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Moving to Vancouver | Things to know before relocating to Vancouver

Vancouver has long been a popular migration destination attracting foreigners from all over the world, due to its high standard of living. This densely populated metropolis only an hour from the US border has so much to offer its newcomers. It is no wonder that many are looking to relocate from the USA to Vancouver to start a new life. If you are thinking of immigrating to Canada from Europe or Asia, or have chosen to move to Vancouver from another city in Canada such as Toronto, Eurosender has all the information you need. Check the relocation costs to ship your belongings and move furniture to Vancouver.

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What you should know about Vancouver before moving there

As a foreigner living in Vancouver, you will enjoy a milder climate to the rest of Canada – perfect for exploring nearby Vancouver Island and its nature reserves. Before you take the plunge, here are some basic facts you should know before you migrate to Vancouver:
British Columbia, Canada
Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Official Language
Dialling code
Emergency number
On the right side


The cost of moving to Vancouver | International removals to Vancouver

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How to apply for a Canadian Visa before immigrating to Vancouver?

Canadian immigration heavily favours skilled workers, but overall, many expats will tell you that Canada’s immigration process is quite easy and straight forward, allowing people to move to Vancouver and other cities in Canada from overseas for a variety of reasons. For those wishing to immigrate to Vancouver, there are several ways you can immigrate to Canada by obtaining these visas:

  • Work visa: allowing you to live and work in Canada
  • Student visa: allowing international students to relocate to Vancouver to study
  • Business visa: for start-ups, investors and self-employed people

For more information about how to apply for a Canadian visa, visit the Canadian immigration website.

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Do foreigners buy property or rent an apartment in Vancouver?

The price of real estate is higher in Vancouver than most of the rest of Canada, so when foreigners first arrive in Vancouver, most will choose to rent an apartment, rather than buy a property. The best place to look for an apartment to rent in Vancouver is to check local newspaper and online listings, and avoid using agents, as they will only add to the expense. If you want to live in the center of Vancouver, renting a one-bedroom apartment will cost around $2.000 per month. If you prefer to buy property in Vancouver, be prepared to pay around $12.000 per square metre. Many foreigners living in Vancouver choose to share their living space to save on the costs of rent and expenses.

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Cost of living in Vancouver

Vancouver is surrounded by beautiful scenery, so you can spend less on leisure and entertainment when living there. As with the price of real estate, the costs of living in Vancouver can be quite steep, but you can find plenty of thrift stores which can save you money on everyday items, clothing and furniture. Consider using public transport where you can, the price of a ticket on public transport is usually around $3 and Vancouver has great infrastructure for both buses, and bikes. An average cup of coffee in a local café costs around $4, and a meal for two in a mid-range restaurant can cost around $75 for three courses.

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Finding a job in Vancouver as a foreigner

Being such a densely populated city, the competition to find work can be quite fierce unless you come prepared. Finding a job in Vancouver as a foreigner may not be easy, but you will certainly give yourself an advantage by bringing notorised and translated diplomas with you, as the process can be quite lengthy. Many opportunities can be found in areas which have skills shortages, and the Canadian government makes it easier for skilled workers in these fields to immigrate. In 2019, the most in-demand jobs included biomedical engineering and medical technology, telecommunications and IT jobs, trades, including welding and jobs in mining and mineral exploration.

Schools and Education in Vancouver

If you are relocating to Vancouver with children, you will be happy to know that the standard of public schools is exceptionally high, and for this reason, there are not many private institutions. School is free of charge for all citizens and permanent residents, however, international students in Vancouver will still have to pay for tuition. There are also plenty of programs for international students at Universities in Vancouver, so you might wish to look at applying to the University of British Columbia. The school system in Canada consists of:

Elementary School
Age: 6-12
Compulsory: Yes
Junior Secondary School
Age: 13-15
Compulsory: Yes
Senior Secondary School
Age: 16+
Compulsory: No

Healthcare for immigrants in Vancouver

Residents of Vancouver enjoy access to public healthcare covered by the Medical Services Plan of British Columbia (MSP), providing some of the best standards of healthcare in the world. As an immigrant to Vancouver, once you obtain residency, you will also enjoy the benefits. In the meantime, you should organise private healthcare insurance, as it may also be a requirement when applying for a Canadian visa.

Can I drive in Vancouver with a foreign license?

When you move to Vancouver and want to drive, you will need to bring an international driving permit with you to accompany your foreign license. Once you obtain residency, you will need to switch your foreign license to a local one in order to continue to drive in Vancouver and the rest of Canada.

Unlike their American neighbours, Canadians measure distances in kilometres, not miles. It is also mandatory to use winter tires between October and March during the winter months.

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What else can I expect when moving to Vancouver?

  • If you enjoy skiing, you will love living in Vancouver, as the ski slopes are only a few hours away.
  • If you do not like snow so much, you will be happy to know it only rarely snows in Vancouver.
  • Traffic jams are a huge problem in Vancouver, and the average person spends up to 11 days a year stuck in traffic.

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