DHL shipping services

DHL is one of the courier companies that Eurosender partners with. We are a logistics service broker, which means that by using our experience and network of partners, we facilitate international shipping immensely. Thanks to our cooperation with DHL we can offer reasonable prices and high-quality service that the company is known for. The DHL courier service is one that assures seamless transport and safety. Eurosender is there to assist you all the way to make sure every step of the process is easy and according to plan.

Book shipping services with Eurosender now

Eurosender offers its services to private customers as well as businesses. You can easily set up an account on our website and reap the benefits that come with this solution:

  • All your orders in one place
  • Rewards and exclusive offers
  • Special programs
  • Updates on the services
  • Place orders faster and save preferred details
  • Set up preferences related to courier service providers operating your shipment

DHL Online

If you want to use DHL courier services, you don’t have to get up from your chair or phone anyone. Our booking process is 100 percent online and only takes a few easy steps. Our engine analyses your chosen route and shipment details first, and then it selects the best possible offer at the lowest price. It means that your shipment would be processed either with DHL or any other trusted partner of ours. Couriers services booked through our website are accompanied by the assistance of our customer service department, that will gladly answer all questions you might have.

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Booking your order with Eurosender means that we will choose the best possible solution – cost and time-wise – for a specific route you have selected. This means that your parcel will be handled by one of our trusted partners, amongst others DHL. Online bookings are an easy way to order standard shipping. For non-standard shipments please consider our individual offer.

DHL Parcel Shipping

DHL has a wide variety of products in its portfolio that are targeted at cross-country shipping of items. Here are a selected few:

  • DHL Parcel Connect – directed at business customers, it offers an easy way to organize a unified shipping schedule for parcels in the DHL Parcel Europe network.
  • DHL Parcel Return Connect – a service for return shipments in Europe, directed at business customers.

Eurosender, as well as, DHL Parcel helps you and your business achieve more goals and brings customers from around Europe closer to you. We are a great choice of partner for:

  • Reliable shipping to current customers.
  • Opening to new markets and attracting new customers.
  • Transport in your home country and abroad.

Any shipment booked through Eurosender is automatically insured for the amount up to 200€. However, we always recommend purchasing additional insurance for expensive items. Additional insurance of up to 1000€, 2000€ and 5000€ can be added at a very low extra price.

DHL near me

DHL courier services benefit from a wide range of drop-off and collection points across Europe. Locating a DHL service point is easy utilizing the tool that can be found on the company’s website. The DHL drop-off points are widespread in most larger cities in Europe.

Booking your shipment with Eurosender gives you the benefit of a door to door deliveries. This means that you don’t have to go anywhere, and the courier will collect the package from the address that you have specified. What is more, the same applies to deliveries as your shipment will be moved to the exact address you specify.

If you are looking for an easy collection of your package or looking for a DHL near me depot, then choosing Eurosender will save you the hassle and allow for an easier solution. Not only will the courier arrive at your doorstep but the whole ordering process is seamless, easy and available online.

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