Will the courier help me pack my things and provide me with packaging materials?

Please take into consideration that packing assistance and packaging materials are not included in the price. As a sender, you are responsible for properly packing and preparing your shipment for transportation.


Can I re-use a cardboard box or does it have to be a new one?

You can re-use an old box as long as it is sturdy enough to support the weight of the items placed inside. If you decided to re-use an old box, remove all the old labels. For more information, please follow this link.


How to pack a package?

The items have to be placed in a cardboard box. The box has to be rigid and sturdy enough to support the contents and must have no holes, tears or dents. Old labels should also be removed from the exterior.

Make sure you wrap your items in a way to ensure their strength and safety in transportation. For more information, please check our guidelines.


Is a suitcase the appropriate method of packaging?

You can ship suitcases as long as they are wrapped in a plastic foil. Have in mind that in Poland and the Czech Republic, the courier will not collect suitcases. Therefore, if your pick-up is in one of these countries, please pack your items in a cardboard box.


How to pack a suitcase?

All your items must be properly packed and protected inside the suitcase. All pockets must be closed and fully zipped. No irregular or sharp edge is allowed.

After packing, wrap your suitcase in a protective plastic film, including the handles and wheels. Plastic bags should not be used to protect suitcases. For more information, please check our guidelines.

If your delivery country is the United Kingdom, we kindly suggest using a cardboard box instead. Courier companies may refuse to collect suitcases or may return them to the pick-up address


Will my suitcase be rejected if I don’t wrap it in plastic foil?

Eurosender recommends all customers to wrap suitcases in a protective plastic film that needs to cover the handles and wheels as well. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that the courier driver would pick up and accept a suitcase which is not covered in a plastic stretch.

Moreover, when shipping to the United Kingdom, it is strongly recommended the use of a cardboard box instead of a suitcase.

Please note that in the case of improper packaging, the insurance coverage will not apply.


Can I use a plastic box for shipping?

No. The courier service providers will accept only cardboard boxes. The plastic boxes are not appropriate packaging materials because they cannot bear the shocks during transportation.


How to pack sports and duffle bags?

You need to place your sports or duffle bag inside a cardboard box. The courier provider might not accept any sports bags that are not properly packed in a carton box.


Can I pack everything in a plastic or raffia bag?

No. These are not recommended methods of packaging. Please ensure that your items are packed in the appropriate way for shipping them via courier services – How to pack the items for shipping. If you nonetheless decide to ship your items in a plastic or raffia bag, please note that the courier might refuse to collect it.


Do I have to buy the package for shipping or does the company provide it for me?

Currently, Eurosender and its courier partners don’t provide packaging. At the time of the pickup, the parcels need to be correctly packed, sealed and ready for shipping.


What should I do if the parcel contains fragile objects?

In case you are planning to ship fragile items, you will need to pack them correctly to avoid any possible damage. The parcel needs good internal cushioning, such as foam, bubble wrap or packing paper.


Can I write on the package “Fragile” or “This side up”?

Yes. The customer should be aware however that this signage alone cannot guarantee that the package will be treated as such and in no way, should the inclusion of these words on the package substitute for a poorly packed package. It is best to ensure the packaging is sufficient enough to protect the contents of a package without signage on its handling.


Am I entitled to any compensation if my “fragile” object is damaged during transportation?

No. Please note that no shipping insurance applies if you ship a “fragile” object as such objects are on the list of prohibited items.


Do I have to print and put on the parcel any shipping label?

In most cases, the courier driver will bring the label himself and stick it to the package. However, for pick-ups in Poland, Romania, Sweden or Spain or when instructed by Eurosender, you will have to print the label and stick it on the shipment.

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