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Optimize your shipping for speed. Gain access to high-quality services performed by top specialists in international shipping and make sure that every document or shipment will arrive at the destination in the shortest time possible.


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Why use the Express service?

Perfect for urgent documents and time-critical shipments

Faster shipping, globally

Increased predictability of deliveries


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Available items to ship


Max. weigh: 2kg per envelope
Max. dimensions: 35cm x 28cm
Limitation: paper documents, personal ID, passport, contracts etc.


Max. dimensions: 300cm, single dimension
in excess of 120cm is allowed
Max. weight: 70 kg


Pickup and delivery times


Same-day collection is possible when booking early, upon availability of the courier on your location.


24h delivery within the EU, 48-72h delivery globally. Delivery times depend on the time of collection and shipping routes.

Track and Trace

Each shipment is provided with a tracking number to follow the delivery online.


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Things to take into account when booking the Express shipping service

  • When choosing the Express shipping service, based on your selections in the order process, our system will automatically choose the logistics provider that will carry out the delivery. You will receive an email with the name of the selected logistics provider.
  • During the ordering process, you will be required to fill out a few information that will be used for issuing a proforma invoice. You will receive the proforma invoice in an email. Please print it out and hand it over to the courier driver.
  • Immediately after placing the order, you will receive an email containing the tracking number assigned to your shipment and the waybill (shipping label). You are required to print out the waybill and hand it to the courier driver.
  • Remove any old labels and make sure your shipment has a flat, clean surface, where the courier can affix the waybill.
  • Please note that using tape over the waybill is not recommended as it will make its scanning difficult and will, therefore, lead to transit delays.
  • The courier driver will contact you by phone to arrange the time of the collection. Similarly, the courier will contact the recipient to set the time of the delivery. Please ensure you have the phone handy to answer the call. If the courier driver could not reach you, the collection or the delivery will be postponed for the following date.
  • If you want to purchase insurance for your shipment, please reach out to our team. The price calculation is done based on the shipment’s content value. Additional insurance options are also available upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Express service be booked for any countries and territories?
Express shipping may not be possible to all countries, due to embargoes and international sanctions imposed. Our shipping engine will provide you with an entire list of countries where shipping in express regime is possible. Surcharges apply when shipping to countries with elevated risk due to continuous state of war, civil unrest or threats from terrorism.
Does the logistics company or Eurosender pack my items or provide packaging materials?
When choosing the Express service, the customer is in charge of packing the goods that will be transported. At the moment, we do not provide packaging material. Please note that you should not close and seal the parcel, as the courier driver will check its content before collecting it.
Is there any additional documentation that needs to be filled out?
A proforma invoice or an invoice is necessary when booking the express shipping service. During the ordering process, we will request some information, based on which a proforma invoice will be issued and sent to your email. The logistics provider might additionally request the C23 form that states the value of the shipment and the reason for export. If such a form is necessary, our team will inform you.
Can I ship duffle or sports bags without packaging?
If you decide to ship duffle or sports bags, make sure to always pack them in sturdy boxes properly cushioned and sealed before the driver collects the shipment. Have in mind that the courier may refuse to collect a duffle bag if not packed in a cardboard box.
Will there be any customs charges when shipping outside European Union countries?
Yes. Customs duties are calculated depending on the content of the shipment. If customs duties are imposed, the receiver will have to pay the charges before the shipment is released. More on customs duties, on our dedicated page.