DHL international shipping services and prices – All you need to know

DHL is one of the world’s leaders in logistics, providing international shipping services to over 220 countries and territories. From document and package shipping to freight transport, DHL offers a wide variety of logistics services to businesses and individuals. Find out more about DHL drop off points, parcel lockers and shipping prices, and book a delivery service with one of our trusted partners, which includes DHL and other reputable couriers.

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DHL drop-off points for e-commerce and private shippers

Shippers can find DHL collection & drop-off points throughout every country in Europe and multiple other locations abroad. Named as DHL service points, these DHL collection and drop-off points allow customers to ship and deliver parcels in person, providing them with packaging and shipping labels on-site. The DHL drop-off points are especially advantageous for e-commerce, where shops owners can quickly organise deliveries and ship items to their clients.

DHL parcel lockers – How do they work?

For even smoother collections, the DHL parcel lockers enable customers to pick up their parcels at any time or day. Placed on service points and additional locations around major cities, the courier company offers the possibility of delivering packages to their DHL parcel lockers to avoid trouble with the consignee not being home.

DHL international shipping prices

To find out how much it would cost to arrange international shipping with DHL, check our table below. We have gathered examples of DHL shipping prices for sending a package of up to 30kg in various European routes.
Germany - Germany€ 16.08
Germany - Slovenia€ 43.86
Spain - Portugal€ 270.23
The Netherlands - Germany€ 33.00
France - Ireland€ 250.74
Note: The prices presented above are the result of online research conducted in November 2020. For more updated shipping rates, we recommend checking the official websites of the logistics company.
Have in mind that, since we collaborate with DHL, when booking the service with us this courier may be the selected one to perform your delivery. Check the price for your delivery with Eurosender on our booking tool and get an immediate price for your delivery.


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FAQs about DHL international shipping services and prices

Will I receive a DHL tracking number for my shipment?
Yes, for every DHL shipment, whether it is a parcel, a pallet or freight, you will receive a tracking number that will allow you to follow the transit of your goods. When booking a delivery through our platform that will be performed by DHL, you can easily track your parcel by inserting the provided DHL tracking number in the tool below. Alternatively, you can also track your shipment through the courier’s official website.
Does DHL offer customs brokerage service for international shipping?
When booking an international delivery with DHL, you also get customs brokerage services, where DHL will act as an intermediary between the shipper and the customs authorities. All you need to do is send the necessary documents requested by DHL for the customs brokerage procedure and cover any customs charges incurred, if applicable.
Does DHL x-ray packages?
When shipping inside a trade-free zone, such as the EU, DHL may not x-ray the packages being transported. Most dangerous/prohibited items are discovered due to leakage, smell or damage to the parcel. However, for export/import shipping, please have in mind that every package is scanned, either by DHL or the customs authorities.
How much does DHL cost for international shipping? Does DHL offer a shipping price calculator?
Yes, DHL provides a shipping calculator but only for certain services and popular locations. If you want to know how much does it cost to organise international shipping with DHL or another courier, check with our booking tool! You will instantly get a quote for the route and service you selected.
Will DHL ship to the UK after Brexit?
Although Brexit has brought many changes to the world of shipping and logistics, it will be possible to ship to the UK with DHL after Brexit. Shipments within the UK will continue as usual, while shipment from the EU to the UK will have to go through customs and may be subject to VAT and import quotes. To get more info about shipping with DHL or other couriers after Brexit you can check our handy Brexit shipping guide.
Does DHL offer solutions for shipping a bike, surfboard, or other sports equipment?
With DHL you can ship bicycles and many other sports equipment Even though it is possible to ship a bike with DHL shipping services, they do not offer solutions specialised for transporting sports equipment. Many customers decide to disassemble their bikes and pack them in a box for shipping, according to our packing instructions. Get a quote with us and DHL may be the courier selected for shipping your bike!
What happens if the DHL tracking number appears as being not found?
One of the reasons could be that a different tracking number was, in fact, assigned to your shipment. However, this does not happen very often, and in most cases, the provided DHL tracking number will be operational as soon as the parcel is scanned on the first time. If you booked the service with us and your DHL tracking number returns the status “not found”, don’t hesitate to contact us and so we can assist you in locating the parcel.
What is the difference between DHL tracking number and DHL air waybill?
The DHL tracking number is the code assigned to your shipment, that allows you to check its current location. The DHL air waybill is a document that contains essential information about the cargo when the transportation is performed by air. The reason why some people confuse both terms is that this courier allows you to track your shipment using either the DHL tracking number or the air waybill. DHL has a dedicated section on its website for customers to track their cargo using the DHL air waybill. When your shipment is operated by sea, you will have to indicate the container number to follow it.
How can I get DHL removals services and their shipping prices?
DHL does not offer specialised removal services. However, the DHL pallet shipping solutions may be an excellent option for transporting multiple items. If you need to organise a relocation, at Eurosender, we provide shipping solutions dedicated to removals, including a van dedicated solely to you. Depending on your requirements and needs, your removal service may be carried out by DHL or another of our trusted logistics providers.
Does DHL offer pallet shipping services?
Yes, DHL offers international shipping services for envelopes, parcels, pallets and even bigger cargo, such as containers. However, the prices for shipping pallets with DHL are usually not displayed on their website. The client needs to send a request for a quote and wait to be contacted by one of their agents. Alternatively, you can get immediate prices for shipping pallets through our search engine.
Does DHL deliver before the estimated date?
Before booking any DHL shipping service, it is essential to check the estimated delivery date. However, DHL may deliver the parcel even before the estimated date depending on the logistics of their warehouses and transportation network. When arranging a delivery with us, the estimated delivery date is displayed during the booking process, but you can always calculate it with our dedicated tool.
Can I drop-off DHL parcels at the post office?
Even though DHL collaborates with some postage companies, it is not possible to drop-off DHL parcels at any post office. To check what are the locations available for DHL collection or drop-off points, we recommend checking their website to locate the service point in your area. As an alternative, clients can also use DHL parcel lockers for picking up their packages.
Does DHL collect parcels from private addresses?
Yes, one of the options of shipping services offered by DHL is the door-to-door delivery, where a DHL courier driver collects the parcel directly at your home, at a private address. The door-to-door service is offered by DHL not only to private customers but also for companies. If you decide to schedule your shipping with us, you will also benefit from door-to-door deliveries which may be performed by DHL.
Does DHL deliver/collect packages on Saturdays?
DHL performs collection and delivery of packages on Saturday at an additional cost. This service must be arranged in advance directly with the courier company, as it may not be available in every area. If you need to arrange a pick-up or delivery during the weekend, get in touch with our logistics experts to find out all the available options.

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in September 2020. For more information about DHL tracking number, DHL international shipping prices, DHL customs brokerage procedures or DHL parcel lockers, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.