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Global Velocity: A Lawyer’s Shipping Needs Fulfilled by Eurosender

“The courier comes so fast that sometimes I don’t even have time to prepare the envelope and the courier is already at my door” – Viljar Kähari

Business background

In the heart of Estonia, Viljar Kähari, a prominent lawyer with over 25 years of experience in financial and legal services, is grappled with the intricate challenge of seamlessly connecting legal documents with his clients across the globe. In the legal realm, time is of the essence, and “everything needs to be handled yesterday” is not merely a figure of speech but a mantra.

The urgency inherent in legal proceedings demanded that Viljar found a shipping partner that could match the swift pace of the legal world, and this is how the Eurosender Priority Express Service became an integral part of his law firm’s global operations.

Global reach, express needs and affordable price

Prior to partnering with Eurosender, Viljar faced the challenge of meeting the urgent demands of his clients worldwide at an affordable price. When it came to shipping crucial and time-sensitive legal documents to countries such as Japan, which is located on the other end of the world compared to where Viljar’s law firm is, the need for swift as well as secure shipping was paramount. He realised he needed to find a logistics partner that would provide him with a reliable and more affordable solution, which would be able to handle his urgent shipments swiftly as well as securely.

Why did he choose Eurosender?

He emphasizes that his clients always require legal documents in the blink of an eye, or as he says “yesterday”. After receiving a recommendation to use Eurosender from one of his clients, he decided to check out our services.

He discovered that we check off his biggest requirement or, in the legal lingo, that we meet his “non-negotiables” when it comes to shipping legal documents, which is having an Express shipping solution.

“A client recommended Eurosender to me, and I tried it and really liked it. Now, I’ve also started recommending Eurosender to all my clients – that’s how happy I am.”

One of the key factors for Viljar was making sure he was using a reliable logistics provider. He had experience with shipping documents via DHL before and with Eurosender, he was happy to get access to the same courier and high-standard service at a more affordable price.The Eurosender dashboard was a standout feature for Viljar for being so user-friendly. Having previously dealt with the more complex courier dashboards, he appreciated the simplicity and ease of use. The straightforward interface eliminated the confusion associated with too many information fields and portals, providing a seamless experience.


Efficient same-day pick-up

For a law firm operating on a global scale, the ability to schedule same-day pick-ups is not just a convenience but a necessity. Eurosender seamlessly executed this requirement, often leaving Viljar positively surprised. The flexibility to drop off shipments at various locations or directly at DHL added another layer of convenience and efficiency. Furthermore, the confirmation calls from the DHL courier ensured a smooth shipping process.

“Eurosender’s platform is incredibly user-friendly. Every step feels super simple, and what matters most to me is that everything always arrives on time.”

A successful collaboration

The combination of reliable service and good prices made Eurosender stand out from the logistics crowd in the eyes of Viljar. He proudly says he transitioned from being a satisfied user to an active advocate. His positive experience led to him actively recommending Eurosender to his clients as well.

In the world of global shipments, where every legal document carries the weight of urgency, we have become more than just a logistical solution— but a trusted partner for this legal powerhouse.

Stories like Viljar’s make us proud and excited to be in this business of connecting the world through logistics. Now, we are even more motivated to continue putting in efforts to guarantee a seamless express shipping experience for our clients.

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