quality packaging materials for your shipment. This will prevent potential loss or damage to your items.

Exterior packaging materials

Cardboard box

Plastic stretch film

Duct tape

Interior packaging materials

Packing peanuts

Polystyrene sheets

Bubble wrap


How to pack a parcel for shipping

Follow the steps below to pack your parcel in the best way for shipping:

  1. Get a strong cardboard box, preferably a new one.
  2. If you opt for a used box, make sure it is strong enough and without holes or tears. Remove any old labels.
  3. Wrap each item individually with bubble wrap.
  4. Pack the items carefully inside the box.
  5. Fill empty spaces with packing peanuts, crumpled newspaper or other dunnage.
  6. Close and seal the box with adhesive tape.

Advice for internal packaging

Internal protection for your package is just as important as the external packaging.

  • Pack enough cushioning materials inside the parcel so that items will not knock against each other in transit. This will minimise the risk of damage.
  • Bubble wrap, polystyrene sheets and packing peanuts are examples of ideal cushioning materials.
  • You can ship several items together in one parcel if they are carefully packed.


Special packing care for shipping different items

If the parcel you are shipping needs special packing care, check our guidelines below:

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Pack your shipment according to the service

Eurosender offers you shipping solutions for parcels of all shapes and sizes:
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FAQ about how to pack parcels for shipping

Will the courier pack my parcel for me?
Couriers will not pack your parcel as it is not included in the shipping price. Therefore, it is your responsibility as the shipper to ensure that your parcel is properly packed for shipping by courier.
Can I send a parcel without packaging?
No, you should not send a parcel without packaging. Courier drivers will not pick up improperly packaged parcels. You risk losing or damaging your parcel in transit. You will not be able to claim any compensation for a parcel without sufficient packaging.
Can I ship items in a suitcase?
Yes, you can, however bear in mind that the standard form of packaging in shipping is a cardboard box. If you are shipping items in a suitcase, make sure that the suitcase is wrapped in plastic stretch film and packed in a sturdy, double-walled cardboard box. Couriers in certain countries may refuse to take suitcases that are not properly packed in cardboard boxes, and additional fees may apply. For specific information about your desired route, please contact our support team via chat.
How do I wrap a suitcase for shipping?
Wrap the suitcase you are shipping with several layers of plastic stretch film. All pockets must be closed and fully zipped. No irregular or sharp edge is allowed. Make sure that all handles and wheels are completely covered and that nothing is sticking out. Plastic bags should not be used to wrap suitcases for shipping. For more information, check our guidelines on how to pack a suitcase for courier transport.
Can I use a plastic box for shipping?
Yes, you can use plastic boxes for shipping but bear in mind they are not appropriate as an external packaging material, since they cannot bear the shocks of transport. If you wish to use a plastic box, pack it inside an appropriately-sized cardboard box before shipping, otherwise, the courier may refuse to pick it up.
Where can I find packaging materials for my parcel?
All mentioned packaging materials can be found in stationery or hardware stores. Make sure that you choose suitable packaging materials for the weight and type of item you are shipping.
Can I send a package in a bin bag?
You should not send a package in a plastic or bin bag because these materials tear easily and there is a risk that the shipping label will be torn off in transit. The best way to send your package is in a cardboard box.
Can I write on the package Fragile or This side up?
Yes, you can label your package as “fragile” but this does not mean you should not pack your delicate items properly for shipping. Make sure that the packaging itself is sufficient enough to protect the contents without signage on how to handle the parcel. For more information, check our page on shipping delicate or breakable items.